Avneil Hate/Love (chapter 1)

Hi guys this is my 1st update
Hope all of u like it…..Actually I’m not a “good writer” by the way.

Monday morning

5:00 am

Neela:-Avni get up baccha!!!

Avni wakes up and sit’s feeling sleepy

Avni- God I’m so sleepy….I’ts just 5 in the morning

Neela enters avni’s room and see’s her sitting on the bed

Neela- Wake up sleepy head

Avni- Kya ma itne jaldi mujhe kyun utta rahe ho

Neela- Avni tum bhool gayi ki aaj kya din hai

Avni- No no no How can I forget this day

She gets up from the bed

Avni- Ma I’m all ready I waited for 15 years for this day. I swear I’ll take revenge on what Mrs Mehta did with my mom and aman

Neela- I’m proud of u baccha. So u know what U have to do right

Avni nods

Neela- Get ready baby girl we will get our aman back from that evil

Avni- Evil seriously Dayan hai woh

Both laugh

Neela- Hamesha aise hi haste rehena

Avni- yeh toh sirf 60% hai ma. 100% tab hasungi jab mera badla pura hoga. Mrs mehta will pay for whatever she has done to me

Neela smiles at avni

Avni- Accha so now apko batana hoga ki mein kaunsi dress pehenungi

Neela- Pehele fresh toh ho jaooooo

Avni- oop’s I totally forgot

Avni runs to the bathroom

Neela laughs

6:00 am

Avni- Maaaaaaaa Mom Maaaaaaaaaa

Neela- God avni why the hell are u shouting

Avni- How about this dress ma

Avni wears a cute jumpsuit

Neela- So pretty but tumhe nahi lagta its very short

Avni’s jumpsuit was above knee level

Avni- come on ma yeh itna bhi chota nahi hai

Neela- No beta I know u wear such dresses but you are going to that evil house again. I know about daya very well. what if she comments something on your character seeing the dress u are wearing…

Avni- Ma I’m not one of dayawanthi’s puppet. Mein toh pehele riya ko patane wali hoan na. waise bhi woh to kafi pat chuki hai ab. The way I chatted with her on facebook. Now I’m going to meet her in person because she invited me to her engagement day after tommorow. Waise bhi riya toh stylist kapde hi pehenthi hain na toh uus chudail ko mujse kya problem

Neela- Whatever u say avni but don’t give lecture to me

Avni- Oh so I irritate u

Neela- Did I ever say that. I love u the most in this world

Avni- I love u too ma

They hug each other

Neela- remember your true identity should not be revealed

Avni- Kuch bhi ho jaye I will never lose. I promise

Avni packs her bags

Avni- Bye ma take care

Neela- Arre sirf 2 days ke liye ja rahi ho

Avni- come on mom thoda drama toh life mein hona hi chahiye

Neela laughs and waves to avni

Avni- Bye ma

Avni leaves house

Avni is driving her car suddenly a traffic police asks her to stop her for checking

Avni- Great!

Avni lets down her window glasses and peeps out

Avni- Arre sir kya mein koi chor lagthi houn kya

Police- Dekiye madam hum toh sirf check kar rahe hain yeh toh hamara kaam hai. Aapka license dikaiye

Avni- License toh mere paas hai wait a sec

Avni starts to search her license she gets tensed that its not in the car

Police- Jaldi kijiye madam ji

Avni- I mean mera license toh yahan nahi hai

Police- Toh phir apko toh fine pay karna hoga

Avni- FINE….

Police- Agar nahi karengi toh car yahi chod kar jao

Avni gets out of the car

Avni- listen aap mujhse fine nahi le sakthe hai ye mera hi car hai

Police- sorry madam par yeh toh hamara order hai

Avni- kya order where is AC, DC, commissioner bulaiye sab ko.

Police- Madam chup ho jaiye. Yeh toh orderhai madam

Avni- mein nahi maanthi yeh order ko

Police- Ek minute yahi rukiye aap mein sir ko bhulatha houn

Avni’s pov
“Sir ko bhulatha houn” koinse sir obviously uske kadoos sir ke vajeh se mein late ho rahi houn. Let him come

Avni turns towards her car

Neil- Excuse me

Avni turns back and see’s him

Police- yeh hamare AC hai aapko joh baat karni ho inse kijiye

Avni- Oh toh tum AC ho waise tum to mere age ke hi lagte ho I thought AC would be fat with a big tummy

Neil- Aapki problem kya hai

Avni_ yeah problem right. Dekho I don’t have my license and that police is asking me money mein toh nahi de sakthi

Neil- tumne teek se check kiya tumhare license ko

Avni- Oh toh tum bhol rahe ho ki I’m Blind

Neil’s POV
Oh My God kaha fasa diya hai mujhe. Yeh ladki hai ki koi monster

Neil says touching the sun glasses which avni was wearing- If u remove this na tum teek se dekh sakhogi

Neil removes her glasses and gives it in her hand

She stares at him in anger

Avni- U know what GET LOST. mein yaha se jha rahi houn I’ll not give u fine

Neil- Okay leave your car here then

Avni- Yeh mera car hai understood

Neil- Ofcourse maine kab kaha ki yeh mera hai

Avni- Tum kya sach mein Itne stupid ho ya acting kr raho ho to be stupid

Neil gets angry

Neil- Hey stupd kisko bhola

Avni- tumhe

avni goes and sits in her car

Avni- Bye AC

Avni drives off her car

Police- Sir yeh ladki ne toh rules break kar diya hai

Neil- usse tohmein jail mein dalunga next time milne do uss se. Tum ne car number toh note kiya na

Police- Ji sir

DD comes there

DD- Sir aapka phone baj raha tha

Neil- Sorry late ho gaya

Neil takes the phone and walks to his jeep talking in phone.


Daya- Chalo jaldi jaldi karo relatives aaj hi aa jayenge

Diksha- Ji ma kar toh rahe hain na

Riya comes there chatting in phone

Daya- Riya tum abhi tak ready nahi hui ho kya aaj toh get together party hi na. Engagement se pehele ek chota sa get together rakha hai na maine.

Riya- Dadi mein toh jaldi ready ho jaungi waise bhi aaj mera neil joh aane wala hai. How will I go in front of him this way. Acche se taiyaar hoke hi jaungi

Daya- Ek baar yeh shadhi ho jaye phir unke saare property tumhara

Diksha- Tumhara nahi hamara

Daya, Riya and Diksha smirk

Riya goes to get ready for the party

Daya- Ek baar riya ki khanna family mein bahu ki entry mil jaye phir hum aisho aaram se jiyenge

Diksha- Zaroor ma

Avni comes near mehta house gate in her car

AVni remembers her childhood how daya tortured her and killed asha and snatched aman from her

Avni’s POV
Mein aa rahi haun Mrs mehta to destroy your life

Avni enters mehta house. Neil and Avni meet each other again in the party

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