AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 28

Dedicating this episodes for My dear friends Gauri,Thaaru,Barun,Niki,Raksha,Nuha,Sami & specially dedicating to my dear Fasy & celebrating this epidode for her re entry.Love you my Avneil friends.

Recap:Avneil fight.


Evening.Avni was talking to a boy when Neil came to home at gate.They parted when Neil came.Avni went inside.Neil become angry.

Neil:Who is he?
Avni:Why are you asking?
Neil:I didn’t like that my wife talking to another man.
Avni:Why?If you can talk with any girl then why not me?
Neil:I’am a boy & you..
Avni:There is a job for girl & one job for boy in this world.Why are you overacting?You must do husband’s job on time.

Avni went to stairs.After sometime she came back after fresh up.Door was closed.Avni came to balcony & looked for Neil.Neil’s car was not there.

Avni:Where did he gone?

It becomes night.Avni become worried.Calling bell heard.Avni came out from bedroom.She went to stairs.Current gone.Avni went down slowly.She looked outside through window.

Avni:None is here.

Avni turned.The room was full of lightened candles.She walked forward.Petals of rose flower fell on her.After that white & red love balloons fell.Something was written it.Avni took one and looked.Sorry was written in it.Someone standing on knees in front of her hiding face with the balloon.He changed it.Its Neil.

Neil:Avni..please..sorry…forgive me…Please year.I can’t control.Please.

Avni was silent.


Avni turned to leave.Neil took her up & rotated.

Avni:Neil,what are you doing?Leave.
Neil:No.When you will say you forgives after that I’ll leave you.

Neil left her.

Avni:You are naughty.
Neil:Like you.
Neil:Oh!What was did by me to make you smile?
Avni:Who told you to do?If you say sorry Avni with a cute smile.Then I’ll forgive you na?

Avni left.Neil smiled.Night.Avni was sleeping on bed.Neil was not able to sleep.

Neil:What was happening to you Neil?What is this?

Next day.Neil is in White T-shirt & Red jacket.He sat on dining chair.

Neil:I’am very happy today.

Someone gave him food.Its Avni.

Neil:Paneer Masala.

Neil hugged Avni.

Male voice:Neil..

They parted.It was the servant of home.

Neil:Kaka,you?Where is Avni?
Servant:She went to temple.
Neil:Oh!I’am going out.Tell her.

Neil went out through car.There was traffic block.People are crossing.,Avni showed hai to him.Neil smiled.But she disappeared at a moment.He felt it was not real.He went to restaurant.Avni opened door for him.Neil went inside after smile.He sat on a chair.

Avni:Hai Neil..

Neil looked at her.She came in front of him.Someone clapped with fingers in front of his face.Neil came out from dream.It was Aleena.

Aleena:What happened?

Neil looked at her.Its Avni.


Neil looked at Aleena & looked weightress.

Neil:Two coffee.

She gone.Someone gave them coffee.Neil didn’t looked at her face.

Aleena:Neil,I want to say…

Aleena was saying something.But Neil remembered the moments with Avni.

Neil:What is this?
Aleena:Its love.
Aleena:Yes there.

Neil looked.A boy was proposing a girl.But Neil saw him & Avni instead of them.After sometime.

Neil:Let’s leave.

They left.Neil came through car.He was hearing FM.

RJ:If you saw her face in everyone.If you feel pain in her silence,If you feel possessiveness watching her behaviour to another boy,if you are happy with her…yes..you are in love.It was not for her,for him also.

Car stopped at a moment.It was in front of a workshop.

Neil:Thank God.Manu Bhai,car is not moving,You look & also service it.I’ll take it after.
Manu:OK Neil.

Neil left.Neil walked through the road.He saw Avni was making balloons fly with children.He smiled.He saw she gives ice creams.He walked & reached near home.He saw Avni coming opposite of him.He felt it was a dream.He moved forward.They passed.They both stopped & turned.


Neil came near her.

Avni:Where are you going?You passed home.

Neil came on senses.


They reached home.Shwetha was there.


They took their blessings.

Avni:When you come?
Shwetha:Just now.
Neil:Where is Dad?
Shwetha:He gone office directly.
Neil:Mom,I’ll come.

Neil left.He came to room.

Neil:What was happening?First time in life.Yes.I’am in love.Love to Avni.When I,’am near of you I feels happy.I’am forgetting myself in your hug.Your silence makes pain in me.Your tears also making tears in me.Yes..Neil in love.You are my love.This is my first love & I LOVE YOU AVNI.
Precap:Neil & Aleena.Neil stands without facing Aleena.

Neil:I fall in love with complete heart.Yes.True.I need her with my heart.I can’t love without her.I only saw her on everyone’s face.Happiness everywhere when she was with me.I knew it.Its love.I love my Avni.

Neil looked at Aleena.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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