Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 11

merliah gets irritated and shouts ”SSSTTTOOOOPPPPP”. merliah starts to answer.

merliah: i am merliah. i came here to deliver a dress to diana. diana went with her boyfriend for a date. i m ri8 now taking the place of diana for today’s party. i am not a guest nor a friend. ( like this merliah narrates the whole story and conversation between her and diana).

man: oh i m sry on behalf of her. and my name is rehaan. i am diana’s friend and ri8 now nothing can be done so shall we go down.

merliah: hmm seems like that. kk.

rehaan: may i escort u.

merliah: sure.

he takes her hand and escorts her to the party. when they were descending down the stairs every pair of eyes were fixed only on one person. merliah. there were whispers and murmurs like ” beautiful” ” who she tht beautiful with prince rehaan” but our merliah, hah, instead of being happeeii, she was nervous. probably because it was the 1st time tht she had been center of attention.

rehaan: well i think u should meet the princes and princesses of various kingdoms.

merliah: i did loved to met them.

rehaan: loh! here they comes. hey guyz met merliah. she is a fashion designer and is working under monisteirre peirre.

merliah: hlw ur highness. nice to meet u.

princes and princesses: hlw.

rehaan: let me introduce them to u. this is aman, riya, ali, kareena, mitali, arjun, aryan and this is neil.

riya’s dress.

kareena’s dress.

mitali’s dress.

merliah shakes hands with everyone bu when she shakes her hand with neil, they both felt current running down their spine and both thinks y did i felt electric shock on her touch. but they were soon out of their thoughts and began to chat. merliah was telling stories of her life and all others were listening to her obediently. everyone was listening except neil who was listening but at the same time was also thinking. (now again my bak bak started. i won’t make my bak bak section long, i just came to tell u tht now we r entering neil’s pov zone. fasten ur seatbelts and here we go).

**neil’s pov**

the way merliah is speaking, it is like my avni is speaking instead of her. the spark in her eyes, the way she is interacting with the others its so natural like she is not merliah bt my avni. she got on so well with rhea and most of all with aman. y do i feel tht its her, my avni. my life. huh? wait wait wait wait…. neil . wht are u thinking about? how can she be? but wht if she is? hold on. tht pendant with avneil written on it. maybe heart was ri8. i should dig out the truth. hey. this rehaan is clearly trying to flirt with merliah. i must do something but wht shall i do? hey! one minute. y m i feeling jealous , so insecure. urghh. maybe because i am just thinking about my avni too much. anyways let me help her.

**end of neil’s pov**

just then aman asked kareena for dance and so did ali asked rhea. just then an idea came into neil’s mind. he asked merliah for a dance which she happily accepted and off they went to the dance floor. while they were dancing ,they were lost in each others eyes. they danced on the sang tere sang yaara. they broke the eyelock and went to the cocktail bar. they dranked mocktail and chatted and chatted and chatted. after what looked like a good long time they spend in chatting, merliah stood up and went to leave the party. while she was leaving the party venue she saw ali leaving. she bid him gd bye and he left. but soon merliah was surrounded by media with all sorts of questions. as she was thinking some one kill me, they came a man who stood infront of merliah and scolded the media. the media left and the man was revealed to be aman. he told merliah tht ali called him up and told tht this might happened so i came here to drop u home. they both left for merliah’s apartment and after when merliah reached the doorstep of her apartment, aman left. merliah was tired so she went to sleep. after all it was a tiring day and tomorrow is the 2nd day of her job. well let’s say 1st day since there was nohing to do with today.


prince neil at monisteirre peirre’s office but y ? shocked merliah.

sry guys for the late update. my net was not working so i could upload it on time. i am not going in detail about the party bcoz i want finish this track and focus onthe upcoming track of merliah and neil’s with flashbacks and avni revealing secrets……

love u all-


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