Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 9

Chapter 9
hlw lovely readers, i m back with the 9th episode. i m fast forwarding their vaccation at xyz place in order to concentrate on the main track….. hope u all like it….
the vaccation days flew very fast for both the gangs except neil and merliah. for the duo everyday was like a year. for merliah it was bcoz she the feeling she got towards he masked man and for neil bearing the battles that his heart and brain were fighting on the topic “WAS SHE REALLY MY AVNI”? and like that sunday came! no one except merliah bcoz today 3rd of november was the day when she will be joining her work. the 1st step towards becoming a fashion designer. soon both the gangs bolted in their cab(merliah and her gang) n jeep(neil) and drove to oriath and philip kingdom respectively. ( guys one more thing i will be focusing the more in my ff so ri8 now there will be only of merliah scene and for neil and his gang they reached philip kingdom and are busy preparing for the party tonight).

the girls soon reached merliah’s apartment.
anjali: kk merliah here u go we reached ur destiny! we r goin for our work so we r ust dropping u here. hope u won’t mind.
merliah:( getting down the cab with her) thnx but atleast come and help me shift my things inside.
anjali and rehaana: fi9.
soon they finished it n they decided to drop her in her work place and reached there in no time. anjali and rehanna hugged merliah and wish her good luck, bid her goodbye n drove away.
whoaa. the day is really tiring and all shots of weird things were happening with me. Aahha correction is happening with me.

merliah’s pov-

finally!!!!!!!! the day have come for which i have been waiting for so long. today i m starting my job under one of the greatest fashion designer monisterre peirre. whoa control morliah control i know i m excited to start my job but atleast control ur emotions. take two three deep breathes. puff. lets go.
as soon as merliah enters the her work place, she saw that everyone were busy rushing with boxes, cartons, dresses etc. etc. here and there.

merliah: ( to herself) its quite big. n here everyone is busy. they are not walking but rushing and running. this proves that working under monisterre peirre will be quite a difficult task.hope so everything will be alright. hmmmm….. so whom should i ask? ahha! i will her . she is holding a quill and a piece of parachment which means she is writing something, so she can help me else no one else can help me instead of her (looks around) i guess no. only she can help me.

merliah started walking towards the woman when suddenly a man around 45 wearing round spectacles, big mustaches (think of bajirao’s mustaches in mastaani) and a what we call a shake shake red and black colour combination coat and pant.
man: who r u young lady? whom do u want to meet ?

merliah: i m merliah sir. i want to…. (that man cuts in).
man: oh so u r merliah. hmmm i see (looks at her face) oh sryy. i should have known u won’t recognize me until i introduce myself. so let me introduce myself . i m monisterre peirre. and u r wlc to my world of fashion designing. come, lets go to my office and have some talks, juice and cakes.
merliah: oh sry sir. i didn’t recognize u. and thank u very much. lets go.
they went to monisterre peirre’s office and had juice, cakes and talks. hmmm sounds boring ri8. bt wht 2 do. if u don’t listen their conversation then how will u get to know what actually happened that made merliah land into big trouble.

Monisteirre peirre: i loved ur designs very much. i myself checked every sketches u made and i realized that u r born designer.
merliah: (thinks) wooww!! monisteirre peirre himself checked my sketches. wht could be more good thing than this for a fashion designer. (to monisteirre peirre) thnx sir. its means a lot.
as they were starting their conversation, a boy came, gave monisteirre peirre a parcel, told him that it was ready to be delivered and left.
Monisteirre peirre: ma piteii would u plz go and deliver this parcel to the given address. Consider it as ur 1st task in ur job.

Merliah: kk sir. I will like to take ur leave now sir.
Monisteirre peirre nods and told her that a cab is waiting for her infront of the gate and merliah leaves. While merliah was heading towards the given address, she was thinking that what was happening to her. (i think u will enjoy this more from merliah’s pov rather than me so here it is).

Merliah’s pov-
WHAT THE HELL!!! Wht’s going on? I should be in my work place designing and making sketches but no instead of that I m struck in this stupid job “DELIVERING DRESSES”! urghh. Why didn’t I denied when monisteirre peirre asked me do it but no u have be the kind hearted person, ri8? U can’t bear that puppy dogs eyes, ri8? Stop thinking about it. ri8 now u can’t do anything.
End of merliah’s pov.
The car came to a halt and stopped with the driver saying u reached ur destiny. Merliah paid the cab driver and came out of the car.
Merlia: woah. Now from where will I enter? Umm excuse me. I guess u could help me to go… (turns to talk to the cab driver bt he and cab were nowhere to be seen) (sighs) looks like he already left. Now wht shall I do.

As she was thinking wht to do. A car came and stopped beside her. A handsome young man came out of the car and looked at merliah’s face. He smiles to her and asks her.
Man: what r u doing here.
Merliah: I came her to deliver a dress to miss Diana. But I don’t know where should I go.
Man: oh don’t wry. Just climb the stairs and when u r inside nobel Michael palace just take the room no. and go through the corridor. That’s it.

Merliah thanx the man and the man leaves while merliah heads towards nobel Michael.

To be continued……..

Sry guys it’s a short update as I m busy preparing for my talent exams. Hope u all understand. Till then enjoy reading chapter 9 anf if u like it hit he like/vote button and do comment. Silent readers please comment.

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