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AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 5


Recap:Avneil entry.Raghu & Adarsh discussion about Avneil’s friendship.


Avneil were sitting on their bicycle.

Avni:How much time will take yaar?Its too much.
Neil:Please Avni.Wait for some time.
Avni:Yaar,Maa will wait for me.I need to leave.
Neil:Will you leave me alone?

Avni:Neil,don’t make me emotional.
Neil:Look,bhai reached.
Avni:Bhai,its too much.Why do you take this much time?
Neelesh:Yaar,I had extraclass.Sorry.Lets leave.
Avni:Come fast.
One sound:Hey guys…

They turned.Its Neelima.

Neelima:Then where?Why you are late?
Neelesh:Di,I had extraclass.
Neelima:So why didn’t you inform?
Neelesh:I forget about that.
Neelima:Good.Come home brother.You’ll get balance from there.

They leaved in bicycle.On the way.

Avni:What will happen at home?What to say?
Neil:You say you are with your boy friend.
Avni:Oh!If I said it you must be came near God to met me.
Avni:My papa & maa would kill me.
Neil:What?They would kill you without my permission?
Avni:Did my parents want to take sanction letter from you to kill her own daughter?

Neelima:Stop it.
Neelesh:Avni,you do one thing.You marry me then you both will never split.
Avni:Sounds good.But marriages are happening between humans not with foolish monkey.
Neelesh:Am I foolish.
Avni:Of course.
Neelima:Yaar Neelesh,if we fell in between them…so its gone.
Neil:Thanks for the complement di…
Neelima:Avni,did you get any news about your brother Aman?
Avni:No di..Where?How?What?Don’t know.Ran away from home so he must come back if he likes.

Avni become moodoff.Neil noticed it.He felt pain.

Neil:Avni…..Di,why are you asking this to her?

They reached at a 3 way junction.They stoped cycles.

Neil:Cheer up Avni.She was always like this.What about me if I saw you in this stage?Avni…..?
Avni:I’am ok.
Neil:So give me a hug with lots of love.

They hugged eo & parted.

Neil:Bye but night abhi baakki hai.

They spreaded.
Avni’s home.She parked cycle.

Avni:What can I say?

She entered inside.Ashish & Asha was sitting on sofa.They stood up sawing Avni.

Avni:Papa..?You are early today.Why come fast?
Ashish:Its not the time for that.Why you are late today?What is the time?
Avni:Papa…Maa…My friend came at college insearch of her brothers.So I’am with her.
Ashish:She came insearch of her brothers so why you Avni?
Avni:Papa,She is a girl.Outside of college….Alone..You can understand.
Asha:Who is she?
Avni:She is Neelima di..Who is he?Neil…..?Yes Neil..Those who studies together with me from school.Is it Neil?

Avni:His sister.She studied with bhai.His classmate.So I know her.
Asha:With Aman?
Avni:What Papa?She can’t say about her son?I know why you get worried.Because of Bhai.One day like this he went to college.Then we heard that he ran away from here with a girl.Today you both thought me also….
Asha:No Avni no.

Avni:Yes Maa,I know it.You both think that I can do it?
Ashish:Avni,its nothing like that.
Avni:Like that.You gave me whole freedom after bhai ran away also.Only prevent friendship with boys.So what?Maa-Papa I love & respect you both than me.I know you both will do anything its for my good future.So,can I do this?

They nodded no.

Avni:So forgive me.Give forgiveness through a hug.

Avni hugged her parents together.Their eyes filled with tears.They parted.Avni climbed steps.She stopped & turned.


They turned.Avni gave a flying kiss for them.They smiled.Avni reached at room.She tooked the family photo with Aman.

Avni:I’am sorry Maa -Papa.I said lie.I can’t leave Neil.Like that I can’t see pain in your hearts.

She hugged the photo.

Avni:And bhai you…Why you ran away from us?Did you see how much pain they are hiding?Because of you.

Avni left from there placing photo at table.The photo zoomed.
Precap:-Avniel in Avni’s room.

Avni:How many years we are making them fools?
Neil:If we obey our parents we’ll lose our friendship.Avni,I know we’ll be caught oneday.We can stay together upto that time.We have 15 years of friendship.Do you need to break it?
Guys,than you for all those who reaad my story,support my story & commented for my story.Forgive for my mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep supporting.

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