AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 2 & 3

2001.A school reopening day.One school.Reopening was celebrating there.1st standard.Children are smiling & playing.A mother took her son to the class.Teacher take him inside.He started to cry.Teacher make him sit on a chair.Near of him a girl was sitting.There was no other seat on the class.

Girl:Why are you crying?

But he didn’t stop his cry.

Girl:See.Why are you crying?Look at me.How happy I’am.Are boys wil cry?Yaar,stop crying.

His tears became low a bit.

Girl:Don’t cry like this.Good children never cry?You are a good boy.Wright?
Girl:So don’t cry.Ok?

Teacher asked everyones name.The chance came to them.

Girl:I’am Avni Mehta.
Boy:Neil Khanna.

Teacher went for next.

Avni:Hello.I’am Avni.
Neil:Neil Khanna.
Avni:Now you are a good boy.Friends?

They shaked hands.

Avni:If you felt to cry.Come near of me.I’ll make you fine.

In that evening.Avni’s home.

Ashish:How was your first day Avni?
Avni:It was good Papa.
Ashish:Ok.Asha,where is Aman?
Asha:He went for playing.
Ashish:Ok.So..did you get friends?
Avni:Yes Papa.I got a friend.It is boy.He was…
Ashish:Avni,Hear what I’am saying.
Avni:Yes Papa.
Ashish:You are a girl.Isn’t it?
Ashish:So girls must make friendship with girls not with boys.
Asha:If a girl made friendship with boy people would think bad.
Avni:So you both?
Asha:We are elder.Wright?When you become big.At that time we’ll gave you a good friend.At that time people will never think bad.
Avni:Ok.But Bhai?
Ashish:Avni,Aman is your brother not friend.So don’t try to talk with that boy from tomorrow.
Avni:Ok Maa-Papa

They gave a kiss to her cheeks.
At that time Neil’s home.

Neil:Papa,I got a friend.When I was crying my friend take care of me.
Prakash:You got a friend fastly?
Shwetha:That one take care of our son & make him fine.That boy did a great job.
Prakash:You can make friends as you like but only with boys.
Shwetha:Because you are a boy.Boys make friendship with boys & girls with girls.

Neelima came inside.

Neil:Hai di..
Prakash:Is your friend is a girl?
Neil:No Papa never.
Shwetha:Stay away from girls & don’t try to make friendship with them.Ok?
Neil:Ok Mom.
Neelima:What is this Mom?He is a child.
Shwetha:So?We must take care from now.

Nextday.Neil entered at class.He came near the next which yesterday he sat.Avni stood up from there.They looked eo.Teacher entered at class.

Children:Good morning teacher.
Teacher:Good morning.Sit.

Children sat avoidind Avneil.

Teacher:What happened?Sit.
Avni:Teacher,I didn’t want to sit near him.
Neil:Me too.
Teacher:But why?
Avni:My parents prevent me to make friendship with a boy and stays near him.
Neil:Mine too.
Teacher:God..in this age?Do onething.Now sit together.There is no balance seat.At interval come near me.Ok?

Interval time.Outside under a tree teacher & Avneil.

Teacher:Ok.Now first Avni.You say.What did said your parents?
Avni:They said that girls only make friendship with girls & boys with boys.If I did friendship with boys people will think wrong about me.
Teacher:And you Neil?
Neil:My parents also told like this.
Avni:They also said to me when I become big they’ll found a boy for me for friendship.At that time people will never think wrong.
Teacher:God!What was said to this children in this age?Oh!
Neil:Teacher,I want an other seat.
Avni:Me too.Otherwise they become angry.
Teacher:Listen.Are you both have any difference between you?
Teacher:Would you like to make friendship?
Teacher:Leave about your parents.Listen to your heart then say.Would you like to become parted?
Teacher:See children.There is no problem between a girl-boy friendsip as like your parents said.People never think bad about them.If they make more relation than a friendship at that time people will felt bad.
Neil:Whats that teacher?
Teacher:You can’t know about it now.When you both become big you’ll get to know about it.At that time remember my words.Ok?
Teacher:Very good.Now shake your hands.

They shaked hands.

Avni:Teacher,but parents?
Teacher:There was a way for that.
Teacher:Don’t talk eo infront of parents.Behave like strangers.If they ask you told to them that you met eo but never talk as like they said.
Teacher:From now you are sincere friends.You both are not Avni & Neil.You are AVNEIL.Friendship & also near always.

After some days.Parents meetting.

Asha:Avni,You scored good marks.Continue like this.
Avni:Yes Maa..

They met Shwetha & Neil.

Asha:Hai Shwetha ji.
Shwetha:Hai Asha ji.Your daughter.
Asha:Yes Avni & you..?
Shwetha:My son Neil.
Asha:So your children?
Shwetha:A daughter Neelima studying in 5th standard.2nd one son Neelesh studying in 2nd standard.Neil in 1st .
Asha:My son Aman also in 5th.Avni un 1st.
Shwetha:So ok.Bye.

They parted to two way.

Asha:You didn’t know him?
Avni:I saw him.But you said it.

This time Neil & Shwetha.

Neil:No friendship with girls.So don’t know.
Shwetha:Good boy.

After parents left Avneil came near teacher.

Teacher:What an acting?
Neil:We will do anything to save our friendship teacher.
Avni:Whats wrong in this?
Teacher:Nothing.Stay like this.

Teacher leaved.Avneil hugged.
Precap:-After 15 years.Avneil’s entry.
……………………………………………………………………… Sorry guys.I know its a long episode.I want to end the childhood track.So I updated long.So sorry.If did any mistake please forgive me.
Thanks to all those who commented in my first episode.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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