AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 30

Recap:Neil discloses his love towards Avni to parents.Avni overhears this.


Neil reached at Avni’s home then to their secret room.Avni was crying sitting on floor.Neil was behind of her & he raised hand to call her.

Avni:Stop it.I don’t want to hear any explanation from anyone.I’am breaked.For whose happiness I hide my friendship.They cheated me.And to you Neil..I trusted you very much.You destroyed it.I hate you more than my parents.You changed our 15 years of friendship in love within one month.How you did this?I trust you,loved you,friendship than anyone..but you destroyed it.I don’t want to see your face.I hate you Neil..Get out from my life forever.

Neil cried.He went out.Everyone was hearing this standing at the door.Neil went out.Avni turned of hearing some noice.Avni was talking to Neil’s photo this much time.She went out.Everyone was searching for Neil.Avni went out from home.Neil was walking in between roads.Vehicle was moving fastly.


But he didn’t heard that.A car hit on him.


Avni ran towards Neil.Hospital.Nurses took Neil to ICU.Avni sat on chair as like a statue.Doctor came out after sometime.

Doctor:He is in critical condition.Its very serious.I can’t say anything now.Prayer for him.

Doctor returned.

Ashish:Neelima & Neelesh are coming.
Shwetha:Everything was completed.What now?It happened because you Avni.
Avni:After doing this much to us you are saying its because of me?
Shwetha:We didn’t played with anyone’s life.What will happen if you love Neil?Now his life is in danger.Its because of you.

Everyone turned.Avni walked out.Avni saw Ganesh statue on hospital Mandir.

Avni:Ganeshji,You know what is true.What I did?They breaked me which I trusted the most.Now they ate saying that its because of me.I don’t want to change anyone.But I’am asking to you.You give a life to Neil taking my life.Its my last wish.

Avni went out.Storm was fleeing.Avni was thinking about Avneil’s moments.She passed many distance.At that time Neelesh,Nithin & Neelima was coming on car.

Neelima:Fast Neelesh.
Neelesh:Yes Di..
Neelima:Neelesh stop the car.
Neelesh:Why Di?

Neelesh stopped the car.

Neelima:Look a girl in the sea valley.

They get out from car.

Neelesh:Avni?Di,its Avni.

Avni was standing at the end of valley.


She didn’t heard it.Neelesh ran towards her.

Avni:From today there is no Avni..& no Avneil..Give a life to Neil taking my life Ganeshji.If I had a rebirth please give me birth at Punjab alone only alone.Its the end of Avni’s story.

Avni turned.She saw them.She smiled.She waved hands for them.She jumbed to the sea.Neelesh ran fastly.But its all wasted.


Neelima & Nithin pulled Neelesh back.Everyone become shocked hearing this at hospital.Doctor came out.

Shwetha:Doctor,my son..
Doctor:He is out of danger.No problem now.

Doctor gone.Next day.

Neelesh:Avni’s body was not found uptobthis time.Yesterday storm was flewed.So police said that it was complicated.
Sister:Naksh is in conscious.Two people can see.

Shwetha & Prakash came inside.

Prakash:Neil,what you did?
Neil:Dad,Avni..Where is her?I…want..to..see her..Did she ..is ..angry with me?

Shwetha cried.

Prakash:Neil,you take rest.

They came out.

Asha:We killed our daughter.She was breaked…& we..
Shwetha:Its our fault but our child..

Neil came home distarged.Police came to home next day.

SI:We’ll stop searching if we didn’t get body up to today.Somewhere a girl’s body was got.But we got news that her relatives took the body.Its not Avni.OK?

They left.

Neelima:Did your plan completed?We are the responsible of a poor girl’s murder.Neil also.How many lives breaked by you all?

Everyone heard a sound.Its Neil.

Neil:Where is my Avni?Tell me..Say..

He told everything.

Neil:No….My Avni is alive.Nothing can happen to her.She knew that I can’t live without her.She is alive.Isn’t it Bhai?Say..

Neil pulled Neelesh picking her collar.

Neelima:She gone leaving us Neil…
Neil:No..Its a lie…Tell her I’ll be her old Neil..Will be her old friend.Tell her to come back from hide & seek.

Neil fell there & cried aloud.Everyone cried.

Precap:After 6 years & 6 months.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Sorry for making emotional.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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