AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 4

Recap:Avneil started their friendship in childhood.

After 15 years.A college is shown.Students are talking,studying etc.A bike came inside college.The man parked the bike on parking area.He walked forward.There are some students are talking standing near wall.He came near of them.

That man:Excuse me.Where is the Principal’s room?
1 student:Its on 1st floor.

The man left.He came infront of Principal’ s room.

That man:Excuse me sir.May I come in?
Principal:Yes.Come in

The man entered.He handovered a letter to the principal.Principal read it.

Principal:Oh!Adarsh,so you are new appoinment
Adarsh:Yes sir.
Adarsh:Thank you sir.My certificates.

Principal verified it.


Raghu entered on room.

Principal:Raghu,This is new appoinment in Economics dept.Take him there.
You can go with him Adarsh.
Adarsh:Ok sir.
Principal:Wish you all the best.
Adarsh:Thank you sir.

They left from room.They went on ground.

Adarsh:What are you doing here?
Raghu:I’am worked as staff.
Raghu:How many years you are doing this job?
Adarsh:20 years in different classes.I can say the nature of students after looking their face.
Raghu:Its overconfidence sir.
Adarsh:No.Look at them.

He showed 2 students.They are talking under a tree.

Adarsh:They are first sight lovers.
Adarsh:Means loving faces only & they are sincere lovers.
Raghu:So like that.Anyone can say this.Now I’ll show 2 students for you.After watching them if you can say their relation correctly then I’ll trust in your confidence.
Adarsh:Ok.But before that why this much crowd here?
Raghu:College is conducting a tour so parents must submit sanction letter.So…
Adarsh:Ok now say where are they?
Raghu:I’am also searching for that.
Yes sir.Look at their.There is a girl with her father & there is a boy with his father.Watch them & find their relation.
Adarsh:Give me some time.
Raghu:Take it.

Adarsh looked.It was none other than our AVNEIL.They turned to walk with their fathers.They saw eo.Avneil stood without looking eo.

Prakash:Hello Ashish…
Ashish:Hey Prakash..
Prakash:What are you doing here?
Ashish:My daughter Avni.I came to give sanction letter.
Prakash:Me too.My son Neil.You didn’t know her?
Neil:I saw her.
Ashish:You both are studying together from 1st standard.Don’t know?
Neil:Saw eo.But not friends.

They parted to two way.

Ashish:You didn’t know about Neil?
Avni:I said that saw eo.Do you have any problem that I’am not friendly with Neil?Nothing like this at first.
Ashish:I just asked.
Avni:Oh!I’am lying.Haan?
Ashish:Nothing like that.Sorry Baba.

They put letter in box.

Neil:You felt more problem for….
Prakash:Neil,nothing like that.
Neil:Dad,you said never get friendly with girls.Now…
Prakash:I just asked.Where is Neelesh?
Neil:Class was going on.
Prakash:Said to him that I came.
Neil:Yes Dad.
Prakash:I’am leaving bye.

Ashish & Prakash get inside the car.That time Raghu & Adarsh.

Adarsh:They are strangers.Isn’t it?What other relation?They are strangers.
Raghu:No sir.Please wait.Story abhi baakki hai.

Prakash & Ashish leaved in car.Avneil waved their hands.They disappeared.Avneil looked eo.A smile developed on their face.Neil call Avni using his face.Avni ran towards him.Neil took Avni & rotated.They smiled.

Raghu:What happened now sir?Now you felt that they are strangers?

They continued walking.

Adarsh:No.Are they lovers?
Raghu:No sir.You must trust that can’t say anyone’s nature through face.
Adarsh:They are not strangers & lovers.So brother & sister?
Raghu:After metting their parents?
Adarsh:Relatives in quarrel?
Raghu:So how their parents can talk?Sir,we are big.We must study from new generaton.If we saw a hug,kiss or someone lying together on one bed…We’ll think more.But the relation between that two can change our thoughts.
Adarsh:Please say what is their relation?
Raghu:You can ask to anyone in the campus about it.They’ll say.This is Economics dept.I’am leaving….And also if you didn’t get answer you can ask to me.

Raghu leaved.Adarsh came near a student.

Adarsh:Can I ask you something?
Student:What Sir?
Adarsh(Showing Avneil):Who are they?
Student:They are Avneil.
Student:Yes.Avni & Neil…Avneil.
Adarsh:Whats their relation?
Student:You can’t found it after meeting them?

2nd incident.

Student:You met them..then you can’t find?

3rd incident.

Student:Its too bad sir that you can’t find their relation.

Evening.Adarsh came near Raghu.

Raghu:What happened Sir?Do you get the answer?
Raghu:Ok.Onemore chance.You change your bad thoughts from mind & look at them in good sight.If you didn’t get answer I’ll say.

Avneil was talking to eo sitting on 2 bycycles faraway.Adarsh looked at them.

Raghu:Did you get answer?
Adarsh:Yes.Actually I said everything but not this.They are best friends.
Raghu:This is the answer.It is simple but because of our bad sight we never think about it.
Adarsh:Can I ask you something.Why they are behaving as strangers infront of their parents?
Raghu:Their parents are like us.They never support boy-girl friendship.So they are behaving like this.It was difficult to break a friendship from 15 years.

Adarsh:15 years?That also hiding from parents?Amazing.
Raghu:My prayer is never break their friendship.There is no relation can break their friendship.
Adarsh:No Raghu.Only one relation can break it.
Raghu:Which relation?
Adarsh:Husband & wife relation.

Raghu:How it possible sir?
Adarsh:Why?Their parents didn’t know about their friendship.So there is chances.Isn’t it?
Raghu:Yes.But they can do friendship in that relation.
Adarsh:It is the next purest relation after mother & child relation in the world.If tied in 7 promises.So…
Raghu:But Sir?
Adarsh:I also wish for nothing happened like that.
They left & bell rang.
Precap:-Avni’s home.
Ashish:Where were you?Its too late.
Asha:Avni answer.
Avni:Papa,She is a girl.Outside of college alone.You get it?

Avni hugged a photo.

Avni:Sorry Papa-Maa,I said lie.I can’t leave Neil.Likewise I can’t gave pain to your hearts

She hugged the photo tightly.
Yet another eps.I know I did so many mistakes inside ff.Please forgive my mistakes.Thanks for your support & comments.Keep reading,Keep supporting,Keep commenting.

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  1. Your ff is very interesting and i love it. this ff is different than all other ff that i had read so far. keep up the good work. i was really waiting for you to post and you did thank you. if you can so please tell me on what days are you going to upload new parts of this ff.
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  4. Zaina

    such a strong bond….story sounds so different…. polich moleeeee polich…. luv u aathuuuuu…. avneiil is awesome….

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      Thank you so much yaar.Coment thakarthu dud.

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