Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 4

Chapter 4
The episode starts with the duo running. As Anjali is a good runner she is ahead of Merliah and Merliah as she is not at all a sports girl is running, pacing, huffing and puffing. Soon they reached their destiny which is non other than Neela’s home just in time to see Neela waiting outside her home to welcome them.

anjali: (as soon as hugging neela ) I won I won see merliah! You r still the same. Loossseerrrrr! Hahaha. Offo oo liah do some exercise yaar or else u will become fat just like Kia.
merliah: I agree that u won n m happy for u but m not fat and I will never become also. And about Kia just wait till she gets the news of u calling her fat.

anjali: oh hl 1st of all I didn’t told u r fat and about Kia she can’t even give me a scratch. saaaammmmmjjjhhhiiiii mmmmeeeerrrrrrlliiiaaahhhh. (saying this she grabs neela’s hands and starts twirling around while neela shouting at her to stop) offoo oh neela maa y r u shouting your daughter came after a long period of time u should b treating her with lots of her favourite food and instead of that u r shouting. Not fair neela ma.

Saying this she leaves her hand which makes Neela to jerk and fall on the ground. As she was about to hit the ground something stopped her. Neela had closed her eyes in the fear of hitting the ground so as soon as she got to know that she was hanging on the air she opened her eyes on to see that face with whom she fell in love 15 yrs ago. Yes he is non other Aladdin. (Sorry guys I know u must b thinking y Aladdin only as neela’s husband. it’s because I loved Aladdin’s role in Avni’s life and thought to include him on my ff)

Aladdin: r u all ri8 neelu. (His watery eyes showing the concern and fear of even being late by 1 second.)

neela: m all ri8 dear. When u r here y to fear.( saying this she smiles and both gets lost in their own world n realizing in what position they were)

suddenly they break the eye lock hearing someone whistling. Aladdin pulls neela and makes n her stand straight and looks around to find who was whistling only o find merliah and anjali who were smiling and admiring; hands on the eyes respectively.

anjali: offo oh neela maa. If u have to romance with your husband then go inside the room na and closed the door. Y did u start your romance here. I mean I know u both can’t control yourself but at least don’t do this things in front of young children what will they learn. hayyeee hum marrgai ji. issi din ke liya humme jinda rakha tha kiya. yeh dekhne se pahele hum maar kyu nahi gain. Hey bhaaagggggwwwwwaaaannnnnnnnnnn(as she continues to do her drama neela comes and pulls her ear and anjali she starts to shout)

neela: offo ho anju how much do u shout and u don’t leave a chance to tease me ri8
anjali: arre I was just telling the truth only. It’s your problem if u can’t accept it. it was just that he was only holding u. thank god he didn’t kiss u or else. haiye re daiya yeh hum kyan soch rahe hai. Ram Ram anjali tu toh sachme pagal ho jayi gi. bhag… aaaaaaaaaa( she shouts as neela pulls her little more with a pink glow in her cheeks as well as Aladdin also who was witnessing this, side hugging merliah gave her an apple and both the duo smirked looking towards each other)

merliah: baas bass bohut ho gaya ab bandh karo yeh saab dad please handle mum n u anju here put this in your mouth (saying so she puts an apple in her mouth to keep her shouting and screams not to escape from her mouth and thus helping the neighbours by doing a brave thing that is giving rest to their ears)dad please take mom inside n I will take anju inside.
soon Aladdin and merliah drags neela and anjali respectively and after reaching inside their house which was like the hardest work in the world for both father-daughter duo, they collapsed on the sofa and neela brought drinks and cakes which she prepared especially for today and started to drink and it and talk and laugh. The house was filled with the noises of laughter as the whole family gets together with anjali as usual with her jokes making them laugh and as it was going smoothly like it was the happiest day of their life got disturbed by the noise of the calling bell.

merliah: ( getting up from her seat) I will receive that person.( and saying so she goes and returns with a letter in her hand and goes to give it to neela)
neela: ( taking the letter for liah, looks at letter to see for whom it came and says) liah its for u.

merliah: I know mom but u read it. Because it will be like the rest of letters that came for me.
neela: ok beta as u say( tears the envelope and reads the letter in her mind and when she stops reading she looks up from the letter to face her family with shocked face and the letter falls from her hand making everyone panic)
Aladdin: what happened neela.
neela: that…that…. letter….

merliah picks up the letter n reads it n she too had a reaction like her mother except that she was holding the letter in her hand and tears rolling down her cheeks.
The screen freezes with merliah’s crying face, neela’s shocked face and Aladdin, anjali’s shocked yet confused face.
Hello lovely readers sorry for the late update. I m having a severe headache so couldn’t upload it really sorry guys. I hope u enjoy reading this chapter, hit the like button if u like it and yah do comment even if u don’t vote…………………
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