Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 6

Hello lovely readers m back with the 6th episode…….hope u all like it, be sure to comment…… enjoy reading. Here is gooooeeeesssssss….

The episode starts with the duo reaching their destiny that is xyz place its one of the most beautiful place in the world for sight viewing and for tourism. There is a beach, zoo, botanical garden and a lot more. (just a place of my imagination). The duo were coming out of the airport and they met their best friend Rehaana.
merliah: woooaaahhhhh! humare saath yeh sab kiya ho raha hai? Surprise par surprise mil rahe hai. anjali…….( she slightly tilled her head sideways to see y Anjali was silent with a blank expession on her face instead of laughing and joking around, then the reality struck her mind) oh no that means u knew everything.
anjali and rehaana: know what?
merliah: stop acting. i know u know clearly what I meant to say. So just make it crystal clear.
anjali: rehaana tell her. i m in no mood of using my mouth as I m tired n my mouth is aching since i was cracking jokes and talking non stop during the whole trip.
rehaana: Anju i was expecting that from u only.
anjali: reeeaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyyyy.
merliah: stp it boh of u. i know u both r doin this drama to make me impatient b plz now tell me also.
rehaana: kk fi9 i will tell everything. but 1st tell me do u wan to stand her listen everything or do u want to sit in the cab and listen everything while goin towards the hotel.
merliah: hmmmm kk lets go bt u will give every single update. promise.
rehaana: promise.
the trio heads towards the cab which rehaana brought for them and all seated inside the cab and started the conversation.
inside the cab
rehaana: so u wanted to know how do we know that. let me tell u i m private designer for prince ali. he is the prince of altaria. and so through him i knew monestirre peirre and hetold me about giving u the job and then i told anju about this and so we planned this whole thing.
merliah: kk.
and they continued to chat.
hmmmm for now they r talking about girly things so y not do some fast forward til they reach their hotel with the same time neil and his gang reach the same hotel.
sorry guyz m feeling lazy to write the same line twice thrice so m writing together.
merliah and ali: ( after paying the money to the cab driver) so the hotelname is “HOTEL GRAND”
anju and neil: yeah so shall we go.
rehaana and rehaan: lets go girls/ boys and girls.
they goes to the reception and chk in to their respective rooms and after sometime merliah and her gang and neil with his gang wen for sight seeing.
soon its was 8:30 pm and they were hungry so they went to a restraurent named ” FUSION ASIANA”.
the both the gangs were beside their table.
the screens freezes by spilting in to two and showing the faces with their smile.
i know guyz u must be thinking wht the heck is this. i was feeling too tired to type and also couldn’t think of how to make it a bit entertaining or say more fun so i kept as simple as i could but i promise the next part will be more entertaining but for now i m really for eggs, tomatoes and sandals.
love u all-

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