AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 31 AFTER 6 YEARS..

Recap:Avni committed suicide.



Punjab.Some women are walking together.

One woman:Where is she today?I wish to see her.
Another one:Ji,where are you looking.Look there she is.

They looked.There a girl in white churidar was dancing with children.Her face was not revealed.

First woman:If didn’t saw her atleast one time in the week I feel vierd.
Another one:,It’s true.She is the real Punjabi girl of the city.
Another one:True.Every sign of a Punjabi is in her there is not in any girl.

She asked them how is it with her eyebrows.They showed super.She smiled.Someone touched her shoulder.She turned.She looked up.Her blue eyes showed.

Neil get up from bed.It was a dream.

Neil:Everyday..one dream..Who is that girl?Her eyes..God,just tell me what is the meaning of this?

Next day Avni’s home.Neil went inside.

Asha:Neil,where is your parents?

He takes there blessing.

Ashish:Be happy.
Neil:Aman Bhai..

(Aman-Avni’s brother)Neil hugged her.Neil searched for someone.Aman showed outside.

Neil:I know he will be with her.
Aman:He can’t live without her.
Ashish:What will do after marriage?
Neil:I’ll be back now.

Neil left.He opened Avni’s room.He openedctheir secret room also.It was kept as like old.Neil reached near Avni’s photo.

Neil:6 years was passed Avni..6 months also.You never feeled any difference.You never thought that what will be my condition.You left..
A voice:Neil..

Neil came down.Everyone came.Someone was came from a side.Neil looked.Avni was taking a boy on hand.Neil looked down & relooked.Its Reina(Aleena).

Aryan:Chotte Papa,is it correct?

Neil take Aryan on hand.

Neil:Yes little champ..
Aryan:Chotte Papa,you can’t call me little champ.Only my Mamma can call it.
Aryan:Sorry Papa..
Ashish:Reina,did you select your ring?
Reina:No Papa..
Asha:Tomorrow is your engagement.Up to now..
Prakash:Neil,go with her.
Neil:Oh!No Dad.Let her select her ring.Selection is Neelesh Bhai’s is super.He selected groom’s ring alone.Then why me?
Neelesh:I have so many works.You must go.
Neil:Trapped.OK.Tell me after you ready.

Neil went to Avni’s room.His mood changed.The face of smile changed.Aman came there.

Aman:In front of everyone you are trying to smile?
Neil:Yes Bhai..My pain must be in me.But sometimes I’ve listing.After Avni’s exist everyone got everything.Reina on Avni’s place.You & Aryan returned before one year.Aryan got love from Reina & parents after Agni Di’s death.Upto this time I didn’t got anything.Avneil became far.
Reina:I’am ready.
Neil:OK let’s go.Bye Bhai.

They left.

Aman:If God wish those will sure come to join the name with you.Avneil’s name will be complete.

At Jewellery.

Neil:Engagement ring please.
Sales man:Sure.

He showed set.Reina looked.Neil was looking somewhere.But his eyes blocked in a ring.The same ring which he put on Avni’s hand.Neil remembered that moment.He tooled it on hand.

Sales man:Sir,it was a pair ring.People believes that if the ring was wear by pairs that pair will never part.
Neil:What nonsence?I didn’t trust these facts.Sometimes if it not seared they’ll never part.

Neil left.


After sometime.Neil was standing outside.Reina came near him.

Reina:Neil,are you OK?
Neil:Yes.I wish to show happiness..but..
Reina:Leave it yaar.How is it?

She showed the ring.

Reina:Let’s go.

They left.Next day Avni’s home.It was decorated.Neil & family came.Neil & Laksh was in same breed of kurtha with pink & red colour.Asha made Reina sit on chair.

Ashish:Now its Groom’s turn.

Neil & Neelesh are together.


Neelesh pulled Neil.It was the engagement between Neil-Reina.Neil made a smile in face.He sat on chair.They looked each other without happiness.

Prakash:Everyone was here.So let’s start rituals.

Neil was thinking something.


Neil & Reina.

Neil:This family..But Reina,I’am talking with my heart this marriage was worst.Only for parent’s happiness.You know that I still loves Avni.I can’t think to replace her.It was a wrong thing which happened first..but now..Love never can happen between us.Now decision is yours.
Reina:I’am also responsible for all this.I’am also doing this marriage for our family.I know your mind.I’am your best friend.

Fb ends:-

Neil thought about the dream at night.Another dream.


Avni was nearcof Neil.

Avni:Neik,are you thought that I’am dead?No na?Then why you are with Reina leaving me?You are me cheating me now also.I hate you Neil.

Neil get up from dream.

Dream & Fb ends.

Ashish:Today is the engagement of my daughter Reina Mehta & Prakash Khanna’s son Neil Khanna.
Prakash:Their marriage is decided to be on Next month 7th.We are informing this news to you happily.
Ashish:Now you can exchange rings.

They stood up.Neil was only seeing Avni in & out of him.He was remembering their old moments.Reina took Neil’s hand to put ring.Neil take his hand back.

Neil:This engagement can’t happen.

It was echoed everywhere.

Prakash:What are you saying Neil?
Neil:It can’t happen.I can’t do it.Everyone please listen,this engagement was not happening.Thanks to all for coming.Please leave.

Neil ran to stairs.

Reina:I’ll talk to him Dad.

Reina left.Neil fall on Avni’s room & cried.


Neil stood & wiped his tears.

Reina:Neil,what nonsence are this?
Neil:You can see Reina..I can’t do it.
Reina:So do you never get time uptobthis to reveal?What necessary to disclose it in front of everyone?
Neil:I tried a lot Reina,But I can’t.I still live her.
Reina:I know that Neil..Everything was said..then?
Neil:I felt Avni is alive.
A voice:Where?

They turned.Its full family.

Prakash:Where is she now as alive?She was dead before 6 years Neil.
Neil:Who told you this?How you trusted?Without deadbody,without any evidence how you trusted that Avni was dead?
Asha:If she is alive why did she never came back?
Neil:How can she will be back?How can she come near of Those people who was the responsibility for her death,her murderer?
Ashish:But Neil her body.
Neil:Somewhere a girl’s body was found & her relatives took it.Is it means she is Avni?No.
Neelesh:Why are you wasting your life Neil?None will stay with you.
Neil:No need.I need my heart.And also if one couple was stayed separate up to 7 years they are considered as divorsed.For that 7 years 6 months are left.I’m Neil Khanna,promising to everyone I’ll take Avni back in between this 6 months.If it not happen I’am ready to marry anyone decided by you all.

Neil left.Reina followed him.

Reina:Where will you search for her?
Neil:Searched a lot.But not in one place.She’ll be there.
Neil:If we had a rebirth she wish to be born there.
Reina:Punjab?Hey!Our MBA function was there.
Neil:Yes..That also & this also.

Neil smiled & turned.

Neil(in mind):I’am coming Avnj.Your Neil..Coming soon..
Precap:It was a stage with complete audience.They are yelling Avnith Mithra.

Anchor:Oh!God what an encouragement.So guys here I’am welcoming that person those you need.Yes here comes none other than yours Avnith Mithra…

Avnith came to stage.He covered his for head up to eyebrows with his hair.He weares cap.He had blue eyes.His face revealed.(You can guess na?)
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my promo.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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  1. Yes I can guess it easily. I am just loving it. your concept is really interesting to read. Simply after the leap the storyline is going to more interesting that makes me curious to know about next chapter. how can be neil meet with his heart? will avnith identify neil, her old best friend cum husband? is she lost her memory? This is all the question is coming into my head. overall it’s mind blowing because of twist & turns. just keep it up with your splendid concept. All the best sister ??. Love you a lot☺️??.

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you so much Bhai.Keep reading.

  2. I just loved it.I loved ur story from starting only but nowadays its truly very very interesting andrefreshing?

    But after leap few questions came in my mind:
    1. How reina(aleena) took avni’s place in both families and why she is leaving in avni’s house with her parents nd loving aman’child aryan nd is she negative or going to be negative

    2. If that punjabi girl is avni then why she is having blue eyes because avni have black sparkling eyes?

    3. Why avni changed her name into avnith and performing on stage by changing her look into a boy?

    Ur idea is very nice loved it just state things clearly and properly ,clearing everything and mentioning everything for ur readers convinience

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Reina’s sponsor was Ashish so after Reina’s exist they looked her as her daughter.She’ll never be negative.There is another negative character from first.Also I can’t give answers of other questions now.It will reveal through story.Keep reading.

  3. As usual another super se ooopar wala chapter….. Rock sanju rock… We r with you…… Luv uuuuuuuuuuu….???

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you my dear Fasy.Love you a lot.

  4. And please don’t change our avni I really love her and aditi is such a cutie and suits as avni and after reading once again my many doubts got clear and also I got that avnith is our cute Punjabi girl avni who is singing by changing her look into a boy

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you Ridhima.You are a brilliant you found the secrets.Avni was not changed.Its our cutie Adithi only.

  5. Pavithra1616

    Hey chechi.. I don’t know any perfect word to explain this.. Chechi, its just superb.. Just like a serial…. No words to explain.. How can someone write like this??
    Ethu super Anu chechi.. Enikku vere oru word ariyilla parayan… Wonderfulum fantasticum onnum correct alla ethinu.. Ethrem imagination?? Eagerly waiting for the next chapter… Really… Please update soon.. Interesting story line really… I loved Neil so much today… He did a right decision.. Keep writing chechi..

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you so much Pavi.Thanks a lot.

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