AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 23

Recap:Avneil’s prewedding functions.


Avneil’s marriage day.Avni’s home.Avni was being ready.Asha came there.

Asha:You’ll be the shining star in everyone’s eyes today.
Avni:Maa,your Avni is always shining.

A girl came there.

Girl:Asha aunty,Neil brother is coming.Come down.Everyone was looking for you.
Asha:Ok.Avni take care.

Asha left.

Avni:How’ll be Neil today?

On the other side.Neil’s Baarath.He was sitting on horse.Everyone was dancing.He is in red kurtha.He was stunning but his face shows a sadness.He was thinking something.They came in front of Avni’s home.He get down from the horse.Asha did aarthi of Neil.He was smiling dislikly.

Asha:Come inside my son.

Everyone entered.Neil sat on a chair.He was still thinking.

Neelesh:You take rest.

Neil nodded yes.Neelesh left.Neil looked around & escaped from there.Avni’s room.She was sitting in front of mirror.She was completely ready.She is also in red lehenga.Two women’s are with her.

One woman:Dear,you are ready.We’ll be back now.You sit here.
Avni:No need to come back.I’am OK.

They left.

A voice:Avni…..

Avni looked forward.She had a special feeling.She turned.Neil was standing there.Neil looked Avni from down to up.He memorized inhr beauty.


Neil came out from dream.Avni came near him.

Avni:What are you doing here?
Neil:No.I want to talk to you.
Neil:I’am going to ran from the marriage.

Avni become shocked.

Avni:What?Are you mad?Why?
Neil:We can’t live together,can’t love.We both didn’t want this marriage then why.
Avni:You had the days up to yesterday for this to think,to leave & everything.Now you think if this marriage will canceled then what will happen to our parents?I can’t do it.If I did this its just like Aman.I promised them that I’ll never do that.Think Neil.If you escape how can you get your Aleena with full support & blessings of parents?How can we prove our friendship to them?Think.

Neil hugged Avni.

Neil:I love you Avni.
Avni:I love you too Neil.

After sometime.Pandit was doing pooja.

Ashish:Time is up.
Pandit:Call groom to mandap.

Neil sat in mandap.

Pandit:Call Bride to come.
Ashish:Asha,take her.

Asha left.Avni came through stairs.Shwetha & Prakash smiled.Neelesh & Neelima also smiled looking each other.Avni sat near Neil.They looked each other.

Pandit:Wear garland to each other.

Avniel weared garland.

Pandit:Who will join their clothes?
Neelima:I’ll do.

Neelima joined their clothes.

Pandit:Now you can take pheras.

They took 7 pheras while pandit said to them about 7 promises.They sit.

Pandit:Now make bride as your wife by tying this malgalsuthra.

Neil take it on hand.Avneil looked each other.Their eyes are teared.Neil tied malgalsuthra on Avni.A tear fell from Avni’s eyes.

Pandit:Now this kumkum.

Neil put kumkum on Avni.

Pandit:Marriage is completed.

Avneil looked each other & stood up.They take everyone’s blessings.After sometime.Time for Bidaai.

Ashish:Neil,always take care of my daughter.
Neil:Why not Papa.She is the first person in my life always.So I’ll be with her in any stage.
Asha:Bye Avni.

Avni hugged Asha & Ashish together.Avniel sat on car.It moved.Everyone waved hands for her.They reached on Neil’s home.They came out.Neil opened the door.Everyone was standing inside of it.Shwetha took Aarthi of Avneil.

Shwetha:Come inside as our daughter Avni.

Avni took first step with right leg.

Shwetha:Good good.
Neelima:Now you can be romantic Neil.
Nithin:He didn’t know anything.Poor guy.
Neelima:Neil,take Avni in your hands.None will punish you.Come on.
Shwetha:Comeon Tillu.

Neil lifted Avni on hands.They looked each other.Kaun tujhe from MS Dhoni movie plays.Avneil reached at room.Neil make Avni down.

Neil:Its my room.Now its our room.You had also right in this room up to I had.You are a part of it.Also in my heart as always.

They smiled.

Neil:Go & fresh up.

Avni nodded yes & left.After sometime they came back.The room was decorated for First night.
Avneil looked each other.

Neil:You go & sleep on bed.I’ll sleep on Sofa.
Avni:No need you go & sleep on bed,I’ll lie on sofa.
Neil:But why Avni?I was slept all days on bed so must be change.
Avni:Oh!hello.I always slept on bed on my home & you are suffered of coming to my home & back.So you must sleep on bed.
Neil:Then we’ll do one thing.One day you’ll sleep on bed one day me.
Neil:So today you go.
Avni:No you.
Neil:You are our guest today.So go & sleep.

They slept.
Precap:Avni turned hearing some notice.One man was standing there covering his face.He numbed out through window.Avni hugged at Neil.Neil looked at Avni different from as before.
Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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  1. Wowww nice story line….

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      Thank you so much Shanaya.Nice name yaar.

  2. It’s too good to interesting. I am enjoying your episode. The way avneil feels for each other that’s just fascinating. Something new twist is seem going to happen which makes reader curious about your storyline. Sorry for not commenting about your previous episode.Just keep it up sister with your self confidence. Best of luck sister.

    1. Ahk26barbie

      I know why you didn’t comment.Its OK.No need to say sorry Bhai.Thanks a lot for supporting me.Thanks for being a brother.

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    Hey chechi, it is really very good.. Actually I don’t know the story as I haven’t read the previous episodes.. Almost understood but 1 doubt.. Avneil said I love you to each other so they are in love but why can’t they sleep in the same bed?? I didn’t understand that.. Superb chechi, continue writing chechi.. Love you lots??? update soon..

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  7. Barbie…….mai itni zyaada exicted kyun hoon… patq nahi..aisi exictment kabhi nahi aayi.. and avni neil ne jo bola ki I love u….umm…I couldn’t understand. .have they really accepted that they love each other or just like that. ..Please tell me
    …and the story is getting more filled suspensr….I love it…dear..ab mere 5 friends hai kerala se out of which 2 u know….love ya…

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