Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 13)

Hi guys thank U so much for Ur comments and I will pakka try to update a chapter everyday. So lets BEGIN…


Nano looks at Avni

Nano- Why does she look so familiar to me.

Nano caress Avni’s face

Nano- This dayavanthi Mehta is a Devil. She can do anything with anyone. poor girl

Avni starts to get consciousness

Nano looks on

Avni opens her eyes

Avni- Uhhh… My head

Avni gets shocked seeing Nano in front of her

Nano- Are u alright Beta?

Avni- Nano….

Nano- Do U know me

Avni- Yes Ur Ali’s Grandma right . I know U.

Nano- Oh…

Avni gets up tensed

Avni- How did I come here.

Nano- Neil brought U here

Avni- NEIL!!!

Nano- Yes U had drunk bhaang

Avni- Bhaang I dint have bhaang…

Nano- Someone had given U bhaang in that Mehta house. He got U here as he dint know Ur Address

Avni whisper’s- Who could have given me that…

Nano- Beta do U want some coffee

Avni- No nano I have to leave

Nano- But…

Avni gets out of the house

Avni- Where the hell is my phone? What will I do now

Avni gets in the house

Avni- Nano

Nano- Yes

Avni- Can I get Ur phone for a minute

Nano gives her phone to Avni

Avni dials her no and call’s she see’s her’s and Aisha’s photo hanging on the wall and gets teary eyes

Avni- Shit no one is picking the call.

Avni gives her phone back to Nano.

Avni- Thank U nano

And Avni leaves from there

Nano- Why is she so tensed to talk to me.

Avni comes to the main road

Avni- Taxi…


Neil comes in the house

Swetha- Where did U go Tillu

Neil- I had a Important work mom

Swetha- What work it is holi U should enjoy

Neil- Mom please…

Riya- Neil Where were U I was waiting for U?

Daya- Now leave that he would have got an Important work.By the way all the guests left.

Swetha- I know even fathima left fast!

Neil- Where are Ali and DD?

Swetha- DD was here somewhere and Ali….I don’t know

DD- We are here

DD and Ali enter

DD- We went out

Ali- Yes.

DD- I went searching for Ali he was near the gate so I took him with me.

Neil- Okay.

Swetha- Riya where is Ur friend Ah.

Riya worried- I don’t know she is not even picking my calls. I don’t know where she went

Neil’s POV
I don’t even know if she got up. I left her in some unknown place and came. She will kill me if she gets up. GOD I’m not ready for that.

Avni enters the house

Avni- I’m here Riya

Everyone turn to look at Avni

Avni looks at Neil

Riya- Where the hell did U go?

Avni- Me I had an Important work.

Diksha- And what was that.

Neil- Why do U want that Diksha buha

Daya glares at Diksha- Shut Up Diksha.

Diksha keeps quite

Ali looks at Avni tensed

Avni- Uh… Do U know where my phone is riya

Riya- No babe where did U keep it

Avni holds her head- that’s what I’m not able to remember.

Riya- Do U want water?

Avni- No

Ali- Here is Ur phone

Riya glares at Ali

Neil looks on

Neil- Where did U get her phone

Riya snatches Avni’s phone from Ali’s hand

Riya- How dare u touch her phone…

Avni- Riya…

Riya- Wait Ananya….

Daya goes to Riya

Daya- Now stop it Riya. Khanna family is here

Riya looks at swetha staring at Riya

Riya keeps quite

Avni- Thank U Ali

Ali smiles

Avni takes her phone from Riya’s hand

Avni- Fine then I have to leave now

Daya- Why Ananya U can stay here

Avni- No I have to go my mum will be worried

Riya hugs Avni

Riya- Bye Ananya

Avni- Bye

They break the hug

Avni- Fine everyone Bye.

Avni leaves from there

Ali- Wait…

Ali goes to Avni

Ali- U forgot ur car keys

Avni- Oh.. Thank u so much

Avni smiles at Ali and leaves

Swetha- Okay ji even we have to leave

Daya smiles

Prakash- Bye riya

Riya waves

Everyone leave from there.

Avni comes near her car

Avni- Why don’t I remember something.

Neil- Because U had Bhaang

Avni turns to see Neil standing behind her

Avni- But who gave me that

Neil- I don’t know.

Avni- U took me to Nano’s house

Neil- Nano!!! U know her

Avni gets tensed

Avni- Actually she told me to call her Nano

Neil- Oh..

Avni- Wait how did I come with U

Neil- Long story. wanna listen lil ananya

Avni- Just tell me what happened Tillu

Neil tells her everything except the kissing part

Avni- I did all that

Neil- Yes

Avni- And U even took me to Ice cream parlor because I insisted

Neil nods

Avni- I really don’t wanna say this but Thank U and Sorry

Neil looks on stunned

Neil- Pardon what did U say

Avni- I don’t repeat

Neil- Sorry is for troubling me right

Avni nods

Neil- And what about thank U

Avni- For taking me outta here.

Neil- Taking U outta here

Avni- Yes If I would have acted stupid in front of everyone then people would have laughed at me

Avni gets teary eyes

Neil looks on

Avni- So thank U Neil.

Neil- U called me Neil

Avni rolls her eyes

Avni- Wait did U laugh at me

Neil- Maybe I did

Avni- What…How dare U laugh at me

Neil- A person has right to laugh at his/her friend right

Neil smiles at Avni

Avni- So real friends from today

Neil- Pakka

Avni- Kaccha!!!

Both laugh

Avni- Fine I’m getting late I’ll leave meet U next time friend

Neil- Same here

Avni gets in the car and leaves

Neil smiles

DD comes over there

DD- Sir!

Neil- Come lets go home

DD- what were U talking with Ananya

Neil- We decided to become friends

DD- Oh…

Neil- What Oh?

Neil lifts his eyebrows

DD- From where did U learn that sir u used to never do that before

Neil remember’s how Avni lifted her eyebrows at him when she got the coffee mustache

Neil smiles- From My New friend

Neil and DD leave


Neela- How was Ur day

Avni- Good

Neela- Hmm Okay

Avni- Tomorrow I’m going out with Riya

Neela- But where?

Avni- We planned to go for camping for 3 days

Neela- Only U two

Avni- I don’t know properly maybe her friends will come

Neela- Accha then go take some rest now

Avni nods and leaves to her room


Avni- Packed all the things.

Avni lays on her bed and drifts to sleep

IN NEIL’s House

Neil- Packed everything. Don’t know why Riya is insisting so much. I would have not gone

Neil lays on his bed

Neil- Even Ali will come tomorrow hope Riya will not fume and one thing I came to know

Neil sits on the bed

Neil- Diksha buha gave Ananya bhaang so that people could make fun of her. But Ananya is not that Bad I guess.

Neil falls asleep


Riya is waiting near the Jeep

Riya- Seriously we hired this Jeep for three days. The jeep is here, I’m hear but others aren’t here

Riya kicks the jeep wheel

Neil comes there with DD

Riya-Thank god U came

Ali comes over there

Riya- What is he doing over here

Neil- Riya please….

Riya gets Annoyed

DD- So why wait here come lets leave

Riya- No still one more person should be here

Ali- And who is that?

Riya- None of Ur business dude

Neil- Guys please stop it

DD- So tell who is that?

Avni comes there

Avni- Of’course me

Riya smiles

Ali- Ananya..

Avni smiles at Ali

DD- Oh U Ananya

Avni- Yes me

DD- Where is your BF

Ali looks on shocked

Avni- Yaar I told u…

Riya- Stop it we are getting late

Riya sits in the front seat. Ali and DD sit after her

Avni smiles at Neil

Neil- Hello friend Neil welcomes U here

Avni- Thank U

Both laugh and get in

Neil sits in the driver seat

Avni sits behind with DD and Ali.

They leave in the car

Precap- Avni is lost in the forest. Neil search’s for her.

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