AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 36 & 37

Recap:Avnith reveals her identity.

Episode:36 & 37:-

Next day they went for reception.The home was in festival mood.

Avinash(groom):Where is my sisters?Come down.

Her sisters came.One of them was Avni.They performed in the song Punjabi wedding song from Hasee thoh Fasee.At the end of the song Avneil met each other.They become shocked.Avni went back.Everyone clapped.

Avinash:My sisters are the heroines in my marriage.
Avni:How was it Bauji?
Avinash’s father:Superb.

Neil was still stairing at Avni.But she didn’t showed any difference.

Avni(in mind):What are you stairing Neil?This is my family.Those who trust their daughter.Those who never cheats.
Ashni(Avinash’s sis):Bhabhi,you say how was it?
Bhabhi:Very nice.
Avni:Look she is blushing.
Avinash:Saurya,Munna..you both are coming now?
Munna:Became late.Congratulations.
Avinash:Thank you guys.You both done a great job.
Neil:I’am your Neil..Don’t you know?
Avni:,Who are you?

Neil stunned.

Neil:Its not the time to play.
Avni:What are you saying?I don’t know about you.Sometimes you felt wrong.
Bauji:What happened daughter?
Avni:See Bauji,what he says..
Neil:You are Avni,isn’t it?
Avni:It doesn’t means that I’am that Avni who says about.
Bauji:Its my family.So what you want to say?
Neil:Is she your daughter?
Avni:Yes.Avni Mitra.
Neil:Avni Mitra?
Avni:Yes & I’am seeing you first after my birth.
Reina:Neil,come with us.

They came out.

Reina:What are you doing Neil?
Neil:She is my Avni.
Saurya:How?If she is then why did she lied infrint of everyone?
Neil:I’am also thinking the same.
Munna:She is not Avni.
Reina:Yes.She is Avni Mitra not Avni Mehta & also her eyes..
Neil:Yes.Not like Avni.But this is those eyes which I always seen in my dreams.She is Avni.
Reina:I can’t change you.
Neil:Something was hiding in between Avni & Avnith.They had some relation.Avnith Mitra & Avni Mitra.Is it Avnith is Avni..I didn’t saw dreams that day.Avnith is Avni.
Reina:What stupidity are you saying?
Neil:I’ll find it.You will fail Avni.If you are Avni so you’ll trap in my plan.

Next day.Avnith met Laksh.(His face was not revealed).

Laksh:I always warned you to be careful.
Avni:I never thought that he’ll take a move like this.He took this matter to court & also sended notice to question my identity.
Laksh:Avni,don’t be scare.You are true.Then what is the need to be back near your murders?They killed you those who you trusted the most.Neil & his family.They lived 6 years without you.You must be win.
Avnith:Yes.They breaked my trust,they theft my life.I’ll be alone if you are not now.I’ll fight & I’ll prove that I’am Avni Mitra not Avni Mehta.I hate my family & I hate you Neil.

Next day outside of court.Avneil’s parents are there.Avni came.

Neil:Maa-Papa,our Avni..

They saw each other.

Avni(Low voice):Maa..Papa..

Asha & Ashish came near her.

Avni:I’am not your Avni.It was not proved.Up to that stay far from me.

Avni left.Court time.Judge sat on chair.It was a woman.

Neil:Ma’m,I took permission from you to ask questions to Avnith.
Judge:Yes granted.
Neil:So you are Avnith Mitra..A popstar,playback singer & well famous in Punjab.
Neil:Ma’m This is Avnith Mitra but her real name is Avni.
Judge:What do you want to say?
Neil:A girl was hiding inside this face & name.She is a girl.
Neil:So?Are you not feeling anything wrong from this?
Avni:Why she’ll felt wrong?You must be.Because you don’t know about it but this complete knew this that I’am a girl.Avni..

Avni took off her cap & vigg.

Avni:What you think if a girl change her name,style & getup she will be a boy?You are wrong God sensed you in this court because this Ma’m granted me to change my name.Because I can make my profession.Now what Mr.Neil Khanna?

Avni smirks.

Judge:Are you want to say this?
Neil:No.She is not Avni Mitra she is Avni Mehta Neil Khanna my wife.
Avni:Good,first girl now Avni Mehta.Who is that?
Neil:Why are you lieing Avni?
Avni:I’am telling lie..not you..OK.So prove that I’am Avni Mehta.
Neil:Ma’m its our marriage photos.

He handovered to Judge.

Judge:How can she be your wife?Her eyes..
Neil:Lens are available for that Ma’m.
Avni:Ma’m if you want you can test my eys that it is a lens or original.
Avni:What now?
Neil:This is Avni’s parents.Ashish Mehta & Asha Mehta.If you are not Avni Mehta where is your family?
Avni:You saw them once.OK..Bauji..

Avinash & family came.

Avni:This is my family.My father Raj Singh Mitra,Mother Anitha Mitra,Brother Avinash Mitra,His wife Meera Mitra,My sister Ashni Mitra.OK?
Judge:What is now?
Avni:Ma’m,he was thinking wrong.Otherwise some people had a habit to insult celebrities by that they can be famous.
Avni:What?Then Prove that who is me?
A voice:I’ll prove.

Avni become shocked.Everyone looked to the side.Its Aman.


Neil heard this.He looked at Avni.

Aman:I’ll prove that she is Avni Mehta.I’m her brother.
Aman:Because I saved her before 6 years.I gave her a new life.Can you say Avni that its a lie?Aryan…

Aryan came there.Avni become teared.


Avni moved to come near him.

Aman:Stop Avni..If you want to come near Aryan you must be agree that you are Avni Mehta.
Avni:Yes.I’am agreeing that I’am Avni..Yes..I’am Avni Mehta..

Avni cried.

Avni:I’am failed.You made be fail Bhai..

Everyone stood up.

Avni:But I’ll never go with them.I scare them my family.They are responsible for my suicide..I hate them.
Judge:The case will continue after 2 days.

Judge left.

Avni:Mamma’s little champ..

They hugged.Neil heard this.

FB starts:

Neil:Little champ.
Aryan:No Chotti papa,you can’t call me little champ.Only my Mamma can call that.

FB ends.

Avni cried.They parted.

Aryan:You know how much I missed you?
Avni:And me?Can Mamma live without my little champ?


Aryan:Mamma,come with us.
Avni:No champ..Mamma had a lot of work here.We’ll chat through computer everyday.
Aryan:No Mamma,come.
Avni:Aryan,Mamma told you.

Aryan ran towards them.

Avni:What are you doing Bhai?Why?
Aman:How many days Avni?Come back.
Avni:You are telling me?No Bhai..Never..Say to Aryan that I left.Otherwise..

Avni left.Neil was hearing all this.At Neil’s home.

Neil:Bhai,why you are lied these days?
Aman:Because Avni didn’t want to come back.
Neil:Bhai,say all truth.What happened before 6 years?Why Aryan calls Avni Mamma?
Aman:Avni is Aryan’s Mamma but not mother.Before 6 years when I & Agni-Aryan’s mother was coming to hospital to admit her for delivery..It was small complicated.

FB starts.

They are coming in car.They saw a crowd in sea shore.

Agni:Why this crowd?
Aman:Any way..
Agni:Let’s have a look.We are going to hospital if anyone is in emergency then..

Aman went to see.Aman came front in between all.

Aman:What happened?
A man:Its a deadbody of a girl.Looks like 2-3 days.

Aman saw a girl was lying.She make her turn.

A man:Don’t touch.Its a deadbody.
Aman:It must be say by a doctor.

Aman looked her deeply.Her face was decayed.


He chacked her pulse.

Aman:She had heart beat.Help me please.

They took her to car.

Agni:Who is this Aman?

They opened the door.It was hit on Agni’s belly.She felt pain.

Aman:Do you feel pain.Let’s go.

They reached hospital.They took Agni & Avni inside.A man on outside.After sometime doctor came out.

Doctor:Delivery completed its a baby boy.But..We can’t save Agni.I’am sorry.

Doctor left.Aman was standing as like a statue.Avinash family came.It was Agni’s family.

Bauji:Where is Agni,Aman?

He cried.They found everything from his tears.They also cried.Sister handovered the child.Another doctor came from ICU.

Doctor:She is alive.But her eyes & face destroyed.We must be make it clear.But sponsors?
Aman:I had.

Agni’s eyes & skin used for Avni.After some days.

Avni:Bhai,I’am the responsible for everything.If I didn’t can Bhabhi will be alive.
Aman:What are you saying Avni?
Avni:Yes.All this happened because of me.So its my responsibility to look this family & Aryan in the position of Bhabhi.Its my right.

Avni went near Aryan.

Avni:I’ll be his Mamma.She look Aryan up to his 5 age.

Aman:Where were you?
Avni:I went to saw Laksh.
Aman:Who is he?I heard it many times.
Avni:Yes Bhai,Laksh.When I was with Neil,I never notice him.But now everyone left me.But only he came near me.Neil & family move on thinking that I’am dead.I was in a magic world up to this.But now came out because of him.I trust him.I got a new life,family more than that my little champ.
Aman:Ya..I want to talk to you.You go back.
Aman:Aryan became big.So..
Avni:Are you being sad of my happiness?
Aman:Avni,not like that.Aryan is small.He is calling you Mamma.If you felt that you are his real Mother then..He’ll never agree with our brother- sister relation.
Avni:You proved that you are the son of Ashish & Asha.Are you thinking like this about Aryan?OK.I’ll talk with Laksh.He’ll say this on home & inform their decision.

Avni left.Avni shared this to Laksh.He went to ask in family of Avni.After 3 days.

Aman:Laksh didn’t came back?

Avni got a call.It flashed Laksh.Avni switched to speaker phone.

Avni:Did you speaked to parents?
Laksh:Yes.Only to your parents..But like we thought its wrong.
Laksh:They said that they only want one to come back.You otherwise Aryan & Aman Bhai.If you went Aman Bhai & Aryan can’t go.If they went you can’t.

They become shocked.

Laksh:Who which was not going they must be far away from family.Never come in front of them.It is their decision.Also said that it must be secret.

Avni hanged the phone.

Aman:I think Laksh was lieing..
Avni:Shut up.I trust him more than me.Its all about your parents problem & you blaming Laksh.Hear Bhai..My decision is you & Aryan are going to home not me.You want to be with your family then go.

Avni left.
FB ends.

Aman:So we came here & she became Avnith Mitra.I can’t trust that why Maa & Papa said like this?
Ashish:We?Are you trusting Aman that we’ll say like this?
Asha:None said to bus that Avni is alive.
Aman:What?But Laksh..
Ashish:Who is Laksh?
Aman:I don’t know Papa.Only Avni saw him.
Neelesh:Who will be that?Why he wants to make Avni far away from her family?
Aman:Leave it.
Neil:Yes.Now we must think that how we’ll take Avni back?
Alan:She’ll never be back.She hates all of you at the core.Mistake is yours.
Precap:(Author’s note:-8 episodes are left)

Laksh in godown.

Laksh:What was happening?Those which I don’t want it was going to happen.Neil also..No..I never let Neil to come near Avni..

Outside of the court.Avni & family.

Avni:I’ll come with you all.But one condition.I want my lossed 6 years back within this 1 month.If I got it I’ll come with you all forever.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Sorry for the long one.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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