AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 22

Sorry for the delay guys.I know I’am very late for this updating.Please forgive me.Now I’am updating the prewedding functions of Avneil.Please forgive me guys if I did any mistake.I don’t know more about North Indian wedding rituals.Try to understand.

Recap:Avneil’s engagement.


Avneil’s haldi day.Neil’s home.Everyone was busy on function.Neil was sitting on floor.He is in the same dress of his engagement in NK.

Shwetha:Time is up.We’ll start our rituals.

Everyone came around Neil.They applied haldi on his face.

Neil:Not more please.
Neelima:No.You teased me very much in my haldi.Now you’ll get punishment.

Neelima & Neelesh applied haldi on his face.Everyone smiled.

Neil(In mind):If it is my condition what about Avni?

Avni’s home.She is in the same condition of Neil.She is in yellow lehenga.Avni got some messages in phone.She looked.Its Neil’s sad pics in haldi.She smiled.Then sender her pics to him.Someone touched in Avni’s shoulder.Its Asha.She was in sad.Avni stood up.

Avni:What happened Maa?
Asha:Didn’t you missed your brother?
Avni:Who said this?But I didn’t shared to anyone.Why I need to spread sad in others.
Asha:How happy if Aman with us?
Asha:Maa,its not fare.Today is my haldi & you are sad.Smile for me.Please.
Asha:I’ll Avni…

They hugged.At Neil’s home.Neil is in thoughts.Someone touched in his shoulder.He looked.


Its Avni.Bolna from the movie Kapoor & Sons plays.Avni picked Neil’s hand.He stood up.She took him to private place.Neil was still starring at Avni because he didn’t understand.Avniel looked each other.Avni looked back.Aleena came from behind.Avni make their hands join.Then she left from their waving her hand.She disappeared in air.


Neil came out from dream.

Shwetha:What happened Tillu?
Neil:Mom.I want to see Avni now.
Shwetha:Now?Not now.Tomorrow is Sangeeth.You’ll meet her.

Sangeeth day.Neil & family reached at Avni’s home.Neil’s eyes was searching Avni.He is shining in dark green kurtha.They make him sit on chair.

Ashish:Call Avni..

Neelima took Avni from stairs.She is in gold lehenga with full of stone works.She is like a princess in the dress.Neil was starring at her.
Avni also looked Neil.Their hairs are flying.Avni sat near Neil.They smiled.

Neelesh:Today is the Sangeeth of my dear Neil & Avni.So for them we was keeping a surprise.I welcome our dear actors of television industry Karan Tacker & Christal ‘d’zouza for a wonderful performance.

They came & performed in the song Punjabi wedding song from Hasee thoh phasee.Everyone clapped.

Neelesh:Thank you Christal & Karan.Next I would welcome the dear new couple Avni & Neil to perform.

Avneil looked eachother.Neelima & Nithin took them to stage.They looked eachother.They performed in the song Ae dil hai mushkil.They danced as romantic.Everyone clapped.

After sometime Avni was walking through the corridor.Someone picked her hand & took from there.Its Neil.

Avni:What are you doing Neil?Anyone will see.
Neil:So I need to talk to you.I tried many times for that..
Avni:What happened?
Neil:Avni,I saw a dream.
Avni:This much buildup for this silly matter?
Neil:Its not silly.I didn’t slept yesterday.
Avni:What dream?

Neil said the dream he saw on haldi.

Neil:How can you leave me like this sending me at Aleena.
Avni:I’am doing that now.To make you both together.
Neil:So..you’ll leave me forever for Aleena?How can you Avni?
Avni:How can I stand between you both?
Neil:You’ll..you are the first person in my life.Promise me you’ll never leave me.
Avni:Neil.don’t act like child.
Neil:I’am child for you.Promise me.
Avni:Ok.I’ll promise..I’ll…
Neelima:Neil.its time to leave.Come.
Neil:Di.,one minute.Please.
Neelima:No.You both can speak each other freely after tomorrow.Come.

Neelima took Neil from there.Avneil looked each other.
Precap:AVNEIL’s marriage.
Hoping all enjoyed this chapter.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting.keep loving.

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