Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 11)

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Riya breaks the hug

Riya- I’m so happy today Neil. But who put color on U first. I wanted to be the first one.

Neil- Riya by mistake color fell on me

Avni looks on

Riya turns to Avni

Riya- Ananya Happy holi

Avni- Happy Holi
Riya applies color on Avni’s hand and Avni is about to put color on Riya’s face

Riya- No ananya my skin will get destroyed

Avni- Destroyed!!!

Neil whispers- Girls and their DREAMS
Riya- U just put it on my hands.

Avni applies it on Riya’s hands

Avni- Seriously Riya
Riya- U should be careful my lil Ananya.

Riya leaves from there

Avni- Lil Ananya.
Avni looks on clueless

Neil laughs

Avni- Why are U laughing?

Neil- Grow Up lil Ananya.
Neil- Grow Up lil Ananya.

Avni takes a step front- U…

Suddenly Ali comes in between and Applies puts holi on Avni

Ali- Happy Holi

Avni- Ali U donkey wait right there

Avni starts to run behind Ali
Neil looks on

Avni puts holi on Ali and both laugh at each other

Neil’s POV
Ali and Ananya are very close to each other. Ali just met this girl. I think they know each other from before. What is the relation between them?
No one can become so close in one day. I have to ask Ali. I don’t want some unknown girl to hurt him.

DD comes near Neil
Neil doesn’t notice him
DD- Sir!!!

Neil gets stunned

Neil- What now DD?

DD- Maybe Ananya’s BF is Ali

Neil- Stupid, Ali loves Avni and we saw Ananya yesterday was with someone else it wasn’t Ali.

DD- Who is Avni?

Neil- Ali said she is his best friend who died 15 yrs ago

DD- She died 15 yrs ago. How?

Neil- Don’t know. He never told me about it.

DD- Sir I have a doubt. Why does Ali love a girl who is dead.

Neil gets pissed

He thinks about what Avni said him in coffee shop “Lemme ask U questions U should know how difficult it is to answer.”
Neil- It is really difficult to answer man

Neil leaves from there

DD- Sir U dint answer me

DD runs behind Neil.

On the other side.

Ali and Avni laugh at each other

Avni see’s Dayavanthi coming near them

Avni- Ali now shut it. Mrs mehta is coming here.

Ali- I’ll leave from here or else she will get doubt.

Avni nods and Ali leaves from there

Daya comes and see’s Avni standing there

Daya- Ananya beta U came

Avni- Yes dadi U called me it would be a shame if I don’t come na.

Daya smiles

Daya- I’m very happy U came Ananya

Diksha and Swetha come there

Diksha- Ohh… Look who is here.

Swetha- Hello Ananya

Avni- Hi Auntie how are U?

Swetha- Me totally fine.

Diksha-By the way. how are U ananya?

Avni looks at herself

Avni- Me I’m totally fine what is wrong with me

Diksha fumes

Swetha laughs- Nice joke.

Diksha leaves from there

Avni- Aree I was just JOKING.

Daya- She is like that only don’t worry about her. U go and have fun.

Swetha- Yeah go to my tillu or Riya. U will have lots of fun

Avni whispers- Tillu and fun my foot

Swetha- Did U say something?

Avni- No Not at all.

Avni leaves from there


Diksha is very angry on Ananya

Diksha- I will take my revenge from U today Ananya. And then people will laugh on U

She calls someone

Diksha- I needed some Bhaang. Come fast near the gate.

She disconnects the call and smirks


Avni is searching for Riya

Avni- Where the hell is she?

Suddenly she hears Riya calling her and turns.

Riya, Neil, Ali and DD were sitting in a table together.

Avni goes over there

Riya- Come let us play.

Avni- Play what?

Riya- We are playing Never have I ever.

Avni- Never have I ever.

Riya- Yeah so come lets play

Avni- Na I’m not interested

Ali- Come on Ananya

Avni- No no

DD- Why will U play only with Ur BF and not with Us

Avni- BF seriously. I don’t even have one

DD- But…

Neil stops him

Avni- But what?

DD- But I thought U have

Avni ignores him

DD whispers- Sir Why did u stop me

Neil- Why do U want to indulge in her life just keep quite.

Avni- U guys play I’m leaving

Avni turns to leave

Neil- I think she is scared to tell about her

Avni turns towards Neil

Avni- I’m not

Neil- U are.

Avni- I’m not did U get that

Neil- Yes U are lil Ananya

Avni glares at him

Avni- I’ll play this game

She sits in the seat next to Riya and opposite to Neil

Riya- So lets begin with DD

DD- Never have I ever peed on the road.

Avni- Eww…

Everyone laugh

Ali- Never have I ever loved someone.

Avni looks on

Avni- And who is that?

Neil- Its none of your business

Avni- Get lost.

Riya- Guys stop it Now and lets continue.

DD- Its Ur turn sir

Neil- Never have I ever hated a girl.

Neil looks at Avni
Avni rolls her eyes

Riya- And who is that Unlucky girl.

Avni- Not Unlucky she is the most luckiest in this world.

Neil- Ufff…

Ali- Now lets continue.

Riya- Okay so Never have I ever tried to kiss Neil.

Everyone looks on

Neil is stunned – U never tried that..

Riya- Shut it Neil

Avni, DD and Ali laugh

Riya- Ananya continue..

Avni- Hmm.. Never have I ever poured coffee on someone

Neil looks on and Avni smiles

Riya- like really poured..

Avni- Yes!

DD whispers to Neil- She was the one who poured coffee on U yesterday?

Neil glares at him

DD- sorry…

They continue the game


Diksha- Thank U so much for getting this

She goes to the kitchen

Diksha- Hey listen.

Servant- Yes mam

Diksha- U go and give lassi to Riya and her friends

Servant- Yes mam

Diksha takes a glass and mixes Bhaang in it

Diksha- Give this one to Ananya.

Servant nods and leaves

Diksha see’s the time

Diksha- Its 3:45 pm now the Bhaang effect will be there by 4:45 or 4:00pm.

Diksha smirks


Riya- The game was damn funny right

DD- Yes

Servant comes there with the lassi

Riya- See lassi is here she takes a glass

Avni is about to take other glass. Ali takes that one

Avni- Idiot!

She takes the glass in which Bhaang is mixed

Everyone drink their lassi

Riya- So Ananya come tomorrow no

Avni- Tomorrow why?

Riya- I’m getting bored in house sitting Alone

Avni- I’m not sure If I can come lemme see.

Riya- Okay

Avni feels dizzy Neil looks on

Neil lifts his eyebrow at Avni

Avni- I’ll just come

She leaves from there

Neil looks on

Ali- Where did she leave?

DD- Why are U interested bhai

Ali- Shut up.

Riya’s friends come there

Neil- Oh god

DD- Sir U are gone now

Neil- Riya I have got a Important call. I’ll come in a sec. Ali and DD will stay here.

Riya nods

Neil leaves from there

DD- Now we both are struck

Ali’s POV
Let me go to Avni

Ali leaves from there
DD- Great now I’m left alone.

Avni goes in the house

Avni- I guess I should wash my face.

She walks and is about to fall Neil holds her

Avni looks on Dizzy

Neil makes her stand

Avni holds her head- Uh My head.

Neil- What happened?

Avni- I’m feeling dizzy

Neil- What the hell did U drink

Avni starts to laugh

Neil looks on

Avni- U look like a donkey

Neil- I guess she has drunk Bhaang. Oh god

Avni- I said U look like a Donkey

Neil’s POV
I don’t know where I’m struck but I can tell one thing. She is the same even after she is drunk she is the same. Like even now she calls me donkey.
I’ll do one thing I’ll leave her in riya’s room then tell Riya about this.

Neil holds Avni’s hand

Neil- come with me

Avni gets her hand away

Avni- D..Dare u touch meee…

Neil holds her hand and pulls her to riya’s room

Neil- Now sit here quite. I’ll go and get Riya

Neil starts to leave

Avni holds his hand

Avni- U’ll leave me alone here

Neil looks on

Neil- I’ll go get Ur best friend

Avni- First I need Ice creammmm

Neil- Ice cream seriously!

Avni- No I need it. I will arrest U if U don gemme Ice creaaammmm

Neil- stop being stubborn and stay here

Avni- No way in hell

Avni runs out

Neil- Wait!!!

Neil runs behind her

Avni runs out of the house and comes near the gate

Neil comes there

Neil- Stop right there


Avni runs towards the road

Neil- Stop running on road

Suddenly a car comes Avni shouts

Neil is shocked

Precap- Avni and Neil are in Ice cream parlor. Avni kisses Neil’s cheek and says “Thank U Tillu”. Neil is shocked.

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