AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 24 and 25

Recap:Avneil’s marriage.

Episode:24 & 25:-

Next day Neil opened his eyes.He looked around the room.

Neil:Why this decorations on my room?Oh!Marriage..

Neil looked on bed.Avni wasn’t there.Neil came out of room.

Shwetha:What happened Tilly?
Neil:Mom,where is Avni?
Shwetha:She is in kitchen.
Shwetha:Today is the first day in kitchen.
Neil:First day…

Neil left & reached in kitchen.

Neil:Avni,what is this?
Neil:This marriage is only a drama.So why this?
Avni:For us..not for our family.
Neil:But why you are suffering alone?
Avni:You don’t worry about me.I’am fine.
Neil:But Avni…
Shwetha:Why you are disturbing her.Leave Neil..

Neil left.Breakfast time.Avni served food.

Prakash:So tasty Avni…

Avni smiled.

Neelima:It will decide by Mom & Neil.
Neelesh:Neil won’t say negative.So Mom,how is it?
Shwetha:Its beyond my thoughts.So tasty.
Neelesh:OK Di?

Avneil smiled.After sometime.Shwetha came near Avni.

Shwetha:Its a small gift from me .

She tied a watch on Avni’s hand.Avni hugged Shwetha.They parted.

Shwetha:You are my daughter never be daughter in law.
Avni:Thank you Mom.
Shwetha:Hey! ….Asha asked tomorrow’s your home visit.You both must go.
Avni:Yes Mom.

Next day.Avneil reached at Avni’s home.Avni hugged at Asha & Ashish.


They parted.

Ashish:Come Neil..

Neil took their blessings.

Asha:How was your first day in kitchen?
Neil:She cooked very good.
Avni:Now you are commenting yesterday silent.
Neil:Atleast Now I said it.
Avni:Very funny.
Ashish:Come we’ll eat food.
Neil:Not now Papa.
Ashish:We must treat our son in law.
Neil:But…please later.
Asha:Ok.Then go to your room.

Avneil left taking luggage’s.At night.Avni’s room.

Neil:First time I entered through door directly.Let’s sleep.
Avni:You sleep.I have some work.
Neil:Then I’ll wait.Go.

Avni enters the secret room with a cover.It was dark.She heard some noice behind.She switch onned the lights before turning.She saw a man who has covered his face was standing there.


Neil stood up & moved towards the room.The man ran from there.Neil can’t catch him.He escaped through window.Avni was standing fearfully.

Neil:Avni,are you OK?

Avni hugged Neil.Ae dil hai mushkil plays.Neil had some different feelings.He looked at Avni different.Their hairs are flying.Neil’s heart started to beat fastly.They parted.

Neil:Avni,are you OK?

Avni nodded yes.

Neil:Who is he?
Avni:Don’t know but he know everything about us.Who knows about the room?
Neil:You are right.
Neil:Yes.But why you came here?
Avni:To paste this photos.
Neil:I’ll help you come.

They pasted the whole photo.

Neil:So much photos…What are you thinking Avni?
Avni:Neil,did he put the photos of us in front of our home to inform our parents?
Neil:There is chances.But we hadn’t any enemy.Don’t worry Avni.I’am with you.I never let anything happen to you.

They hugged.Next day.Avneil become ready to leave.

Asha:Avni,I know the passed 15 years you both are friends.But now…
Avni:I’am a wife,a daughter in law.So I must do every job of a wife & daughter in law.Isn’t it?

Asha nodded yes.

Avni:I know Maa…what was in yesterday & what is today.I’ll be a good wife & daughter in law.
Asha:My daughter is very matured.
Avni:I’am your daughter.
Neil:Bye Maa..Papa..

Avneil get inside car.Neil drived the car.Avni waved hands to parents.They replied.

Neil:What did Maa said?
Avni:To do the job of a wife & daughter in law.
Neil:What’s that?
Avni:You don’t know.But I know.

Avneil reached at home.The people are decorating home.

Neil:What’s happening?
Neelima:Mom arranged a reception tomorrow for you both.
Avni:But we must be plan for that.
Shwetha:Its my plan my daughter.I’ll take care of it.You don’t worry.

At that night.Avni came at room.Room was covered with moonlight.Avni saw a bouquet & white-blue gown on bed.Avni took it on hand.

Avni:Who took this?

Someone hugged Avni from behind.He whispered in her ears.


Avni leave him.It was Neil.

Avni:You?Are you playing hide & seek?
Avni:What’s this?
Neil:It’s for tomorrow’s party.How was it?
Avni:So beautiful…

Avneil smiled.Next day.Everyone are arriving.

Prakash:Everybody listen..Here I’am welcoming my dear son Neil Khanna & his beloved wife & my daughter in law no daughter Avni Mehta Khanna.Here is newly wedded couple Mr & Mrs. Neil Khanna.

Avneil came down joining their hands.Neil was also in matching suit of Avni’s.

One visitor:Look them.How beautiful!Truely made for each other.
Other one:Sure.

Avneil came down.Avneil took blessings of Shwetha-Prakash & Asha-Ashish.Guests gave them gifts.

Avni:Neil,Adharsh sir & principal.
Neil:Oh! know what will they think about us?
Adarsh:Avneil….Good to see you.
Principal:Don’t be panic.Your parents came to college & they informed us that you both married each other for their happiness.The togetherness of us with you both as like before.Bye all the best.

They shakes the hands.Avneil’s friends also came there.

Vineeth:Its a gift.Take it.So weighty.

They kept it down slowly.

Avni:Whats this guys?
Gaurav:This is the gift by the whole college.
Sukanya:For their Avneil..
Meera:Yes.Be with happily together ever.
Neil:Thanks guys.

They hugged together.
………………………………………………………………………..Precap:-At a hotel.Neil & Aleena.
Neil:Where is Avni?

They came out.


Neil found Avni.


Avni looked on Neil.Neil hugged Avni tightly.She didn’t expect it.
Neil alone.

Neil(in mind):What’s happening to me?Why I tensed this much?Why I felt this much pain when I parted from Avni?
………………………………………………………………………..Hope you all enjoyed the episode & thrilled of precap.Sorry I made a long episode.So sorry.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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