Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 2

Chapter 2
Hello guyz m back with the next episode. Happy diwali to all of u. Please guyz comment…… your comments are the elixir for me to write and if u don’t comment I will feel like u all r not liking my ff and I will discontinue to write……
Outside the palace near the entrance gate a jeep is shown with some youngsters shown chatting and laughing. They were Rhea, Ali, Aman, Kareena, Aryan, Rehaan and Arjun. Soon they were joined by Neil, Mitali and dd.
Neil: so r we all ready to go?
(everyone except Neil ): Reeeaaaddyyy……………..
Neil: so where r we going?
Aman: we going xyz place and we will stay there for 3-4 days (sorry guyz I couldn’t come up with a place so m keeping the place name as xyz and yah its outside the Philip kingdom)
Mitali: Okay let’s go now. What say?
Ali: yeah.

All sits in the jeep (common guyz even though they r from royal families but when it comes for picnic and they all forget that they r from royal families) and Neil goes to d driver seat and Aman sits beside Neil and off they went.
Neil: (thinks while driving) I wish Avni u were here then it would be so fun. I miss u and even though m marrying Juhi but for me my heart only beats for one girl and that is for my avni my sweetheart.
Meanwhile when this all was happening in the Philip kingdom there in the Eparia kingdom a girl is shown. Her hairs were dancing with the windows and the sun is delicious while her milky white skin is glowing. She was wearing a white shirt with a purple coat and a pink skirt. Suddenly she stopped near a gate and entered into the garden and there came the children running to her and hugging her which was more likely trying to make her fall but what’s this she is laughing. Yes she is laughing probably because the children loved her. Probably she is happy that whenever she comes to meet them a sudden glow appears on this innocent faces.
Girl: Ok children take this. Here are some chocolates and ice creams for u all. Hope u all like it.
Children: Thank u didi. And saying this they left but not leaving without giving her a kiss on her cheeks making her smile.

A woman wearing a long skirt frock like dress comes near the girl, pats her shoulder and calls out her name Merliah.
the girl turns and is revealed to be Merliah who has the eyes of dark brown colour and a sparkle, who has the smile which can cure any pain, which can make the most saddest person happeeii in the world.
Merliah: hello Emily ma’am. How r u?
Emily ma’am: as u can see m all fit and fine n what about u, Aladdin and Neela n what about your designing works. And…. (Before she could continue more Merliah cuts her in)
Merliah: woah woah question after question let me answer them one by one. Okay so your 1st answer m also fine, Maa n papa all r fine and about my designing works m giving some interviews but no progress of getting a permanent place but still Merliah never gives up.
Emily ma’am: that’s like my girl. (A child comes and asks Merliah to come and play with them n she goes with the child) (While Emily talks to herself) one day u will achieve all those things which u deserve my child.
And the screen freezes with the smiling faces of Merliah and the children with Emily ma’am’s confident look.

Precap: maybe introduction of new characters.
Dear readers i know u must b thinking what’s this stupid thinking but please don’t judge this ff only by reading this chapter because this is just a bit of introduction about the upcoming episode.
So please comment your views.
Thank u and love u all
– Ananya

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  2. I liked the plot of the ff. It is something new and different from other ffs. Keep writing. 🙂

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  4. Loved it in avni not gonna be introduced post soon don’t worry about comment as there might be lot of silent readers

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