Avneil FF: Tum Mile – Episode 5

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Then everyone started having food. When they finished, neela gets up to bring ice cream for desert.

Neela served everyone and sits. Everyone eats.

Neel winks at neela and says “finally there is something which is my favoutite” neela simles and avni looks at neel with wide open eyes, and disbelieve and shock is clearly visible on her face.

Neel haves another spoon of ice cream and says “so tasty my favotire ice cream”

Neela says “Even avni’s favourite ice cream is butersotch”

Now it is neel’s time to look at her in disbelieve, he says “not fair, you get this ice cream because its her favourite” and he pouts

And everyone laughs at neel’s expression, this time even avni finds it cute.

After having ice cream, everyone gets up and goes. Neel and Prakash goes in the living room to have some talk, while neela, bebe, maddy and kareena goes to their room. Shweta takes avni to show her new room.

They comes near the room, avni sees another door and asks ” whose room is this”

Shweta smiles and says “this is neel’s room”

Avni nods.

Avni opens the door of her room and finds a very beautiful room, decorated with cute stuff, full of teddy bears and stuff toys.

Avni jumps and says “thank you so much aunty, this is just like my room back in Austrailia”

Shweta smiles and says “mention not” and she caress her cheek.

Shweta says “its late now sleep, if you need anything call me or your ma, even you can ask neel”

Avni nods and says “good night aunty”

Shweta says “good night” and she goes.

Avni goes inside her room and adorbles her room. While roaming around her room, she accidently hits her leg with a sharp edge of table and gets a scratch.

Avni says “wow great, now where is the antiseptic cream”

She tries to search around the room but fails to find any.

Avni thinks ‘ I think I have to go and get it from neel’s room, no choice”

She goes out of her room and stands infront his room. She murmurs “you can do it, you can do it, you just have to knock and ask for antiseptic cream and done”

She takes deep breaths and murmurs “okay”

She knocks at the door, but no one opened the door. She sarcastically murmurs “great”

She pushes the door and goes inside. She finds no one in the room. She goes near the wind chimes.

She says “its so cute, also this room is so nice”

She goes near the balcony side side-table and suddenly something comes infront of her eyes which made a scream.

She screams “cockroach” , (Author’s Note: the cockroach is really very big)

And she jumps on the bed and runs on it. She reaches the other side and jumps down. She finds that the cockroach is coming near her though it is really very far but still coming. So she jumps on the chair and then moves up to the table.

Sseing the cockroach she screams “don’t come near me” but the coackroach didn’t listen and slowly walks to the table.

Her focus is on the cockroach that’s why she didn’t notice neel opening the door and coming inside. Neel while coming to his room, heard some screams. He got tensed that why avni is scream and he hurridedly comes inside the room, only to find avni standing on his study table and looking at a cockroach (Author’s Note: their rooms are in a different wing of the house, so no one can hear the scream or noises coming from rooms except from the ones who are near their rooms)

He thinks ‘ really cockroach, so you are screaming because of that small creature. You have almost given a heartatteck. Such a miss ajooba you are avni hats off.’

He starts to walk to the table and she is still busy with cockroach that she didn’t notice him.

Seeing the cockroach advancing near the table and ultimately her. She takes steps back. Unknowingly that she is at the very end of the table, she takes a step back , such that half of her foot is on the table. She turns as neel shouts “avni”. But it was too late she begins to fall, but she looks and finds herself falling on neel who has opened his arms so that he could catch her.

As soon as she fell in his arms, he loses his balance and falls back. With him on the floor and she on the top of him.

They remained in that position for some seconds, looking in each others eyes. Neel breaks the silence and says “i didn’t know you liked me so much. Why behaving so rudely with me at the dinning table when you wanna come close to me later”.

Avni gets angry and says “its nothing like that” and she separates herself from him and gets up. Neel sits up and asks “so whats brings you here other than me”

Avni chooses to answer first few words and ignore the last three words.

She says “antiseptic cream”

Neel gets alarmed but didn’t show it. He gets ups and goes to the almirah, to get the first aid box.

Neel asks “where and how did you get hurt”

Avni says “I got my leg hit by a table”

Neel takes out antiseptic cream, and asks “where”

She shows him the scratch on her leg and he sits down next to her leg and applies the cream on the scratch.

Neel looks up and says “next time be careful”

Avni nods.
Neel gets up.
They keep looking in each others eyes. Just then neels phone rings which got them out of their world.
Neel sees the caller name and mentally curses the caller who is none other than DD and avni felt awkward thinking what she was doing.
Neel looks back at avni and she said “good night”. She turns and runs out of the room before listening to neel.
After she was out, neel’s face fell and he sadly says “good night miss ajooba”

Avni comes to her room and thinks ‘why did i felt so good with neel. Why felt so comfortable’

Neel in his room, picks up his phone and says “what was so urgent DD that you couldn’t wait for morning”

Neel says “WHAT??!!”


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