Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 8

The song comes to an end but merliah and neil were lost in their own world. They didn’t realize that the song came to an end and were starring each other more than 2-3 minutes. They came out of their world when they heard others clapping. Merliah was feeling awkward so she bid good bye and left from there but she felt that she had left something precious. Anjali and rehaana who became worried when they saw her running away from there, they also left from there. Merliah ran and ran and ran until she reached their hotel. She raced to their room and landed in her bed.
Merliah’s pov:-
What happened y do I feel attracted towards him. I haven’t felt like that for anyone then y? I didn’t see his face but I felt as if I had met someone whom I was desperate to meet. Is this? Is this really…. No. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…… it can’t be oh god please help me…

Merliah: rehanna, anjali.. I.. I m sorry I left without telling u…. I… umm…. Wo… was… umm hav… having a headache. A headache yeah and I um thought to come back without telling u as um I thought u would like to stay there for long as I, I saw u were enjoying very much. Well oh holy cheese look at the clock it’s going to be 12. (yawns) see m already feeling sleepy I think I should sleep ri8 now, so um I will go and change.
B4 anyone could ask her a question she left towards the bathroom and locked herself. She turned on the shower. May be letting the hot water cool down her soul and forget the things happened recently but somewhere in her heart she felt that it was the most precious ni8 ever in her life. She turned off the shower, changed her clothes n got to sleep but thinking of the moments she spend with the masked man, a smile crept on her face and she slept. Not aware of the coming events tht her life will be experiencing with these days. Where her fate is taking, where is destiny taking her to the most beautiful part of her life…..
Lets see wht’s happening with neil

Neil: (A room is shown with a guy lying on the bed but he was not sleeping. He was neil. He is thinking, thinking something with made a smile come on his face. But all of a sudden he jerked up with the words chanting) no it can’t happen. I always and will only love avni. Then how can I love someone else than avni that a girl who I don’t know. A girl whose face I didn’t even saw. But… she can be my avni. Huh!!!! Who said that?
Offo o duffer its me. Ur heart.
Neil: my heart.
Heart: yes its me. the one who made u realize that u love avni. Who made u nervous when u were going to propose avni. Its me who gave u the assurance tht she too loves u and is waiting desperately for u to propose her. To make her yours. But it seems u forgot me bcoz after tht incident u were alive, I was beating but not bcoz u were alive but bcoz of ur family.
Neil: kk I got it. But y r u talking with me ri8 now.
Heart: bcoz today u felt the love which u got when avni was alive beside u.
Neil: but it can’t be. Do u think she is alive. Can’t she really be?
Heart: answer is in ur hand.
While neil’s heart was trying to show him someone interrupt them. It was neil’s brain.
Brain: oh common neil. Whom r u listening to. This heart who gave nothing instead of pain. How can she be alive. Don’t u think if she had been alive she would have come back till now to stay beside ur side.
Neil: yeah brain ur ri8. Hear I think u lose he is definitely ri8.
Heart: n u believe him. How can u say tht it was not her. Do u know wht she is thinking ri8 now. Maybe she ia also in this condition thinking about this meeting.
Brain: oh common did u notice anything which mark her as neil’s avni. Common answer me heart.
Heart: yes I have proof. Neil didn’t u notice her pendant. It’s the same pendant which u made by asking my opinion tht will she like it or not.
Neil: heart ur ri8. Th pendant..
Brain: oh common there can be numerous of pendants exactly like tht one.
Heart: yes but everyone doesn’t have avneil written on it.
Brain: but wht about the ring. Neil he is just making u confuse in order to bring pain.
Heart: oh neil. I suppose u remember that avni didn’t like to were rings everyday. She would wear rings sometimes on special occasion. Remember tht day wht avni told u..
Neil: avni close ur eyes I have something for u. ( avni closes her eyes n neil withdraws a box in front of her) now open ur eyes. It’s a ring I choose to give u to mark u mine until we get married in order to show tht u r already neil khanna’s to be wife.( avni gives her hand while neil slides he ring in her finger) now I gave u my present n wht about my present.
Saying so he comes near avni and avni slowly walks backward until neil pinned her to the wall and brought his face near her, closed his eyes and was about to kiss her when he felt his ri8 cheek getting wet and shot open his eyes only to know tht he got his present but nt where he wanted to get. Yeah he was thinking he would be getting the kiss on lips instead he got on his cheeks.
Avni: for now u should be get ur gift only on ur cheeks not somewhere else. Got it Prince Neil Khanna. ( she laughs) neil I wanted to say something to u. I know u brought this ring for me with extreme love and care but I don’t like to wear rings. So I was thinking if u allow me not to wear it everytime but I promise I will keep his ring with me everytime. Will not allow it to get away from me.

Neil: shhh… I know it and I allow u bcoz I know u will never keep this ring away from u.
Avni: thnx neil. I love u.
Neil: I love u too. And if u really want to say a thank u then. ( brings his face near her and rubs his ri8 cheek with her ri8 cheek and vice versa and plants a soft wet kiss on her cheeks. He rubs his nose with hers and brought his lips near hers but avni pushes him and runs away) this girl really makes me go crazy. ( smiles).
Back to present-
Brain: but she was dead in the accident.
Heart: but she was not found. So how can u say that she is dead.
Neil: stop it u too. Leave me alone. Enough of this. Its 12 am I should so to sleep.
He lies back to his bed but not without his avni’s photo near his heart and reminiscing those lovely days spend with his avni. He soon dozed off……..
To be continued…..

sorry for the late update guys…… I was quite busy so couldn’t upload….. and yah many of u want long episodes. I understand ur feelings but I m sorry I m busy with my school works and all so couldn’t upload long episodes….hope u all understand. hope u all enjoyed it and if u like then hit the like button and do comment.

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