Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 12)

Avni shouts and Neil is shocked

Avni- Arey can’t U watch???

Driver- Hello madam how can U come in the middle of the road don’t u have eyes.

Avni- I do have. See I’m looking at u. I can tell U look like a monkey

Driver gets annoyed. Avni laughs

Neil runs to Avni

Neil- Now stop it and come Inside

Avni- NO

Driver- Sir please take her before I give police complaint.

Avni- Police!!!

Avni points at Neil

Avni- See police is in front of U

Driver looks on

Neil- U leave now

Neil pulls Avni aside

Avni- I said do not touch meee.

Avni takes her hand away

Neil- Now shut up and come with me

Avni- No I wont

Neil- What do you want??

Avni- No first Ice cream then U

Neil- WHAT!!!

Avni- I said first I want Ice cream…

Neil- then…

Avni- Then I’ll come with U.

Neil’s POV
I think she has completely lost her mind. Wait did she have mind first of all. Well whatever, lemme just take her to the Ice cream parlor.

Neil- Okay I’ll take U come.

Avni- Ur serious right

Neil nods

Avni- Theeennnn come lets go

Avni starts running and is about to fall but doesn’t fall

Neil- Stop running now


Diksha searches for Avni.

Diksha- Where the hell is she? Let me ask Riya about her

Diksha goes to Riya who was talking with her friends

Diksha- Riya…

Riya- Yes Buha!

Diksha- Ah.. Where is Ur friend Ananya?

Riya- Ananya… I don’t know maybe she went home

Diksha- Went home!!!

Riya- I don’t know Buha she went from here saying she will come back.

Diksha- Just call her…

Riya- Yeah

Riya calls Avni


Ali takes Avni’s phone from his pocket

Ali- Riya is calling

Ali puts the phone in silent mode

Ali- Where are U Avni? I searched the whole house U even left Ur phone .


Riya- She is not picking the call… I’ll call her tonight and ask

Riya leaves from there

Diksha- Idiot Ananya where did she leave…


Neil is driving his car taking Avni

Avni opens the sunroof of the car

Neil- What are U doing?

Avni- U know what U are no FUN

Neil- And U r..

Avni- When I was small me and Al..

Neil looks on

She see’s Ice cream parlor

Avni- Ice cream!!!

Neil parks the car

Avni- come lets go

Avni gets down

Avni shouts- Come on slow poke

Neil- Its gonna be a long day

Neil gets down of the car

They go to the Ice cream parlor

Neil- Go sit over there

Avni- Why?

Neil pulls her hand to the table and makes her sit

Neil- Which flavor do U want?

Avni- Everythinggg…


Avni- Even U have with me

Neil- No I don’t need

Avni- U r noooo FUN

Neil goes to get Ice cream

Neil comes near the counter

IcMan- Sir what do U need?

Neil- Give me all the flavors U have

IcMan looks on

Neil- Why are U staring just go and get it.

Ice cream man- Yes sir …

Neil comes to the table

Avni- Where is my Ice cream Tillu

Neil- Will U stop calling Me Tillu

Avni- Na…

Neil whispers- I’m half dead by now…

The server gets the Ice creams

Avni smiles

Neil- Take eat how much ever U want. I’ll just come in a sec

Neil comes out and calls DD

Neil- Hey DD.

DD- Sir where are U. Its been a hour everyone are searching U

Neil- Listen I’m with Ananya.

DD- Ananya!!!

Neil- Yes she has drunk bhaang

DD- Bhaang how did she drink that there is no bhaang here

Neil- That’s what I need U to find.

DD- Tell me what should I do.

Neil- Do U remember the one who served Us lassi

DD- Hmm yeah

Neil- Go and ask him if he knows anything.

DD- Okay sir done.

Neil disconnects the call

He see’s Avni from outside

Neil’s POV
I have to find out how did she drink Bhaang. I’m sure she started to feel dizzy after drinking the lassi.

Neil- That means Bhaang was mixed in the lassi. Someone mixed bhaang in Ananya’s lassi but who can it be

Neil gets DD’s call

Neil- Yeah DD

DD- Sir that servant told Diksha told him to give some glass to Ananya. But he didn’t know something was mixed in that .

Neil- Hmm Okay DD

DD- Sir!!!

Neil- Yeah tell

DD- How is it with Ananya. By the way where are U

Neil- Shut Up.

Neil disconnects the call

Neil- So that means Diksha buha has mixed the bhaang in Ananya’s lassi but why?

Avni waves at neil from Inside

Neil looks at her

Neil goes inside

Neil- What?

Avni- Don’t U need this is the last one

Neil- No I don’t need it

Avni- Arey havveee ittt naaa

Neil- No its Okay

Avni- Are U angry on me…

Neil looks on

Avni- I told U that day iffff U get bored, Angry or sad U should have Ice cream

Neil- And Why are U having Ice cream?

Avni- ME because…..

Neil- Happy or sad


Neil- Confused…

Avni nods- Yes I don’t know I’m happy or sad

Neil smiles at Avni

Avni- Please have it for me

Neil looks on

Avni- Na Na Na have it for Riya

Neil- I said I don’t need it

Avni starts having it

Neil rolls his eyes

She is about to have the last spoon she looks at Neil

Avni- One spoon

Neil- I said..

Avni puts it in his mouth

Neil takes out the spoon

Neil- U are…

Avni gets up

Avni- Now come lets go

Neil- Whatever come lets go

They come out of the shop

Avni holds Neil’s hand

Neil turns back

Neil lifts his eyebrow’s asking what

Avni comes close to Neil

Neil looks on

Neil- Wh…

Avni kisses his cheek Neil is shocked

Avni- Thhannk U tilluuu….

Avni faints Neil holds her and stares at her

Neil- What the HELL did just happen

Neil looks at his Watch

Neil- 7:00 pm lemme take her to Riya… No no I can’t take her there…

Neil thinks

Neil- I know where to take her

Neil lifts Avni and makes her sit in the car

He drives to someone’s house and gets her outta the car

He rings the bell

Nanno opens the Door

Nanno- Neil U here

Nano looks at Neil carrying Avni

Nano- And who is this?

Neil goes Inside

Neil puts Avni on the sofa

Nano- Will U answer my question

Neil- Nano this is Ananya.

Nano- Ananya…

Neil- yes Riya’s friend

Nano angrily- Take her out of here

Neil- Nano listen…

Nano- I’ll take her out on my own

She goes near Avni to wake her Up and stops looking at her

Neil looks on

Nano looks at Neil

Neil- Nano someone gave her Bhaang in Mehta house

Nano looks at Avni

Neil- I don’t even know her house. When she wakes up she will leave on her own or I’ll come after sometime.

Nano- That Mehta family is the worst. She looks like a rich girl so….

Neil- Nano I have to leave now. Bye Nano

Neil leaves from there

Nano goes near Avni and Caress her face

Precap- Avni wakes Up and see’s Nano with her and gets shocked.

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