Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 10)

Hi guys…… I’m so happy this is chp 10. so lets begin

Avni gets the file from the employee

Avni- Thank u for giving this to me

Employee- Its Okay mam

Avni- Do I look like a old Auntie.

Employee- N..No

Avni- Fine then. Bye

Avni leaves from there

Avni comes home

Neela- So U got the file

Avni gives the file to Neela

Avni- Take Ur property mam

Neela takes it

Avni gets Riya’s call

Avni- Riya…..

Neela- Go pick the call

Avni nods and leaves

Avni comes to her room

Avni- Hello!

Riya- Hello Ananya how are U?

Avni- I’m fine. How are U?

Riya- I’m fine baby. U know what day tomorrow is?

Avni- What day?

Riya- Tomorrow is holi da.

Avni- Holi!!!

Riya- Yes! So I called to Invite U.

Avni- Invite me!

Riya- Yes.

Avni- But how can I come Riya.

Riya- Wait a sec.

Riya passes her phone to Daya.

Daya- Hello Ananya Beta.

Avni’s POV
I knew U would invite me Mrs Mehta.

Avni- Hi Dadi.

Daya- Beta come for the Holi celebration tomorrow.

Avni- Uh…Okay dadi

Daya- Wait I’ll give the phone to RIya

Riya- Ananya Ur coming right

Avni- yes Riya.

Riya- Meet U tomorrow Bye

Avni- Bye.

Avni disconnects the call and goes to Neela

Neela- What did she say?

Avni- Invited me to the Holi celebrations tomorrow.

Neela- So everything is going as per the plan right.

Avni- Absolutely right.

Neela and Avni hug each other

Avni- Today U don’t have any work na

Neela- I don’t. why?

Avni- Lets watch movie today.

Neela- Fine lets watch.

Avni- Which Movie shall we watch…..

Neela- What about DDLJ!

Avni- I guess based on my calculation this is the 149th time U’ll be watching this.

Neela- Oh stop it Avni

Avni- Lets watch any other movie.

Neela- FINE….

Avni- Lets watch New movie’s

Neela- Okay so which one is good.

Avni and Neela spend their time watching movies the whole day.

Its evening soon

Avni- So how was it

Neela- Good I guess…

Avni- Its already 7:30 pm

Neela- yes!

Avni- I’m hungry.

Neela- U had Ice cream the whole time right

Avni- I’m going to Madhavi auntie and ask her what she prepared for us today

Neela- Come lets go together

Avni and Neela leave

They have their dinner together


Avni- Good Night mommy

Neela- Good night baccha.

Avni goes to her room and sleeps

MORNING (9:00 am)


The house and garden is decorated completely.

Daya- Diksha are U ready?

Diksha comes there.

Diksha- Yes mom and all the arrangements are done.

Daya- Good.

Swetha, Neil and Prakash come over there with fathima and Ali.

Daya- Please come in

Daya looks at fathima and Ali and gets annoyed

Swetha- This is Neil’s friend and his dadi. They are like our own people.

Daya- Oh…

Fathima- By the way I know Dayavanthi Mehta very well.

Swetha- U know her…

Neil looks on

Fathima- Who doesn’t know her.

Swetha smiles- Oh… So dayavanthi ji this is our family.

DD comes there running

DD- U totally forgot me mummy ji

Swetha- Yeah come.

Neil and Ali laugh

Prakash- Where is Riya?

Daya- Diksha go and get riya here

Diksha leaves to get Riya

Daya- Come lets go outside we can start the celebrations

Swetha- Yeah lets go

All leave outside


Diksha enters

Diksha- Riya What the hell are U doing?

Riya- I’m trying to call Ananya she is not picking my calls

Diksha- Now leave her and come down Neil’s family is here

Riya- Fine buha

Riya and Diksha leave


Riya and Diksha come there

Swetha- Come come

Riya- Happy holi Aunty and Uncle

Swetha and Prakash- Happy holi

RIya see’s Neil standing away talking with DD and Ali

She goes to Neil
Ali leaves as soon as Riya comes

Riya hugs Neil- Happy holi Neil

Neil- Happy holi riya

Riya- Wait I’ll go and get color to apply on U

Neil- No its not needed

Riya leaves to get the holi colors

Ali comes near the gate

Ali- Riya would have obviously invited Avni here where is she

Suddenly someone closes Ali’s eyes

Ali- I know Its U Avni

Avni takes her hand from his eyes

Avni- U always find out

Ali- I’m that smart what can U say

Avni- Oh.. Yeah right

Both laugh

Ali- Why so late

Avni- I needed time baba. say how I’m I looking.

Ali looks at Avni she was wearing a white frock

Ali- U look awesome

Avni- Liar Ali.

Ali- No I’m not

Avni- Wait Happy holi

Ali- Happy holi

Ali- Do U remember how we used to play Holi when we were small

Avni- I do

She runs inside and takes a plate of holi

Avni- Now I’ll win

Ali runs and Avni runs behind him

Ali goes behind Neil. Neil looks on. Avni doesn’t notice Neil and she collides with him. The holi colors falls on Neil’s dress.

Avni- Not again!!!!

Neil- GREAT!

Avni looks on

Neil- U love to throw things on me right

Avni- Yes I do

Neil- Then let me also do the same

Neil takes some holi in his hands
Avni runs from there and Neil runs behind her

Neil- U can’t run from me

Avni see’s Riya coming over there and goes to her

Riya- Hi Ananya

Avni- Hi bae

Neil comes there

Avni- A..Actually Riya Ur fiance wanted to put holi colors on U

Riya- really

she goes to Neil

Neil- Yes Riya…

He looks at Avni and puts holi on riya
Riya puts it back on him and Hugs him

Neil looks at Avni and Avni stuck’s her tongue out at him

Precap- Avni plays Holi with Ali and laugh at each other. Neil looks on and thinks “what is the relation between Ali and Ananya that they are so close”.

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