AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 35

Recap:Neil insulted by Avnith.


Neil reached at home.Reina sat beside him.Neil’s eyes was flowing.

Neil:What I did?Avnith in front of everyone…
Reina:You talk to him alone.
Reina:Neil,its our need.You didn’t want to meet Avni?So you must do this.

Next day night.Neil reached at Avnith’s residence.He didn’t met anyone.Neil hide seeing servants.

Servant:I opened pumb of pool.Don’t let anyone go there.
Another servant:OK.

They left.Neil came out.He searched everywhere.Avnith was near pool.He slipped there & fell on pool.He knew swimming but he can’t able to swim.Neil saw that.He ran towards pool & jumbed into it.Neil took Avnith out.He was unconscious.


He shakes him.His cap fell down.With it his vigg also fell down.Avnith’s hair fell down.At a moment Avnith became Avni.Neil became shocked.


No words can discribe his happiness.


His eyes become teared.Neil hugged Avni.He take her on hand & make her lie on bed.She was still sleeping.

Neil:Avni,open your eyes..Avni..

Neil came out.He thought for a while.

Neil:What wiil do?

Servant came there.

Neil:Auntyji,Avni..no Avnith..
Servant:Avnith left for programme.
Neil:No she is in room.Avnith fell on pool & become unconscious.
Servant:How can its possible?
Neil:Come with me.

They reached bedroom.None was there.

Servant:See..where is Avnith?
Neil:She is..
A voice:Maaji..

They came down.It was Avnith’s new PS.

PS:Where is Avnith?Not at programme.Phone was unreachable.
Servant:She left.

PS got a call.It flashed Avnith.

PS:Hello Avnith..where are you?I reached home in search of you.
Avnith(from phone):I reached here & you left that time.
PS:I’am coming.
Neil:Can I come with you?

They reached at programme area.Avnith was singing at stage.Neil become shocked.Neil reached near unit members

Neil:When Avnith reached here?
Member:I think before 30 minute

They left.

Neil:Did I saw a dream?How can Avnith be Avni?Avnith is a boy.But..those which I saw its also true.What can I do now?

Neil left.After programme Avnith went to see Laksh.

Laksh:How much time I told you to take care.Today..
Avnith:Those which happened..it happened..He didn’t find my secrets.Neil thought that it justva dream.
Avnith:What?He didn’t found that Avnith Mitra is his Avni.

Avnith took her vigg & cap.She became Avni.

Laksh:Are you thinking that Neil will stay with patience?
Avnith:No.More than me who knows about Neil?Truths are with me.They killed me without any mistake.Did I go back near my murders.Where was this Neil when I left before 6 years?His family?At that time only one who searched & found me its you.
Laksh:Neil didn’t want to do this marriage.So he came in search of you.Only for that.Did you felt that he loves you?
Avni:No then before you he’ll be with me.But no..I only trusts you.Let him do anything.But I’ll never be Avni Mehta.

Avni left for home.She was thinking something.

FB starts:-
When Neil hugged Avni near pool she opened her eyes.

Avni:He found.Oh! no.

Avni closed her eyes.Neil make her lie on bed.When she went out.She got up fastly & changed the dress as fast.She went out.She saw Neil with Servant.Servant saw Avni.She showed to her to say that she left to Neil.

Servant:Avnith left for programme.

When they entered room.Avni emran from there.She called PS.

Avni:Hello Shaan,You go to my home now & say to them those who inmy home that I didn’t arrived at programme place.I’ll call you then you say to me like this also.

She hanged the phone.Avni reached programme area.She reached near Programme members.

Avni:Brother,can you do me a favour?
Avnith:If anyone asked to you that when I come so say to them that before 30 minutes please.

FB ends.
Avni smirks.

Avni:Today I escaped.But every time..I’am ready to face anything.Next day evening.Avni(as Avnith) sat on car.She was tired.

Avnith:Go to home.

Car moved.Avnith slept sitting inside of car.When she opened her eyes she was on a dark area.

Avnith:Who is that?Who take me here?
A voice:I..

Avnith turned.Its Neil.

Avnith:Neil,what care you doing?
Neil:I want to talk to you.
Avnith:I don’t want to hear anything.
Neil:You must be hear.After that you think you’ll help me or not.
Avnith:What you want to say?

Neil told the story of Avneil.Neil cried.

Neil:I want my Avni back.Only I know that how I lived because of her in these 6 years.I can’t live without her.

Avni’s heart dissolved small.She raised her hand to touch Neil’s shoulder 2 times.Without 3 rd she remembered her suicide & parents claiming.She took hand back.

Avnith:Neil,never think that I’ll fellbon your fake tears & also I’ll gave details.Where were you in these 6 years?Her body wasn’t found then why you didn’t searched for her?
Then now why you felt to found her?give me the answer.If she is alive why she didn’t came back?There will be some reason.Yes.So stop following me for Avni’s details.

Avnith left.Neil’s home.

Reina:Don’t be stressed Neil.
Neil:Why Avnith not hearing my words?How can I search her?And that Avnith.when I start to explain something becomes angry more.
Reina:I thought that Avnith was hiding something.She shows this angry was after knew Avni.There will be some secrets in her.Its sure.
Neil:I think so but what can we do?
Munna:Don’t be desp Neil.
Saurya:We got an event management contract.Tomorrow is wedding day.So you both come with us.
Precap:(Author’s note:-10 episodes left)

At court.Avni as Avni.Neil was in the place of advocate.

Avni:Its someone’s hobby to insult celebrities .By that they can be famous.
Avni:What?Otherwise prove who is me?
A voice:I’ll prove.

Everyone looked towards the place of sound heard.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,comment & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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  1. your update is too beautiful to interesting. your clarity of thought is really mind blowing that as usual always leaves a good impact on mind. the way avnith befool neil & makes everything under control that makes your storyline is more attractive. just go on with your beautiful concept of writing ability. Good luck sister.

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Bhai.

  2. Pavithra1616

    Chechi.. Polichu, kalakki, thimrithu!!!! I loved so much that I thought I was seeing the scenes in front of me chechi!!! One doubt… What does the authors not mean??? 10 episodes left?? What do u mean by that chechi?? I didn’t understand actually.. Just go ahead… Update very early please because I wanna read it… Love u loads… Ummaaaa???

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Pavi.Authors note says that I’am going to end my ff within 10 episodes.

  3. Ok got it precap is of after 10 episodes.
    Curious for this 10 episodes
    Loved it ??
    Wow how intelligently avni is fooling Neil again and again????
    Too excited….
    Love u loads

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Ridhi.I promise after today’s episode Avni can never make Neil fool.

      1. But I love how intelligently avni fools neil again and again and also I love how much desperately Neil wants her avni back in his life

  4. I started reading this fiction from a fews days back.it kind of interesting though , the way she is hiding from him a step a head but comparing to serial neil he should have guessed something fishy is going on becoz the way avnith is behaving with neil.no person would behave with other person with such rudeness unless he knows something about his or her past. Without knowing about neil behaving in such a manner, a person like should have suspected that.
    And i don’t think avni can hide herself with this much reckless ness.she herself is giving neil hints that she is avni.it will not take long neil to recognise her. She should me be more careful when it comes to neil.

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Hiyori for revealing your opinion.

  5. Donno what to say.. Feeling bad for neil…Waiting for the next…. Luv u sanjuuuuuuuuuuuu?????

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Fasy.Love you a lot.

  6. Only 10 episodes left means the ff will end with the next 10 epis

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Yes Zaina.The story will be end within 10 days.

      1. What? no… are you seriously going to end this ff
        Please no I love this ff alot but if you really want to do this then please start a new one with a more fresh and refreshing ff like this one I love ur writing skills and talent

        Loads of love by ridhima

  7. Awesome please update soon ??❤️

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Zara.

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