AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 38

Recap:Avni’s past reveals.


At godown.

Laksh:Avni,what did you done?You discovered your truth?
Avni:I haven’t any other option.You know that I love Aryan the most the world.If he came in front of me then?Also bhai?
Laksh:So did you do whatever court said?
Avni:I’ll do anything for Aryan.
Laksh:Do you discover about me if you face such situation?
Avni:Laksh,what are you thinking?Do I cheat you?
Laksh:No Avni.You go.

Avni left.

Laksh:What’s going on?Those which I didn’t want it was going to happen.No Neil.I never let you come near Avni.

In court.

Judge:Ms.Avnith Mitra,everyone must need a second chance.So you must be gave it to your family.
Avni:No Ma’m I didn’t had trust in them.I get saved one time.Next time…No..I can’t..
Judge:Its your decision.I’am going to give you one month time.After that you can take a decision.

They went outside.

Neil:Avni,come with us.Please give a chance.
Avni:For what?Is this one month can give my losted 6 years?My happiness,life can be back?Can it gave back Aryan’s mother?I’am happy now.Please don’t break it.

Avni turned to leave.


Avni turned & sat on knees.

Aryan:Mamma,please don’t leave me second time.If you are going so take me with you.
Avni:Aaru,if you come with me who will be with Papa?
Aryan:No Mamma.You can’t go like this.Come with me.
Avni:Little champ..
Aryan:Please Mamma..

He cried.Avni stood up.

Aman:Come Avni.Can you see his tears?Its the matter of one month.
Avni:OK.I’ll come only for Aryan.But one condition.I want my lost 6 years within one month.If I got it I’ll come with you all forever.
Neil:Sure Avni.You come.
Avni:I’ll come tomorrow after taking luggage.Little champ Mamma is coming.
Aryan:Yet!I win..


Laksh:Have you losted Avni?Are you going back?
Avni:Yes.I told you that I can do anything for Aryan.I’am doing that.I put forward this condition with clever.
Laksh:If you gave your 6 years back then?
Avni:Have you losted now?Laksh,When I’ll be back they’ll love me & care me to that much which I never made part from them.I need that.
Avni:Means..I asked them my 6 years back.Did this 6 years have only love & happiness?No..life is full of all emotions..Happiness,sadness, angryness..all.But they’ll give only love & happiness.That I can said in court.
Laksh:What an idea.
Avni:Why not?I’am your friend.So bye Laksh.

Avni left.

Laksh:Wow!You didn’t need to do anything Laksh.Everything was doing by Avni selfely.By blaming your family I always not tried to join you with your family.I always showed you to part from your family.I need you alone only as mine.

Asha opened door hearing knocking sound.It is Avni.

Asha:Come inside.

Avni came inside with left leg.Asha came to hug her.Avni stopped & nodded no.Asha become teared.She went inside.

Aman:What are you doing Avni to Maa?
Avni:Where is Aryan?
Aman:School.You answer me.

Avni went to room.It was locked.Someone gave key to her.It was Neil.He was taking deep breath.

Neil:It was in me.

Avni went inside & locked the door.Neil smiled.Aman saw that.

Aman:I know how you feels?
Neil:No Bhai.She came back that’s it.

Neil left.Inside room.

Avni:My room just like old only people changed.
Aman:Avni open the door.

Avni opened.She saw Aryan.They hugged.

Avni:Mamma came.
Reina(From down):Aryan eat food come.
Aryan:Yes Reina Maa..Coming..Bye Mamma…

Aryan left.

Avni:He is very comfortable here.
Aman:Yes.But why you are making pain in others?
Avni:I’ll do anything to be part from them.

Avni left.At night.Avni went to see secret room.It was like before.Avni become teared.She saw Avneil old moments in front of her.

Avni:Everything was like before.

Projector become onn hiting her hand.It plays.Avni become teared.Next day morning.Avni came down.

Asha:Avni,eat breakfast.
Avni:I don’t want this.Who knows that you hadn’t mixed poison on this?How can I trust?

Avni left.Ashish & Asha looked each other.
They become teared.

Next day.Everyone went out.Avni & Amaan only.

Aman:Why you didn’t went outside?
Aman:There is none who is mines there.
Avni:Aaru,how was the school?
Aryan:Boring Mamma..
Reina:Aryan,come & change dress.
Aryan:No..You go Reina Maa..It was the talk between Aryan & his Mamma.
Avni:So?Dress must be change.
Aryan:Yes.But now why?Where are they I’m these 6 years.You looked me.When my Maa gone you took care of mine.So you stay out of us.
Aryan:Did you thought that I’ll behave like this?No..absolutely no..I’am Mamma’s son.Good & matured.I can never bad.
Aryan:Mamma,do you know I love the most is you?You are the best Mamma in the world.I love you Mamma.

Avni hugged him with tears.

Avni:I love you too little champ.Love you too.Now go & change your dress.

Aryan left.

Aman:Are you happy now?You those done is big.
Avni:Never say like this Bhai.I only want his happiness.He made me best Mamma.

They hugged.
Precap:(Author’s note:7 episodes left)

Avni on Laksh’s call.

Avni:How I think it was going on.Only love love love.I’am getting bored.
Laksh:Gave them one chance.
Avni:I’am gaving.But they didn’t want.Then what can i do?They must be gave me all emotions..
Laksh:OK.Bye.All the best.
Avni:Bye dear.

Neil was hearing all this hiding.

Neil:So this is Madam’s plan.Tomorrow you watch Avni.What was going to happening to you.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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