Avneil FF: Tum Mile – Episode 3

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Neel gets shocked hearing doctor’s words. It hurts him so much that he lost control over himself.

Neel says”I will make her recall me and my love. She cant forget me”

“Control yourself please don’t worry she will remember you” shweta says and rubs her hand on his shoulder.

“No no i cant. How can she forget me and most importantly us” neel says

“Neel” prakash says and tries to stop neel.

“I am going and will talk to her. I am sure she will tell me that she is just punishing me. ” neel says

“Neel” prakash says

Neel starts to move towards her room. Neela stops him.

She says “you are not going anywhere”

Neel says “Ma you are not understanding she is just pranking”

Neela says “No she is not and even if she is doing then also you are not going to her.”

Neel begs “Ma please let me go”

Neela says “I said no. Till the time she is not forgiving you for your deeds you can’t go near her. Have you forgotten this.”

Neel says “No i haven’t. But please for once let me go. I am sure she will forgive me”

He goes to the room. When he is about to pull the handle. Neela pulls him back and slaps him hard.

Neela says “Can’t you understand this simple thing. You cant go near my daughter. You have already hurt her very much now i won’t let you anymore”

Neel feels bad not for getting a slap but for not able to meet her. Only he knows how difficult was for him to just see her through the glass of the room. To go inside her room in the pretense of police work, for which neela ma prefered DD to go instead of him. He had just sneeked inside only few times. He just go and see her properly and returns. Because neela ma has forbidden him from meeting her daughter.

Prakash says “leave this for some time. Our main problem is what should we say to avni. What has happened in the past 7 months.”

Neela says “We have to fabricate a story”

Neel folds his hands infront of neela and says “Neela ma please. Let me meet her”

Neela says “I said no”

Bebe says “Neela please. Let him. See his condition”

Neela says “Bebe i can’t let my daughter get hurt anymore”

Neel says “I will never please ma”

Neela says “Don’t make fake promises. I know why you left. Not just me, everyone knows. Juhi told us everything.”

Neel says “what juhi”

Neela says “yes juhi she told” and neela tells juhi’s story

Neel says “thats a lie, not everything but somethings and the way it is put is a false”

Everyone gasp
Neel then tells neela the actual reason.

Shweta says “Neela please you know why he done that right then please forgive him.”

Neela says “But because of that only she is under this condition. How can i forget that”

Shweta says “Neela please forgive him ”

Prakash says “Please i request. I will take responsibility.”

Neela cuts and says “Last time you said that only”

Bebe says “Please neela trust us one last time and i assure you nothing bad will happen”

Neela says “Ok bebe. But last time”

Neel hugs her and says “Thank you so much neela ma”

Neela says “But this is my warning to you if even a single tear come in her eye”

Neel says “It wont i promise”

Prakash says “Neela what will you tell avni”

Neela says “I have a story.”
Neela tells the story to everyone. And they finds it good.

Shweta says ” I have a request please let her stay with us. Without her everything feels lonely”

Neela says “But i will come too”

Shweta says “You are most welcome.”
She again tells the story with new additions.

Neela says “I will go and then will come to call you.”

Shweta says “Okay”

Neela goes inside. Avni sees her and smile. Neela goes to sit next to avni.

Neela says “Avni how are you feeling”

Avni says “Better ma”

Neela says “Nice”

Avni asks “Ma what about dayawanti and ma i saw calendar and”

Neela cuts and says “Avni let me tell you. When we arrived in india then you had an accident and from past 7 months you were in coma”

Avni gasps “What”

Neela says “Yes and don’t worry about dayawanti she is in jail, she confessed her crime and we got it shot. ”

Avni asks “Aman”

Neela says “Yes amol is with us only. Avni actually he prefers his name to be amol.”

Avni nods

Avni asks “And mehta mansion We got it right”

Neela says “Yes right. Actually when it was getting auctioned then my money was not sufficient so prakash helped me with money. And we both brought it and we all live together. ”

Avni asks “Who is prakash”

Neela says “I made a new friend here shweta and he is her husband”

Avni says “Okay”

Neela says “Let me introduce them to you”

Avni nods. Neela goes outside and returns with many new faces.

Neela says “she is bebe shweta and prakash and he is neel their son.” Neel gives her a big smile.

Avni says “Hey”

Bebe asks “How are you now”

Avni says “Better”

“You know now our house will be happy as you will come there.” Shweta says

Nurse comes and says “now you should let her rest and in the evening you can take her.”

Everyone nods and goes.


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    I don’t like it……. I love it

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  4. it’s not just good but very beautiful. the way you stated the feelings of neil for not let him go near to avni that is sorrowful but interesting as usual. you are doing very great by presenting such interesting & new storyline for us. that’s why I can’t help but feeling better after realizing your concept. All the best Mehak.

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  5. It’s awesome.Please continue it.nd update regularly

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    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear… yeah story to mene bad mood me hi likhi.. kabhi kabhi jab bhi bad mood hota hai jab story likhte hi good ho jata hai..

  9. This is amazing different and full of twist . I like it.

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