Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul.# chapter 10

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Continuing for the last part-
Merliah thnx the man and he man leaves while merliah heads towards the nobel Michael’s corridor. As merliah was walking through the corridor, suddenly she stopped.
Merliah: where is room no. 247. I can’t find it. Urghh.
Excuse me.
Merliah: huh! (turns around to find a man standing in front of her) yes.
Man: it seems that u r in search of something. May I help u?
Merliah: (thinks) hmmm. I think I should take help from him. Afterall I just want to complete the task and get out from here. (to man) thnx. I am trying to find room no. 247.
Man: gr8! Okay! Come I will take u there (starts to move but a call comes and the man attends it) I am sorry miss but I have to go. Urgent call.
Merliah: its okay (smiles).
Man: I am really sorry miss. I would like to take my leave.
Merliah: yah sure. See u then.
The man nods and leaves while merliah looks at him slowly disappearing in the corridor.

Merliah: oh god. Gr8. Now continue ur search for room no. 247.
Merliah starts walking, but she feels that she was being followed, bu when she turns around to see, she doesn’t find anyone and continues to walk. Soon reaches a turning point.
Merliah: now which one should I take?
How can I help u miss?
Merliah: oh plz can u tell me where is room no. 247?
Man: u mean to say that u don’t know where u r standing?
Merliah: ummm…. Sry but I didn’t get u.
Man: oh! No prblm. I will tell u the way.
Merliah: thnx.
Man: face the wall. (merliah does) here it is room no. 247. (laughs)
Merliah: that means I was standing here for more than 5 mins not noticing that it is room no. 247. Urghh. Anyways thnx Mr. …… huh. Where did he go? Anyways leave him do ur work and leave from here.

**knock knock**
A girl opens the door. She is superstar, actress Diana Johnson.
Merliah: hlw ma’am. I m here to deliver ur dress for tonight’s party.
Diana: no. I don’t want any dresses. Just get out from here.
Merliah: but ma’am….. (Diana interrupts in)
Diana: u r one of the workers of monisteirre peirre, ri8?
Merliah: yah ma’am but… (b4 she could complete her sentence Diana drags her in).
Diana: give me the dress. ( merliah gives the parcel. Diana takes the dress and takes its measurements on merliah). Perfect. Wht’s ur name btw?
Merliah: I am merliah.
Diana: kk, merliah. Now listen. I want u to attend the party on behalf of me as Diana.
Merliah: bt y Diana?
Diana: bcoz today me and my boyfriend decided to spend some time together and it was planned before hand but my manager without my permission took the invitation to come to the party which I don’t want to.
Merliah: oh god! Its not good. Even though u r an actress, doesn’t mean that don’t have a personal life. U also need some privacy. U also lie the oher girls want to spend some time with ur soulmate.
Diana: does that mean.
Merliah: yes. I am ready but I don’t want to go like this. Afterall I will be going on behalf of actress Diana. and also I don’t know anyone and wht about monisteirre peirre.
Diana: don’t worry, I will handle it. And about that my friend ali will come and fetch u. tell him the whole story and I will inform monisteirre peirre.
So like this merliah became Diana for some hrs so that Diana can spend some thime with her boy friend. Merliah wore a beautiful gown, high heels and accessories and las not the least, the tiara which was a rule in nobel Michael palace that wheneer there will be a party the girls or women have to wear a tiara.
Here are the photos. Last time I gave the pendant and the ring’s photo but I wasn’t posted. I don’t know y. If anyone of u know the reason then plz tell me through comments section.

She was looking beautiful, spell bounding. After Diana was done doing merliah’s makeup. She left merliah and thanked her.
**Back to the present**
This is all happened with merliah. Merliah sighs. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.
**knock knock**
The screen freezes on merliah’s beautiful yet tension face.

Precap: merliah opens the door and here comes a…..

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