Avneil FF: Tum Mile – Episode 6

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Neel in his room, picks up his phone and says “what was so urgent DD that you couldn’t wait till morning”

Neel says “WHAT??!!”

He angrily moves his hand over his hair. Neel asks “Are you sure”

Neel says “ok DD will talk to you tomorrow, good night”

Meanwhile in neela’s room

Neela is standing near the window and is in deep thoughts.


In the hospital

Neela says “Don’t make fake promises. I know why you left. Not just me, everyone knows. Juhi told us everything.”

Neel says “what juhi”

Neela says “yes juhi she told us “


In Khanna house

Everyone except neel is in the hall, crying for avni. They all the crying seeing the fate of their poor girl. Also, they are hell worried because of her disappearance.

Juhi comes to Khanna house with her wrist and forehead bandaged. DD has come with her till the gate only, then she asked him to leave as she can go all by herself.

Everyone sees juhi and bebe asked “what happened, why bandages around your forehead and wrist”

She smiles seeing the environment and ignore her question and instead asked “where is avni and why all of you are crying”

Prakash says “as avni has ran away after neel had left her on the alter in the middle of wedding”

Juhi says “oh really,”

Juhi murmurs to herself and says “great now it is even more easier for me to get neel”

But to her misfortune, Shweta heard her. She turns juhi and slaps her hard.

Everyone gasps.

Shweta shouts “I knew it that you will come in between them”

Juhi touches her slap mark and shouts “don’t shout aunty, and by the way avni has come between me and neel, and it is good that she left.”

This time bebe turns her and gives her a tight slap.

Bebe says “tell me what did you do “

Juhi says “so you what to know, so listen I called neel at the time of wedding and had asked him to choose between avni and me, reminding him of the fact that he is my husband and our daughter’s real father. And also that if he will choose avni over me for his family’s happiness then i will commit suicide. And he will live his whole life without his love, with the most hated person in his life. So without even thinking he came running to meet me at the suicide point and took me to hospital. He came for me, for his love. Finally he chose his love else you would have got him married to avni forcefully.”

Neela gets up from the sofa and slaps juhi, and she says “how dare you”

Shweta drags juhi out of the house and says “don’t come here again else”


Neel says “thats a lie, not everything but many things and the way it is put is a false”

Everyone gasp

Neel then tells neela the actual reason.

Neel says “neela ma, DD had called me and asked me to come soon as juhi has attempted suicide and is in Ayesha ma’s home. And she is calling my name and not opening door. She is asking about me, DD just gave me this message and asked me to come fast. Juhi, she has never called me. Also I have never married juhi and her daughter is not mine, its Vidyut’s daughter. Also I love avni only. I know that its my fault and I should not have run like this, I should have atleast informed but ma, what could have I done ma. I just felt that saving a life is more important and in stress I couldn’t think much. And I am sorry ma.”

Shweta says “Neela please you know why he done that right then please forgive him.”

Neela says “But because of that only she is under this condition. How can i forget that”


Neela says “I could not have even thought that juhi can go to this lengthens and because of her I treated neel so badly. I thought that he cheated on my daughter and ” and a tear escapes her eyes.

Suddenly she hears a knock on the door and she wipes off her tear and says “come in”

And she finds neel on the door, neela says “come neel what brings here at this hour”

Neel says “ma actually I want to tell you something”

Neela says “come sit and I also wanna say something”

Neel sits in the bed besides neela.

Neel says “you say first”

Neela says “actually neel I want to apologize “

Neel interrupts her and says “ma please don’t apologize, I was at fault and I must be punished for it, and you did right by punishing me, so don’t apologize”

Neela says “neel thank you so much for not getting angry with me, also what do you want to tell”

Neel says “ yeah right I have to tell you something very important. ma actually DD called me and told me that avni’s accident was planned and the mastermind was none other than, any guesses “

Neela says “Vidyut”

Neel says “no, another try”

Neela says “ragini pandit”

Neel says “no ma, it is juhi”

Neela gasps and says “juhi”

Neel says “yes ma juhi, I have never thought that her hatred will make her do this, I am sorry ma because me only she is in this condition”

Neela says “don’t apologize neel, its not your fault, neel don’t worry everything will be fine, and I think its late and you should sleep, we will discuss this tomorrow”

Neel says “yeah ma, you are right, good night”

Neela says “good night”

Neel gets up and goes.

When he comes in his room, he says “it feels so empty without you avni, even when you are back in this house, we cant sleep in the same room, or can we” neel smiles and runs out of his room. He goes to avni’s room and finds her sleepy not so comfortably as there is a frown on her face.

Neel murmurs “I know why this frown is there, because I am not sleeping with you. Before also when we use to sleep separately you have this frown when you have nightmares “

Neel smiles and murmurs “even when you forgot me, you still remember my presence”

Neel goes and sleeps with her.


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