AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 26

Recap:Avneil’s reception.


Night Avneil’s room.

Avni:Everything completed.What did our friends took for us?
Neil:Let’s see.

They opened it.It was a projector.

Neil:There is a CD with it.

They played it.Its the photos of Avneil’s cut moments.Avneil sat on bed.Avni joined her hand with Neil’s.Neil looked at Avni.He was starring at her.Avni was still on video.Ae dil hai mushqil piano tune plays.Avni looked at Neil.Neil was still starring Avni without closing eyes.Avni clapped with fingers in front of Neil.He came out from dream world.

Avni:Why are you starring at Me?

Next day.Khanna mansion.

Neelima:So Mom,we are leaving.
Avni:I’ll drop you.
Shwetha:Why you Avni?
Avni:Mom,I need to home.So I think before that I’ll drop them.
Shwetha:Good child.
Neil:I’am leaving for office.I put it on car.
Shwetha:So OK.bye.
Neelima:Bye Mom-Dad,bye Neil.
Neelesh:Give me some space.Bye everyone.
Shwetha:When you come next time.
Nithin:We are starting to leave & you asking about next visit.Mom…
Avni:Mom,you search a girl for Neelesh.Then they’ll return.
Neelesh:I didn’t need now.Let’s go.

They left.Avni came at her home after dropping them.Avni came inside with a luggage.

Avni:Hai Maa..Where is Papa?
Asha:Office.What’s this?
Avni:Its a gift from our friends in our reception.
Asha:Why you take it here.It must be on Neil’s home.
Avni:No Maa..its space is here.Give me a cup of tea.I’am tired.

Asha left.Avni reached her secret room & placed the projector there.

Avni:Your place is here.Our friendship’s sign.

Avni came out & locked the room.

Avni:Now we’ll see who’ll open this.

Avni went down.Asha gave her tea.

Asha:Did you came here?
Avni:Actually I came here but on the way I dropped Neelima di,Neelesh & Nithin Bhai.

Days passed.One day.Avni & Shwetha on kitchen.Neil called Avni with action.Avni nodded no.Neil came inside.

Neil:Mom,I’am thinking to go for an outing with Avni..
Shwetha:Its a good thing.Why you asking this to me?Granted.
Neil:Thank you Maa..
Shwetha:Go with him Avni..

Avni nodded yes.Neil take her picking her hand.

Avni:Leave me.

Avni leaved his hand from him & moved forward.Neil pulled her backward.She fell on Neil’s hand.They had an eyelock.Neil losted on Avni’s eyes.Avni stood up.

Avni:What is this?
Neil:Avni,I’am planning to go out with Aleena.
Avni:So its the matter.Then why you called me?
Neil:How can I go out with different costume alone?Please Avni come.
Avni:Ok let’s go.

They went on a restaurant which had sea vision.Avneil sat together.

Avni:Why you sat here?
Neil:We’ll stay together.
Neil:Aleena,come sit.

She sat.

Neil:Let’s sit together.
Aleena:Together?Neil,come I need to talk to you.

Aleena left.

Avni:I asked you na?
Neil:2 minute.She called me to talk alone.
Avni:Let’s see.

Neil left.They sat on other table.

Neil:What is the matter?
Aleena:2 coffee..
Weighter:Ok Ma’m.
Neil:Say what’s the matter?
Aleena:I don’t want to sit with her.
Neil:What do you mean?
Aleena:We are lovers.We need privacy.
Neil:Excuse me Aleena.Its true that we are lovers.But for me there is nothing anything more than Avni.She is my wife.A husband can’t leave her wife alone like this.
Aleena:Cool Neil,I was testing you.You will be a good husband.I’am happy.

They came near Avni’s table.But she wasn’t there.

Neil:Where is Avni?
Aleena:Did she feel bad of my behaviour?
Neil:Excuse me,did you saw the girl sat here?
Weighter:I think she went to sea.

They went out & searched for Avni.

Neil:Avni….Avni…Where the hell is she?
Aleena:Don’t be tenced.She’ll be here.

Neil saw Avni.She was watching sea.Neil ran towards her.


Avni looked at him.Neil hugged her tightly.A tear escaped from his eyes.Avni didn’t expected it.They parted.

Neil:Why you make me tensed?You know how much I feared?
Avni:Sorry Neil.I think I’ll be here up to your talk end.Where is Aleena.

They looked.Aleena was going back.

Avni:Look.You forget about her for searching me.Come let’s go.

Avni left.

Neil:What happening to you Neil?Why you tensed this much?Why you feel this much pain while you went far from Avni?

They left.
Precap:Neil was on bed.He tried to take his hand.But can’t .He looked.Avni was sleeping on his embrace.He losted in her.He took the hair from her face.Avni opened her eyes slowly.They saw each other & become shocked.They yelled.They started to get up.But they fall down from bed.Avni fall on Neil.They had an eyelock.
………………………………………………………………………..Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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