AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 32

Recap:Neil was going inserch of Avni..


Next day.Punjab.

Saurya:Yaar,how can we watch Avnith Mithra’s show today?
Munna:If we went to see then how can we welcome Neil & team?
Saurya:We must miss today’s show.No problem.Tomorrow in our function he was coming.
Munna:Isn’t it?
Munna:So let’s go.

They left.Neil & team arrived on bus.Saurya & Munna on car.

Munna:Welcome to Punjab guys.
Saurya:After one week we met.
Principal:Is all set?
Munna:Yes Sir.
Principal:Do one thing Neil & Reina go with them.We’ll follow.
Saurya:Great.Guys come.

They get inside the car.

Munna:Thanks Neil.You informed about every place of Punjab,then we became familiar with it.Otherwise..Punjab..just gone..
Saurya:You know,we missed Avnith Mitra’s show because of you all.
Reina:Avnith Mitra?
Munna:Don’t you know about her?What year?Avnith Mitra is the no.1 Pope singer of Punjab.His talent..
Saurya:Punjabiens never miss her show.How much talented.One MSN can sing in the voice of male & female.Think..

Munna got a call.

Munna:Arav?Hello..Yes..What?True?Oh!God thanks yaar.Bye.
Saurya:What happened?
Munna:You know Avnith Mithra’s show was post poned to one hour.
Saurya:Really?Thank God.Let’s go fast.

They reached on a hotel.They gave keys to everyone.

Munna:Are you coming?
Neil:No yaar.Go.

Saurya & Munna left.The stage was full with audience.They are yelling loudly.Everyone was thrilled.

Anchor:Oh!God..What an encouragement?So guys welcome to an another show presented by AM group.

Audience was yelling Avnith Mitra.

Anchor:OK.I don’t want to test your patience.First of all here comes yours & mine’s favourite.Yes..Ladies & gentlemen..the time us up to introduced all to the singing sensation of Punjab…The talented star..Yes here comes none other than yours Avnith Mitra…

Avnith came to stage.He covered his forehead with hairs up to eyebrows.He was wearing cap.His eyes was blue.Its Avnith.The audience was yelling loudly.He smiled.He presented his song Chal meri Jaan..After that.

Avnith:Thanks for supporting me.You all are my sensation.Keep loving…Love you..Here I’am signing of yours Avnith Mitra..

He left.Anchor came back.

Anchor:What’s up guys..OK.I can imagine it from your voice.So the next here comes the girl known as lady Avnith Mitra..Yes its Avni Mitra….

Avni came on stage.She singed Sunn raha hai from the movie Ashiquie 2 as sweet.After sometime.

Avnith:Where is the programme booked for tomorrow?
PS:Its a college year ending function.
Avnith:You call the members & tell them to arrange me a room.
PS:Yes Avnith.

PS left.He came back with Saurya & Munna.

Munna:Yes..We are the members.
Avnith:Can you arrange me a room please.
Avnith:Hey!Call me Avnith Mitra or Avnith.None other..
Saurya:Sorry Avnith..Actually the college was on Delhi & the function is arranged here.For the members we arranged a room on hotel.
Avnith:Which college?
Munna:William’s University Delhi.

Avnith shocked at a moment.But he hide it.

Avnith:OK.Let’s go.

They went to hotel.

Saurya & Avnith:Welcome Avnith.

They left & came to Neil’s room.

Munna:Neil,how is it?
Neil:Comfortable.How was the show?
Saurya:What to ask in that?Superb.You know today a girl was sung.What a voice yaar?What they call her?
Munna:Lady Avnith Mitra.If I saw her once more.I’ll propose her.
Saurya:I’ll also.
Reina:Stop it.
Munna:We know that you both never trust.But true.Avnith was staying in this hotel today.You can see tomorrow’s performance.Then you will understand.

Next day morning.

Avnith:We are leaving.
Munna:But Avnith?Show..
Avnith:I’ll come.But I have urgent work after reaching home.So..
Saurya:Its OK Avnith.

Avnith & 2 bodyguards walked.Neil went outside of room.Avnith passed him.Neil was looking for Saurya & Munna.Avnith stopped for a moment.He looked back to see Neil.He become shocked after seeing Neil.

One guard:What happened Avnith?
Avnith:Nothing Bhayya.Let’s go.

They left.Evening the stage flowed on Avnith’s singing.

Saurya:How is it Neil?Its Avnith.
Reina:Superb year.Attractive voice.
Neil:But I’am something special.I think I heard this voice before many times.
Munna:Why not?He is very famous.

Next was meeting.Avnith & other ones sat on stage.Speech was going on.

Anchor:Next is the time for prize distribution.

She invited one by one.

Anchor:The last not the least…but this is the main prize.The prize for best student of the year.So student of the year of William university Delhi is for our pride Mr.Neil Khanna.I welcome Avnith Mitra to handover the prize to Neil.

Neil came to stage.Avnith stood.He gave prize to Neil.


They shakes hands.Neil had a special feeling.He looked at Avnith.He smiled.

Anchor:Neil,say something.
Neil:Respected all guests & my dear friends.Hai to all.I’am very happy to be here.I never expect this prize.This is for my family & my old & new friends.Thanks to all of you for supporting me & for making me the old Neil.But I want to dedicate this prize for someone.I submit its for you.This is because of you & its for you.For my dear..Mrs.AVNI MEHTA NEIL KHANNA.

Avnith looked at Neil.Neil was teared.Neil left the stage.

Neil:I’am leaving.
Saurya:Please be here Neil next is her song.
Neil:No yaar.I have no mood.Bye.Are you coming or staying here?
Reina:I’am coming with you.

They left.Next was Avni’s song.But Neil missed it.
Precap:Avnith is on a godown.Taking with a person.

Avnith:Let him search Laksh..But I will take him to that stage,that Neil can never meet Avni.I never let him to win.I’ll show him that who is Avnith Mitra.

He was burning with anger.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.I know its little boring & confused.Sorry for that.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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