AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath – Episode 29

First of all I want to wish someone our heroine.Happy birthday Adithi….

Recap:Neil realized his love for Avni.


Next day evening.Neil went to see Aleena.Neil stood without facing her.

Neil:I want to say something to you Aleena.I know it will be hard for you.But it is the truth that I never loved you.

Aleena didn’t understand.

Neil:Its the truth.When you said that you loves me at that time I also agreed to you.But its wrong decision.The love which starts from first sight will not be real.Its only a fascination.But now I love someone with my heart.Yes..True..I need her with my heart.I only saw her face in everyone.Happiness everywhere when she was with me.I knew it.I realized its love..I love my Avni..Aleena,I did with you..

Neil looked at Aleena.

Aleena:Don’t be sad thinking about me.I already shared to you that if I need to exist from your life I’ll do.I haven’t any problem.
Aleena:Allow me to say.Actually I also want to say you something.After hearing this you felt sad.But I want to say…Which happened its for goodness.Your marriage & now love..Neil I never feel pain from your words.Because I never loved you also..

Neil stunned.

Aleena:Which was happened its all is a drama.Firstly,I’am not Aleena.Sometimes would be..But I don’t know because I’am an orphan.My name is Reina.My sponser is Ashish Mehta.Avni’s father.When you both shared about your friendship to your family.Its the start.They accepted your friendship.But not with heart.They made a plan.A role in that plan is mine Aleena.They would like to do your marriage.But they knew that you’ll ignore.So they made me Aleena & my aim was to fall you in my love.Then planning of marriage.Like they thought you both ignored for marriage.I said to you that day is the part of the plan.They knew that Avni will do anything for you.Happened.I become their part because I knew that it was not a wrong decision.I heard your sisters word that anyone can’t find a better lifepartner for you than Avni & for Avni not than you.

Neil become teared.

Aleena:Neil,those happened its for good.How many people need to see you both together?Neil,you would say about your love to your parents not at me & forgive them.

Neil make Aleena sit on car.He drives the car.On the way on phone.

Neil:Papa,come to my home with Asha Maa now.
Ashish:What happened Neil?

He hanged the phone.Neil came to home.He picked Aleena’s hand & went inside.Prakash & Shwetha was there.

Prakash:What happened Neil?
Neil:You are asking what happened after seeing her?Wait.Two people are remain to come.
Shwetha:Who Tillu?
Neil:You can see..Where is Avni?
Shwetha:She went to her friend’s home.

Ashish & Asha came there.Servant was watering plants.Avni came back.

Servant:You didn’t gone?
Avni:No Kaka.I saw Neil’s & Papa’s car entering here.So..
Servant:Yes.Neil came with a girl.
Avni:Girl?God!Is it Aleena?

Avni went inside.But she hided from them.

Avni:What was doing this boy?At least he can shared to me.I don’t want to go inside.
Ashish:What happened Neil?
Neil:Stop this drama Papa.I know you all knew that what happening seeing Reina.
Avni:Reina?Who Reina?
Neil:Drama..Full drama..This much big cheating to your children.When you all accepted our friendship we felt so happy.But you all started a drama.

Avni didn’t understand.

Neil:What was that?Planning..Good..First you made Reina as Aleena.Then trapped me in her love.Then news of marriage.For convincing us you arranged Reina for 3 month marriage contract between me & Avni.I & Avni didn’t knew that our parents are cheating us.

Avni stood with tears hearing all.

Neil:Stop it Dad..You all breaked our friendship of 15 years.I can’t forgive you.

Avni cried.

Avni(In low voice):Say Neil,they never breaked our friendship.Say.
Neil:But I have to forgive you.

Avni shocked.

Neil:Because I trapped in your plan..

Avni can’t accept it.Neil was also crying.

Neil:Means..I love Avni sincerely & purely.Yes…I love Avni..

Avni hit on wall hearing this.Neil breaked.Flowerwase fell down hitting her hand.But none noticed it.Avni left.

Prakash:We need this from you Neil…We want to see you both together.
Shwetha:Forgive us Tillu.
Ashish:Sorry Neil..

Neil hugged them together.Aleena smiled with tears.Servant came inside.

Servant:Who breaker this flowerwase?
Prakash:Don’t know.
Servant:Where is Avni Neil?
Neil:Avni?Did Avni came here?
Servant:Yes.When Ashish Sir came.
Neil:It means she heard everything.God..search for her.

They searched.But she was not there.

Neil:I know where is she…
Precap:Avni stood at the end of a valley.Sea was seen at the end of valley.She was crying badly.

Avni:From today there is no Avni..& not Avneil..Please give a life to Neil taking my life Ganeshji.If I have a rebirth please give me birth in Punjab alone..only alone..It’s the end of Avni’s life..

She jumbed to the sea.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes because I wrote fastly.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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    I loved it a lot.its an unexpected twist.keep going on girl

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  4. Just outstanding. It’s seem always interesting to read your update. All the planning behind this marriage & The real feelings of Neil are coming out in front of everyone through your episode that makes me emotional. And the last portion is really sad. I know that avni will be save but why she is decide to do that is still confusing. More twist are waiting for us that makes me more curious. Keep writing like this beautiful way. All the best sister.

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