Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul- OS

a girl is seen running in the garden. she suddenly stops running and a boy comes and caught her hand.

girl: u can never catch me neil until i stop. neil if i never stop running then u will be somewhere else left alone and i will be somewhere else.u know wh…
before she could complete she was pulled into a bone crushing hug by neil as soon she realized that neil was crying as she felt her top getting wet and came to know the reason behind his crying.they stood like ht for some time before the pulled each other away.
girl: ( cupping his face) i m sorry neil. i shouldn’t have said like that. m really sorry.
neil: avni u know that i don’t like talking this type of things then y did u said all those things. y avni y?

avni ( feeling guilty) i m sorry neil.( and water starts to form in her eyes)
neil: promise me avni u will never leave me. promise.
avni: i promise u neil. and besides u r mine. O.N.L.Y.M.I.N.E.
Neil: (smiles) yes avni m only urs and u r mine. i love u dear.
avni: i love u too.
and they smiles looking at each other. but suddenly everything starts to get darkened and becomes blurr.

Neil: avnnnniiiiiii. phew it was just a dream but y do i feel so weird. y do i feel something is wrong. ahhhh neil calm down everthing is kk. drink some water n go o sleep. kk. everthing is fi9. n besides i don’t want to b late to say avni goodbye n OMG. its already 2 am. i better get some sleep. don’ want to look ike a dracula.
after drinking some water and calming down himself, he went to sleep, not aware of wht the destiny had fixed a surprise for him.
the screen freezes on his sleeping face with his qt yet killing smile.

hlw… lovely readers m ananya and this is my 1st ff. before this i was a silent reader bt after getting some courage from my friendz i decided to post it. hope u all like it and yah do tell me if u want character sketch on want me to introduce them as i continue the ff…..
love u all

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  1. This is really good continue this as a ff really needed this their are very less avneil ff os and you really made my day all other avneil writer post soon

    1. Lillianalieben

      thnx aisha n i promise i will be regular n hope u will like my works

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