Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 12

its morning. the sun is rising in the east bringing a new ray, a new hope for our merliah. the door of monisteirre peirre’s office is shown with a girl standing in front of it. she is our merliah practicing what to say and what not.

merliah: cool merliah cool. whtever happened was not in ur control. u r not to be blamed. it’s not ur fault. u were forced to do. hey one mins was i really forced. no no i just told that since i felt bad about diana not able spend time with her boyfriend. nothing else. urghh stop it stop it. take deep breaths. ( she moves her hand up and down in order to cool down herself). u can do it.

**knock knock**

monisteirre peirre: whose there?

merliah: (slightly opening the door) its me sir.

monisteirre peirre: oh merliah! come in and sit down.

merliah: kk sir.

she comes inside and sits in the chair in front of monisteirre peirre.

monisteirre peirre: merliah! what do u think of urself ?

merliah: what happened sir? if u are talking about yesterday then….. (monisteirre cuts in)

monisteirre: u could have asked me to escort u. but no, u have to be escorted by a prince only. u know i have never been into these types of parties before.

merliah: oh so u are talking about that thing. i m really sry sir. next time i will be careful sir.

monisteirre peirre: nxt time be careful. and for now ur punishment is that u will sit her and give me each and every detail about the party.

merliah: kk sir.

she smiles and also gets relief since he was not angry with her. she narrates each and everything to him. she tells him the different dress styles to shoes, champaine to different fruit wine juice, and also about the princes and princesses. as she completed her narration, there was a knock on he door. a peon came in and inform them that prince neil had come there. merliah was shocked and started thinking.( ummm i guess u will njoy more so here it goes).

merliah’s pov-

wht is he doin here? he told me yesterday that he had to tell me something. But i didn’t knew that it was that important that he came all the way from philippines to here. I felt a light thump on my back which is none other than naomi. Ouhh. It hurts man. What happened naomi. I asked her. She is the girl around my age (i forgot her age. Pardon me please). Look, prince neil. She tells me. So. Wht’s the big deal. I asked her. Offo. Don’t be so tubelight merliah. She where he is looking. she blabbered. Umm right now he is leaning on the wall with his back and is with a straight look on his face. Now he lifts his head and he is looking at “ME”. I said with a tone of shock in my voice. Naomi said,”with a smile who is killing all the girls around him. Go near him and talk or else the girls with kill u because he is looking at u which means that all his attention is on u and not any of the girls which means i r special to him because he never gives attention to any of the girl after princess avni died other than his family and friends”. I didn’t speak because i felt pain know that he loved someone else. Hey wait a minute! How can i think like this? As i was thinking the reason. Monisteirre peirre came inside the hall and went near him. One minute! Did he just change his clothes. Okay. This proves that prince neil is really a respectable person.

end of merliah’s pov.

merliah looks into neil’s eyes and gets lost while neil also shares an eyelock but also a the same time talking with monisteirre peirre. (woah, i m feeling sleepy. aren’t u all feeling sleepy. ofcourse u all r feeling sleepy so let’s hear their conversation. ah, only the highlights not everything. common give them some privacy). ”i want u to come to my place and want u to make some costumes for me”, neil says. ”it will be my pleasure” monisteirre says. ”plz come tomorrow, will that be okay”, neil says. ”sure ur highness” monisteirre says .neil says a bit louder so that merliah could her ” plz bring her with u too”. merliah was about to protest when monisteirre says ” yes sir”. neil leaves with a smile on his face leaving shocked merliah.

the screen freezes with merliah’s shocked face.


sry for the late update guyz. i was quite busy with my school work and studies and all since my final xms is nxt door. i thought to post on 3rd nov but i couldn’t since it was my birthday and after that i had to be in bed due to health problems so i was late but i will become regular after my final xms and full recovery. till then read my both ffs and if u like it, vote it, recommend it and yah don’t forget to comment. bye, thanx for reading.



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    Hi Ananya nice ff

    I need one help can u plz tell me what are this like and dislikes symbol and why there are numbers

    1. Lillianalieben

      thnx dear and sure. like and dislikes are like vote button. this tells u how many people liked or didn’t like ur ff. and no. are to show how many are there who liked or disliked

  2. fanofsomeone

    So the likes and dislikes are given by readers we don’t have anything to do with it??

    1. Lillianalieben

      well a kind of. it won’t be nice to say we authors don’t have connection with it bcoz after all we are the authors who work hard and try our lvl best to be regular inspite of busy schedules so u can say is indirectly have to do something with us that the authors

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