Avneil FF: Tum Mile – Episode 4

Hey guys.. i am here with this update.. hope you like it.

Story so far: avni met with an accident and slips in coma. When she comes out of it, it was diagnosed that she is suffering from amnesia. Neela fabricates a story.

In hospital (In evening)

Neela comes to her room and says “are you ready”

Avni nods.

Neela thinks ‘today neel will go crazy after seeing her’ and she smiles.

Avni asks “ma why are you smiling”

Neela says “i am seeing my doll cheerful thats why”

Avni smiles.

Avni is wearing a white crop top with pink colours with her favourite canvas shoes. She is wearing the kind of clothes she used to wear in Australia.

Avni asks “ma where are everyone”

Neela doesn’t wanna lose the chance of teasing and says “everyone or someone special” and she winks at avni.

Avni says “special but who.”

Neela continues on her teasing mode. But before she could say further.

Avni says “that neel, you think i am asking about him, really”

Neela says ” whats the problem with neel.”

Avni says “ma problem, he himself is a problem. Ma you know he is so annoying.”

Neela asks “how do you know he is annoying. Have you talked to him”
Thinking that neel might have come to meet her inspite of her decision.

Avni says “no ma and i even don’t want to meet him.”

Neela says “okay. Now leave this. Are you ready to go?”

Avni says “yes”

Neela says “come”.

When they are about to open the door, the door opens as prakash has come. He says “let’s go. Everyone is waiting for you at home”.

Avni and neela nods. And the three goes from there.

When they comes home. Bebe stops avni at the door and does her aarti. After that shweta takes her to dinning table. When she sits, neel comes running to the table. He is still in his formals.
Neel says “sorry guys. Due to an important case i got late” and he sits opposite to avni so that he could see her.

Shweta and neela serves food. All the dishes made are avni’s favourite.

Neel says “what ma. Why did you made these dishes. You know my favourites then why these”
He said this deliberately.

Avni gets angry and says “whats your problem, why are you getting so jealous that shweta aunty made my favourite dish”

Neel thinks ‘my ‘just mess up with me and i will kill you’ is back. Now our story will be much interesting’.

Neel says ” okay so these your favourite. Nice.”

Avni chooses to ignore this him. Neel is continuously staring avni and eating very slowly due to this .

Bebe notices this and thinks to pull his leg.

Bebe says “Tillu what are you doing, why there is so much food still left in your plate.”

Avni laughs quietly and murmurs “So he is Tillu”.

None heard her but neel made out what she is saying by reading her lips and he glares at her.

Avni says “Tillu answer bebe she is waiting” and she smirks.

Everyone laughs and neel glares her. But inside feels happy. He thinks “avni you will never change. Even after getting amnesia you didn’t lose a chance to tease me by my nickname. Oh avni. Now it will be interesting to live our story again. You will also be my wild cat. Love you sweetheart.’

Bebe breaks his trails of thoughts and says “tillu say something.”

Neel says “bebe the thing is. I dont like this dish. Thats why. Don’t know how can people call these dishes there favourite” and smirks.

Avni gets angry and says ” i don’t know how people can say that bhindi, aloo ki sabji, dal makhni are not good. Weird stupid people”. She said like she is saying in general.

Neel says “you called me weird and stupid”

Avni says “i didn’t you yourself said tillu” and she laughs.

Neel says “its neel for you. ”

Everyone is finding their fight amazing.

Shweta thinks ‘they look so cute while they fight. I feel Deja vu.’

Neela thinks ‘it looks like their love is on the way. Before also, their story started just like that’

Bebe thinks ‘God bless my children. Hope they stay like this.’

Prakash thinks ‘avni’s memory will come soon if things go like this’.

Maddy thinks ‘so cute’

Prakash says showing some fake anger ‘stop it both of you. You are grown up but are behaving like kids”

Avni and neel said at the same time “she/he started it”

Prakash says “i don’t care who started it. Stop this and finish your food”

Then everyone started having food. Later neela brings ice cream as desert.



Neel says “i didn’t know you liked me so much. Why behaving so rudely with me at the dinning table when you wanna come close to me later”.


How is it?? Sorry for this cliffhanger but what do you think is going on..
Hahaha… neel … and.. avni.. i wont tell more here.. you will get to know later..

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    This Is Interesting!

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  5. samajh gayi mai mehak..tune joh kaha tha na ki 5th -6th chapter ke baad samajh aayega..mujhe pehle hi samajh aa gaya…now let’s see who is the 2nd one to guess.aur ek surprise aa raha hai na. i know.. aur mai nahi reveal karoongi..just a hint to everyone before u reveal…

    1. Mehak

      Great my girl… you are very smart i must say.. sari stories ke surprise 2 min me samjh jati hai tu.. well done..
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