Avneil Ff: Two Hearts Separated By Destiny Two Become One soul # Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Its morning….. birds chirping and the sun was getting delicious as it rose high and high. Neil was getting ready in his room and he was in a hurry. He ran out of his room n reach the gate where the car for avni and her parents were waiting to leave. Neil came and took blessings for Ayesha and Ashish and hugged avni as they were leaving for Philip kingdom to their own kingdom. Everyone was happeii when they were leaving,waving at them bt neil was not feeling happeeii. He was feeling as if something is goin to be wrong bt he brushed of his thoughts and waved his hand to say bye. After half an hour or so he received a phone. As he was talking, his phone suddenly slipped from his hands making every member of his family shocked. He rushed ou of his palace and got inside in his car. He was driving furiously and he was murmuring to himself tht it can’t be true and finally he reached his destination. Infront of him was police force surrounding a part of the road. He raced to them and asked them where they were. They showed him the people who met with an accident bt luckily no one had any serous injury except one whose body was not found tht is avni’s body. He neeled down on his legs with his hands on his face. He was crying and he felt a pat on his shoulder. That hand was of non other then his father prakash’s. he knelt down and told him not to cry and told him to keep courage and then neil hugged him and broke down completely bt he was determined to be happeeii for his family.
After 15 yrs-

The kingdom of Philipiness is usually very calm place bt today everyone is busy rushing on the roads to the shops, colliding with each other and asking for forgiveness. Why are they so busy? Is any occasion is goin to be celebrated? The answer is yes! they were preparing for the ceremony of makin the beloved prince to a king.
the magnificient palace of philip kingdom is shining brightly, the trees are dancing with the winds. the smell of the flowers are makin the people in the palace go dizzy.
now let us see wht’s goin on inside the palace. wht’s say?
inside the palace is also same as it was outside the palace. everyone bsy rushing here and there. a boy is shown. he is wearing a white plain shirt with black jeans and a navy blue blazer speakin over the phone. when he turns around a sound of glasses falling on the ground comes to notice.
boy: wht’s this dd? how many times did i told u to b careful now see, wht have u done.
dd: sorry sir. i was just thinking of something when i ran into u. really sorry .
boy: its kk dd?
hey neil r u ready for some fun time with ur crazy friendz?
the girl who shouted to neil was non oher than mitali. and the boy who was talking to dd is neil.
neil: loh jiska daar tha wohi hone waala hai. hai bhagwaan humme bachaa lijile iss pagal se.
mitali: kya? hum tumme pagal lagta hai? neil yeh achi badth nai hai. chl bye. katti.
saying this she turns around and as she was goin to take a step neil pulls her and hugs her.
neil: common mitali. after avni died u r the ones who manages to bring a smile on my face. ur the one whom i can tease. but i think i m not capable of being a best friend, a lover, a king and soon a husband.
mitali: neeeiiiilll! how can u say tht? u deserve all this things . n believe me ur avni is also happeii to have found a lover like u neil. don’t blame urself for her death. u didn’t do anything tht she died.
neil: but i couldn’t save her( he was in the verge of crying and controlled himself and said) let’s go u told na we r goin for a picnic so lets go. ali, riya, aman and others will b waiting for us.
mitali: hmm ur rgt let’s go (they had hardly taken a step when mitali pauses) how do u know th we r goin for a picnic and we all the prince and princess friendz are here.
neil: ummm woh woh hum a.. a (before he was caught his dd came ans saved him in the nick of time)
dd: i hv gestured him about tht.
mitali: ohk. bt( neil cuts her)
neil: no ifs and buts lets go guyz. dd, mitali lets go. saying so he left them and hey were running after him to match up with his speed.
the screen freezes on their smiling faces.
1st of all happeeii dhanderas and 2nd m back with the 1st chapter and its not an OS, it’s a ff. I don’t know how it came as an OS and 3rd of all i know guyz wht u must b thinking. m ready for all the tomatoes, eggs and sandals. bt plz do comment whether its for good or bad bt plz do comment.
love u all

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  1. Love it but what is happening with avni hope she’s comes back as soon as possible in the following chapters post soon well done it good to see more avneil ff

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