Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 3

Chapter 3
The scene starts with merliah and the children starting to play basketball. merliah is seen tossing the ball up and down n passing to the other kids in her team. She passes it to Rani and Rani to Alishiya and Alishiya passes it back to merliah and she is near to make a goal and here she throws the ball and but wait one minute where’s the ball. It was just in her hand tossing it up and down and she throwed it towards the ring but it was nowhere to b seen. As merliah was thinking where did the ball go suddenly something hard hits her back and she turns only to get a surprise. There in her face shock was written all over face but there was happiness in her eyes. The emotion which we get when we met our best friends after a long time. yes there stands her best friend tossing the ball with her left hand, with loose straight hair and a crop top to go with a red shorts and wearing a white sneakers. Merliah asked one of the children to pinch her if she was dreaming yet only to get a pain and a small scream to escape from her mouth. And this proved that she was not dreaming infact it was reality. She ran to her best friend and hugged her, lifting her a bit and then twirling around with fresh tears, tears of joy to meet her.

Merliah: when did u came? Why didn’t you inform me? I would have come to airport to pick you? You know how much I missed u and u have become a bit fat than before 5 years I have met u? And did u know (as merliah was talking non stop without waiting for answer her best cuts her in)
Girl: shant shant merliah! tu abhi wasi ki wasi hi hai. super express! huh abhi humme apki prashno ke utar dene ki aagya de ( saying this she joins her hands and bend forwards just to hear her best frnd laughing) kya huwa tu haas kyu rahi hai hum kya joker hai joh tujhe humme dekhkar hasi ah rahi hai. chl hatt hum tummse naraz hai. katti. (she turned around)
merliah: (smiles a bit and back hugs her) kya yaar!!!! I was laughing because of your actions. You haven’t changed yet. Your still the same drama queen, same anjali who justs needs an opportunity to start your drama. Okay baba m sorry dekh tere aage hath jor rahi hu ab toh maaf kar de.

anjali: ( melts seeing her like this) ok chl maaf kiya. (smiles) now let’s go I want to meet neela maa.
merliah: ok fi9 lets go but wait let say bye to this children and Emily ma’am. bye kidz, bye Emily ma’am.
anjali: everyone tata bye bye ab chl yaar( starts dragging merliah with her right hand and waving goodbyes with her left hand)
The kidz and Emily ma’am smiles seeing anjali so desperate to meet Neela and merliah battling with her to let go off her hand because she didn’t like anyone dragging her.
After covering a distance of 1m or so anjali let go off merliah’s hand and starts walking turning her face towards merliah.
merliah: your still doing that. You will fall down or hit anyone or anything n will hurt yourself.
anjali: woah waah cool down liah n nothing will happen to me and about this I will never change (laughs while merliah giving a ” u r impossible” wala look. I know I know that m impossible so stop giving me that look and yah I know u still can’t beat me in running so here I go. Lets see who reaches Neela maa’s home 1st.
Saying this anjali starts running and merliah chasing her shouting her to stop.
The screen freezes in their laughing faces.
Hey readers 1st of all m really sorry the thing is I know some of u r upset with me for killing avni but please wait for the story to unfold and u will get to know y I have done this. Do comment because they r the elixir for me to continue the ff.
Love u all-

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