AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 34

I would like to dedicate today’s episode to someone.It was a girl.Today is her birthday.I got her from TU.One of my sweet friend is you.So I want to wish you..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SAMI..Many many happy returns of the day.

Recap:Neil was appointed as Avnith’s PS.


Next day.Neil becomes ready to office.But he reached 10:15 at office because of traffic jam.

Neil:May I come in?

He went inside.

Avnith:Who is this?Sharp 10:15.Mr.I told you..
Neil:Traffic block.
Avnith:I don’t want any explanation.Sharp 10 means sharp 10.What a punctuality.Do one thing leave today & come tomorrow at 10 am in my home.
Avnith:I said leave.

Neil left.


Inside cabin.

Avnith:I knew that Neil you’ll be late.Because you are that same Neil who was on before 6 years.

Next day.Neil reached at office at 9:45.

Receptionist:You are early today.
Receptionist:Time is up but not arrived.

After sometime.

Neil:Yesterday I was late & today..
Receptionist:Sir,are you sure that Avnith told you to come here or home?

Neil thought.


Avnith:Leave today & cone tomorrow at 10 am on my home.

FB ends.


Neil ran from there.Avnith’s home.

Avnith:Up to this no..

She heard calling bell.

Avnith:Maaji,opened the door.
Servant:Yes child.

She opened the door.Neil came inside taking deep breath.

Avnith:Sharp time.But what you made your condition?You never take bath?
Neil:I forgot that you said me to come here.
Avnith:Is a cheater,no punctuality,no freshness,no memory only one thing had irresponsibility.
Neil:Sorry Avnith.
Avnith:Every time sorry.How much time I want to hear?If you didn’t need this job.Just leave it.
Neil:I’ll never give a chance to angry after this.
Avnith(in mind):Why not Neil?You are going to work with me.
Neil:Can I join?
Avnith:Yes.You had job from Mon- Fri on time 10am-9 pm.Sat & Sun leave.
Avnith:If you want to come & you come then work alone.You only do what I said.

Neil reached home.

Neil:What personality yaar?What did he thought about himself?Every time angryness.I’am tired.

After two days.

Avnith:Where is the programme today?
Neil:Pattyala at 6 pm.
Avnith:OK.You can leave.

Neil went outside.

Neil:I can see Avni today.

Evening.Neil saw Avni singing.Reina was with him.Neil become teared.After song Neil went backstage to saw Avni.But he saw she was lefting in a car.Neil followed the car.He overtakes it.Neil can’t saw who was inside car.He picked the hand of the person inside & take him out.

That person:Who are you?What you want?

Neil turned.Its Avnith.They both become shocked.

Avnith:You?How dare you?
Neil:Avni..Avnibus in the car.
Avnith:Who?Are you mad?How dare you to take me here on road?
Neil:Avnith I thought Avni..
Avnith:Shut up just shut up.Avni..Avni..Avni..I told you one time that I never can give the details of the members on my troup.So you chooses this way.You thought that you can get Avni’s details if you become my PS & being with me.Wow!So Mr.Neil Khanna hear perfectly.You are fired just get lost.
Neil:Avnith,nothing like that.Don’t make me fire.
Avnith:I never take my words back & also you never get Avni’s details.

Avnith left.Neil become teared.Avnith met Laksh on Godown.

Avnith:Laksh,you know I made Neil dismissed.
Lakah:Nice.But you thought that he was failed?
Avnith:No.But there is no way now in front of him.He can never get Avni’s details.Because Avni Mehta was not alone.She was dead before 6 years.

Next day.Neil went to Avnith’s cabin.He opened the door.Avni was standing inside of it.They both become shocked.

Receptionist:Neil Sir,..

Neil turned.

Receptionist:You leave from here Sir..Avnith told us to not let you come inside.

Neil looked inside.There was none inside the cabin.

Neil:Avni..There is a girl here.
Receptionist:Noone was there Sir..You go out.

Securities came & they took him out.They make him fall down.He fell in front of Avnith’s legs.Everyone surrounded.Neil stood up.

Avnith:Stop it.What’s going on here?You?What are you doing here?
Neil:Avnith,I to you..
Avnith:Shut up.I dismissed you right?So why?Get lost.
Neil:Give me one chance to explain.
Avnith:No never.
Neil:I didn’t done anything.
Avnith:Nothing?Everybody please listen.This is Neil Khanna.He cheated his own wife & take her upto the stage of suicide.She was dead.Now he saw another girl on my group.So he want to know about her.So he became my PS.When I caught.He was saying that he did nothing.So everyone say what I want to do?So its better Neil leave.

Avnith left.Everyone looked at Neil.He felt shame.He become teared.He left.Avnith came on balcony.His face become red because of angryness.His blue eyes flowed.

Avnith:Did you felt pain?You are exposed in front of everyone.You must to know Neil.Before 6 years how much pain was afford by that girl.I’ll make you feel it.
Precap:Avnith fell on pool.He can’t swim.Neil saw that.He make Avnith save.He was unconscious.


Neil took Avnith’s cap.His vigg fell down.Her hair fell down.At a moment Avnith became Avni.Neil become shocked.


No words can describe his happiness.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Sorry for the small update.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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    The way you kept Neil’s emotions in the ff it is really heart touching… I just loved your ff by core … Please update next part as soon as possible…. Please read my ff too named I’m incomplete without you ??

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    Plzz update daily.
    Lots of love by Ridhima

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