Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 5

hlw lovely readers……. hope u all r fi9 and m quite busy these days so here is just a short update of my ff hope u all like it…….. Do comment n if u like it than vote for it….. now enough of my bakbak……. so lets begin the story…
The episode starts with merliah and anjali sitting in the aeroplane……. anjali was as usual talking non stop but merliah was sitting beside anjali physically but not mentally. She was in her own world. Recently so much happened in just a blink of her eyes.
anjali: what happened liah. What’s written in the letter (she shakes merliah)
Then something happened which they were utterly confused. liah and neela caught hold of each other and started twirling around. This continued for at least 10 minutes before they calm down and tell they reason behind doing such weird things/ mood swings.
merliah: I will tell u the reason. The reason is I have got a letter from the great fashion designer monistirre perrie and invited me next week to join n work with him. I was rejected so many times but this time it’s something that I really appreciated.
aladdin: congratulations my dear daughter. we all are very happy for u.
anjali: mom, dad. Listen today we have a flight to catch at 7 pm.
neela: what but where r u two going?
merliah: even I don’t know. What’s going on her mind anju.
anjali: areah we r going to xyz place to met rehaaana n then we will go to your work place that is abc place. Hurry up it’s already 5:30 we will be late.
Back to the present—–
merliah came out of her train of thoughts by a air hostess which came to serve drink. She was happy because it was her dream to work with her favourite fashion designer. Soon she dozzed off with a peaceful smile on her face.
P.S. I couldn’t write it as I use to write as it is written in hurry, so I hope u all understand and yah if u like it then hit the like button n do comment.
Love u all

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