AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 27

Recap:Neil started to feel for Avni.


Night.Avniel’s room.Avni was on sofa & Neil in bed.Someone came near Avni.He took the hairs from Avni’s face.He rubbed on her head.Avni waked up slowly.She opened eyes.A black figure.Avni yelled.


Neil jumbed up.The man escaped through window.Avni was standing closing face.Neil onned the light & came near Avni.


Avni yelled.

Neil:Avni,its me.

Avni took hand from face.

Neil:Don’t be scare.
Prakash(from outside):Neil,open the door.

Neil opened the door.Avni was standing like a statue.

Shwetha:What happened?
Neil:Mom,someone came here.Avni scared of him.He escaped through window.
Prakash:Did you kept windows open.
Neil:No Dad.It was closed.But how he came inside?
Shwetha:Avni,are you ok child?
Neil:I’ll take care of her Mom.You both go & sleep.

They left.Avni was standing as like before.Neil came near him.He forget to close door.


Avni hugged Neil.She cried.

Neil:Avni,what happened?Scared?Nothing was happened.Look at me.

They parted.

Neil:Don’t cry.I’am with you.

Neil become teared.

Avni:Why this happening to us?He breaked our friendship first.Came to room & now.
Neil:What he did?

Avni told him everything.

Neil:I promise you Avni.If I know onetime who is he…then he was gone.You don’t cry.Today..If you don’t mind we’ll sleep on bed for today.
Neil:What?You said one day that if I was sleeping with you,you’ll never feel wrong.

Avni was in nervous.

Neil:Where is my Punjabi girl?You become very weak.Come.
Avni:This one day.
Neil:Oh!Madam.Its for you not for me.Come.

They kept pillows between & slept.Next day morning.Neil wakes up first.He tried to raise hand but can’t.He looked.Avni was sleeping in his embrace.He losted in her innocent face.He took off hairs from her face.Avni opened eyes.They both saw each other & become shocked together.They yelled.

Shwetha(from ground floor):What happened?

She came to up.Avneil tried to getup.But they fell down.Avni fall on Neil.They have an eyelock.Shwetha came to Avneil’s room.Neil closed Avni’s mouth.

Shwetha:Tillu….Avni….Where are them,?

Shwetha went out.Avneil stood up.Shwetha came back.

Shwetha:Where were you both?
Avni:Mom..I went to washroom.
Shwetha:Then who yelled?
Neil:Mom,I fell from bed.
Shwetha:Oh!I thought like yesterday.

Shwetha left.

Avni:It was your idea.

Avni left.

Neil:Good.Everything fall on my head..

Avneil went for shopping one day.Neil saw Aleena.He went near him.

Two boys are looking at Avni.They came near Avni.

B-1:Yaar,it’s beautiful.
B-2:Its a supermarket & its also contains super collections.
B-1:Yes year..Bubbly girl.

Avni was stood without mind them.

B-1:Speak something beautiful.We are coming behind you.
B-2:Are you free for 1 hour?
Avni(in mind):If my husband is busy with other one.Then can happen something more than this.
B-2:Silence means OK.Come baby.

He picked her hand.

Avni:Leave my hand.Leave.
B-1:Means you’ll speak.Then do the job also.
Avni:You blo*dy..

Avni took hand to slap him.But someone prevented her.Its Neil.

B-2:He is our company yaar.
Neil:Yes.But I need her alone.Only for me.
B-2:How can it happen?We came first.
Neil:No me.
Neil:Did you see her Sindoor & Mangalsoothr.If it was on her because of me then first chance is mine.

They left her hand.Neil slapped at them.People surrounded them.

Neil:How dare you to speak to my wife like this?

The boys ran away.

Neil:What you all are looking.Go.

People left.Neil turned towards Avni.

Neil:How was it?

Avni slapped Neil.

Avni:Now OK.

Avni left.They came to home.Night their room.

Neil:Avni,its my fault.I must be with you but I left you & came near Aleena.Sorry Avni.

Avni lied on sofa silently.

Neil:Avni…Why Neil?Why?

They didn’t speaked.One day passed.Next day Neil went to office.He can’t concentrate on anything.Staff enterd.

Staff:Sir,there is a meeting today.
Neil:Sir,please postponed it.
Staff:OK Sir.

Aleena called Neil.

Neil:Aleena,I was not in a mood to speak.Bye.
Aleena:I’am here.

Aleena opened room.

Neil:Why did you came here?I’am completely mad now.
Aleena:I know.Because of Avni.
Aleena:Means,she was not speaking to you.So this tension,nervous…You are feeling something more for Avni.
Neil:What did you want to say?
Aleena:For you Avni was not a friendship…its love.Isn’t it?

Neil become shocked.
(Author’s note:The next dialogue adopted from a movie)

Aleena:On earth a boy & a girl can never live as only friends like this.The mind will change for at least onetime.Otherwise you’ll never feel this tension when didn’t talk.In deep of heart without aware Neil is loving Avni.

Neil stunned.

Aleena:You only hear your hearts talk.If you say onetime I’ll leave from you.I didn’t want to break your heart.If I can”t be your love I can be your good friend.You can say anything to me.
Neil:Aleena just shut up & go.Nothing like that in me.
Aleena:OK..bye..But you hear what your heart says for onetime.

Aleena left.

Neil:She was right.Why I’am nervous when Avni was not taking to me.What was happening to me when she hugs?Why I feels thus much pain for her?………No Neil.Nothing like that.Those which was not happened in these 15 years then how on one month?No no no..She is my BFF.

A call came for Neil.He took it.

Neil:Yes Dad.
Prakash:Neil,we are going to Nithin’s home.Will back tomorrow.So you take care of office & come to home early.Avni was alone here.
Neil:OK Dad.

He hanged the phone.

Neil:Think Neil.You must be took smile in Avni back.
………………………………………………………………………..Precap:Neil(To himself):First time on life.Neil is in love.You are my love Avni..I Love you…….
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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