Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 14)

Everyone leave in the Jeep

Ali looks on tensed

Avni looks at him- What happened?

Riya turns back and Neil looks from the mirror

Riya- What will happen to him. Something will happen to me when he is here…

Ali glares at her

Neil- Riya….

Riya turns forward angrily

Ali turns to Avni- Nothing happened I’m fine.

Avni smiles at him

DD is sitting on the left side of Avni

DD- Ananya…

Avni- Yes

DD- Uh…What about Ur BF U din’t get him

Ali looks on tensed

Avni- Dude are U outta Ur senses

DD- No need to keep it a secret we are friends right

Riya- U never told me about Ur secret BF

Avni- Yaar I don’t…

DD- We know Ananya…

Ali- Yaar if she said no then why are U irritating her.

Everyone looks on

DD- Dude why are u so…

Avni- Enough! Tell me have u seen my so called unexisting BF. No right..Then why the hell…

DD- No no no. I have seen him

Avni gets annoyed

Avni- What?

Riya- U have seen him?

Ali looks on tensed

Neil whispers- Now don’t start some drama guys.

Avni- Are U serious man

DD- yes, Ask sir even he has seen ur BF

Riya- Really…

Avni looks on shocked

Avni- Have u seen my extinct BF

Neil- Yeah…but

Avni- God…

Avni’s pov
seriously I wanted to jump outta the car at the moment. hell yaar.
So to keep their mouth shut I agreed I have a secret BF. why should i even care that one doesn’t even exist.

Avni- yes I have one

Ali gets shocked

Neil whispers- So I guessed it right he was her BF

DD smiles- See u admitted

Riya- how does he look does he look hot like Neil

Avni looks at Neil

Avni- U think he is hot

Neil- No I’m cold like Ice cream

Avni- Oh please don’t compare U with Ice cream. I lov Ice creams

Neil- then I wish I’m not Ice cream

Avni- And U can never be

Neil- Nevermind.

Avni- Same here…

Riya- Guys stop it

DD- So Ananya tell me about Ur BF

Avni- M..my BF

Riya- Yes Ur’s

Avni’s POV
WTH will I tell about that creature….

Avni- He is very kind, cute…..

Neil- Is he cute??? I don’t think so

Avni- Yes he is.

Neil- Whatever

Ali looks sad

Avni- That’s it

Riya- That’s it U don’t know anything about him

Avni- Maybe no

Neil rolls his eyes

Riya- What…

Avni- I met him just now he seemed good and he proposed me I accepted

Ali- How can U do that without knowing him…

Avni gets annoyed

DD- Why are U tensed now Ali chill..

Ali looks away

Riya- Fine tell me how do U want Ur BF/Life partner be. Tell me U want a person like Neil

Neil smiles(thinking)- Like me I would never choose her there would be no love btw us it’ll be only fight and hatred

Avni- No not like him…

Riya- Then like whom?

Ali looks at Avni

Avni- I want someone who loves me more than anything

Neil- Uh…

Avni- Shut up

Riya- Stop it Neil…

Avni- Someone who is very caring not only about me but other’s also.

Neil looks Avni from mirror

Avni- The one who makes me laugh…

Ali looks at Avni with teary eyes

Avni- The one who believes me at any circumstances….

DD- And…

Avni- The one who buys me a cute puppy on my b’day

Neil- Like every b’day he should buy U a puppy how many do U want

Avni glares at him

DD- U continue..

Avni- And the most Important one The one who buys me many Ice creams…. I would really become damn happy and kiss his cute cheeks

Neil remember’s how Avni kissed on his cheek the other day after having Ice cream

Neil stops the car suddenly

Riya- What happened?

Neil- Stone.

Riya- Oh okay..

Neil starts driving the car

DD- Then continue

Avni opens a lays packet

Avni- But I’m not gonna fall in love with anyone… LOVE only hurts. Hurts when the person U love will leave U alone.

Neil looks at Avni

Avni thinks about Aisha, Aman and Ashish..

Ali looks on and holds Avni’s hand

Riya- What do U mean by U’ll never love . Don’t U love Ur BF.

Avni- My what

DD- Arey BF

Avni- Yeah I love him a lot

Riya smiles

Riya- let me meet him once

Avni- Meet him

Riya- Yeah

Avni- o..okay

They reach near a forest area

Neil- We have reached.

Riya- We did

Neil- All of U take Ur things and get down I’ll park the car here

Everyone get down and Neil parks the car

Riya- I’m so excited

Avni smiles

Neil comes there with a guide

Neil- So guys this is our guide sakshi.

Sakshi- Hi guys so we are 6 altogether right

DD- yes

Sakshi- We will make partner’s.

Riya- I’ll be Neil’s partner

sakshi- No not like that we will write our names in chits

Avni- Chits

Sakshi- Yes and they should stay together for 3 days then reach their respective treasure’s

DD- TREASURE what kind of treasure

Ali- shut Up

Sakshi- We will give U the map and the directions will be put up in the forest to reach Ur respective tents.

Riya- What if we have some emergency

Sakshi- Press the buzzer we give and the signal will be sent

Avni- Cool

Sakshi- So ready to know who Ur respective partner is

Sakshi puts 6 chits in a bowl including her name

Riya goes first, then DD, Ali, Avni, Sakshi and Neil

Sakshi- So no changing partners understood

Everyone nod

Riya opens her chit

Riya- what…

She shows Ali’s name

Riya- I don’t want him

Sakshi- Please mam….no changing partners

Ali gets rIya’s name

DD gets sakshi’s name

Avni opens her chit- NEIL seriously….

Sakshi- Fine my turn now

Avni folds her hand- God please let it be my name

Neil- It’ll be Ur’s don’t worry lil Ananya

Avni- Stop that

Sakshi- DD is my partner

Avni and Neil- WHAT!!!

Riya- We’ll do one thing lets switch partner’s

Ali- Yes

Avni- I agree

Neil- Even me

Sakshi- No its not like that

Riya- Arre how is it not like that

Sakshi- Mam please try to understand its just 3 days

Avni- 3 days my foot I’ll enjoy

Neil- I know

Sakshi shouts- WE DON”T CHANGE THE PARTNERS IF U DON”T LIKE U CAN LEAVE NOW. We are ready to return the money

Riya- Fine leave that we will adjust

Ali- Yeah

Avni and Neil- NO WAY IN HELL

They look at each other

Avni- Copycat

Neil- Oh really…

Sakshi gives map to everyone and then comes to Avni and Neil

Sakshi- Take Ur map and the Buzzer

They take that and Everyone leave from there

Avni- Should we go together

Neil- No other way

They start walking and come little far

Neil- Here there is no direction sign

Avni- Take out Ur map

Neil takes his map out

Avni- We should go right

Neil- No left


Neil- Left…

Avni- I’m going right U go from left

Neil- Are U kidding that’s not the right way

Avni- That’s what RIGHT way

Neil- U are a way too stubborn

Avni goes in the right

Avni waves her hand- Bye bye Tillu

Neil- Uff… Grow up lil ananya

Neil- I’m going in left

Neil walks to the left side

Avni keeps walking and see’s some direction boards

Avni- I told that tillu come in right he is mad

Her leg hits a tree root and Avni falls down.
Her buzzer falls down

Avni- Ouch…

She gets hurt in leg and hands and it starts to bleed

Avni gets up- So damn Idiotic.

She takes her map out

Avni- Just a way too more

She keeps walking lymping.

Some time passes and its Evening


Neil comes to their tent place

Neil enters his tent

Neil- Cool

He takes a nap

After some time

Neil wakes up

Neil- I’m so damn hungry. I think its night

He searches the tent and gets food kept over there

Neil starts to have

Neil- WAIT…Where the hell is she

Neil gets Up

Neil- I told her not to go that way now i have to go in search of Ananya

He takes his torch and leaves

Preacap- Neil finds Avni and runs to her. Avni hugs him being scared.

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