AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 33

Recap:Neil went to Punjab in search of Avni.He met Avnith.


Next day.They 4 met together.

Munna:Why you both left yesterday?Her song was amazing.
Saurya:You both haven’t any music sense.
Reina:Shut up guys.You both saw that Neil became emotional yesterday a lot.After that..
Saurya:Sorry yaar Neil.Look I had took her photo.

Saurya showed the pic.Neil looked it & become shocked.

Neil:Avni…Reina look.

She looked.She also amazed.

Reina:It means Avni is alive.Your trust won Neil.
Saurya:What happened?
Neil:Are you sure that this is the girl with Avnith?
Reina:Her name?
Munna:Avni Mitra.But what is the problem?

They told the truth.

Munna:We told you to stay..
Neil:If we contact Avnith,we’ll get Avni’s details.
Reina:Yes Neil.Go.

They reached on Avnith’s office.At reception.

Receptionist:Can I help you Sir?
Neil:Yes can I meet Avnith Mitra?
Receptionist:Do you have any appointment?
Neil:No.Avnith knows me.I’am the winner of yesterday’s function attended by Avnith.Can you arrange me an appointment?
Receptionist:Just a minute.

She called someone.

Receptionist:Yes.You can go.2nd floor go straight then left.
Neil:Thank you so much.

Neil ran up to Avnith’s office.

Neil:May I come in?

Neil went inside.Avnith was standing in front of table.

Avnith:Yes.How can I help you?
Avnith:Hey!Call me Avnith Mitra or Avnith no other representation.
Neil:Sorry Avnith.I need a help from you.
Avnith:Wait..your name..Neil Khanna right?
Avnith:So tell me.What can I do for you?
Neil:Avnith I need details of your team member Avni Mitra.
Avnith:What?But why?

Neil:She was my old friend.I saw her after 6 years.So I want to contact her.
Avnith:What a story?Excuse me Mr.Neil Khanna..You think that I can’t imagine why a boy like you asking details of a girl’s.
Neil:Nothing like that you think.
Avnith:Any reason,be frank I never can give details of anyone in my group.
Neil:Avnith Please.
Avnith:No way Neil.May be your reason is true or more than that I can’t give it.They gave their details because they trust me.Someone’s will break the trust but Avnith Mitra is not like that.You leave.Don’t waste my time.

Neil went out.Inside.

Avnith:You came up to this Neil.Up to this day I was so happy.Now..because of your shadow…You try your level best Neil.But you can’t found anything.

Avnith reached home.She was climbing stairs.

Servant:Laksh came today.He said to meet him.
Avnith:OK Maaji.

She returned.Night.She reached at a dark godown.Someone came near of her.His face was not revealing.

Laksh:You came.
Avnith:What happened?
Laksh:Did I need to share this to you?
Laksh:Yes.He reached Punjab.

Avnith:Not only at Punjab.In front of me.
Avnith:Yes.But why are you tenced?
Avnith:Laksh,Nothing will happen like that.He..let him search.But I’ll take him to that stage which he can’t reach near Avni ever.I never let him to win.I’ll show him that who is Avnith Mitra.

This time Neil.

Neil:What can we do now?
Reina:How can he say like that?
Neil:We must search for another way.
Munna:I had a way.Look..

He gave a card to him.

Reina:Entry card?
Munna:Tomorrow is the selection for Avnith Mitra’s Private secretary.
Saurya:So you can go there with this Neil.You’ll be selected.
Munna:Then you can be with Avnith & also can collect Avni’s details.
Neil:Thanks guys.

Next day.Neil & Reina went to Avnith’s office.

Peon:Neil Khanna..
Reina:All the best.

Neil reached to cabin.Three women are there.

One woman:Sit.

Neil sat & handovered the certificates.A woman typed something from it on laptop.

2nd woman:What’s your name?
Neil:Neil Khanna.
1st woman:You are coming from Delhi.Its too far from here.
Neil:I know.I came here for a function & I heard about this job.I saw it as a blessing that I can work with Avnith.
3rd woman:Nice.You completed Post graduation & MBA on 3 years after Graduation.Why you waste 3 years?
Neil:Some family problems.

1st woman:Are you single or married?
Neil:I was married.But now single.
2nd woman:Why?Where is your wife.
Neil:She committed suicide.
3rd woman:What?Why?
Neil:Why are you asking these questions?I came here for job interview not to discuss my family problems.

Avnith came there.

Avnith:Voice must be down here Neil.
Avnith:And you all.Why are you asking these questions?Neil,I’am appointing you.Sit in my cabin go.

Neil left.

Avnith:Well done guys.You asked to him like I said.Good.
Women:Thank you Avnith.

They left.Avnith alone.

Avnith(alone):So Neil,you are become angry.You are provoked.Nice.But its just a start.Picture is balance my friend..no..enemy…

Avnith arrived on cabin.Neil was there.

Avnith:Mr.Neil Khanna.Never think that I’am impressed in you.You are appointed only because of your frankness & certificates.
But can I ask you something.Why your wife committed suicide?
Neil:I cheated her.
Avnith:Oh!So you are a cheat.Its also towards your wife.Wow!So,how can I trust you?Look Neil.You are always will be on my observation.If you did any mistake I’ll make you dissmiss.Join tomorrow sharp 10 am.Otherwise you must be wait to join one day more.
Neil:Thank you Sir.
Avnith:Excuse me.
Neil:Sorry.Thank you Avnith.
Avnith:Its OK.

Neil came out.

Reina:What happened?

They hugged.
Precap:At centre of office.Everyone was there.Avnith was rotating Neil.

Avnith:So everyone open your ears & hear.It is Neil Khanna.He cheated his wife & make her suicide.She was dead.Then now he saw a girl & he want to know about her.For that he became my PS.When I caught him from there he was repeating that he didn’t done anything.What I want to do.You all please say.

Avnith left.Neil leaved.Avnith came to balcony.His face become red.His blue eyes flowed.

Avnith(alone):Did you felt pain Neil?You are exposed in front of everyone.You must be know Neil.Before 6 years how much pain that girl felt.I’ll make you feel it.
Hope you all enjoyed it.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.I’am trying maximum to entertain all of you.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving

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