Avneil FF: Tum Mile – Episode 2

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Neel opens the door. Avni opens her eyes very slowly and looks at the surroundings.
Neel gets very happy.. and says “Avni” and he walks to her bed.
Avni looks at him and says “who are you”
Neel gets shocked hearing those words from avni’s mouth.
He thinks avni is messing with him, she is punishing him for leaving her in the middle of their marriage.
Neel smiles and says “Avni I”

Just then somebody opens the door and it turns out to be neela ma. She notices neel in the room first then she notices avni.
Neela gets happy and she runs to avni’s bed. She rejoices “bacha you finally opened your eyes. I am so glad. You know how much worried i was for you”
Avni says “ma don’t worry.. see i am here in front of you”
Neela says “wait i will call the doctor”
Avni nods.
Neela turns to go out but stops in her steps as she notices neel about whom she has forgotten.
Neela says “what are you doing here ACP Neel Khanna. I think you can do your interrogation later”
Neel nods. He was thinking that avni will stop him but she didnt.
When neel and neela are about to go. Avni says ” please stay here ma”
Neel again has thought that she will call out to him but again he got fail.

Neela stops and comes to her. And she sits on the chair next to her bed.
Avni asks “who was this man. And how does he knows about me”
Neela gets astonished hearing avni. She was thinking that avni is actually punishing neel by not talking to him. But this thing she didnt except.

Before neela could answer. Avni says “ma what happened.. ok leave this question and tell me whats tha plan.. i mean is it the same”
Neela gets confused and asks “what plan avni. What are you talking about”
Avni says “offo ma.. i am asking about our revenge plan”
Neela asks “from whom”
Avni says “ma from dayawanti mehta. Why are you behaving so weirdly. What happened. Previously you were so excited that we will destroy her and get our aman back then why are you asking what plan”
Neela says “avni actually i get very stressed thats why and i go call the doctor”
Avni nods and neela goes outside.

And tears starts to flow. Neel sees it and comes to her. He says “what happened ma”
When he is about to hug her she says “please mr khanna”
And neel withdraws his hands.
Just then doctor goes to check avni as neela informs him that avni has woken.
Then khanna family comes. Bebe asks neela “where is avni. Is she fine”
Neela says “yes”
Before they could have much talk. Doctor comes.

Neela says “doctor what happened to her”
Doctor says “Due to accident. She is suffering from amnesia. And has forgotten approximately 7 months memories. “
Doctor’s words shocked everyone especially neel.
Neel asks “what. But how”

Doctor says ” there was a head injury and because of it she might have suffered memory loss.”
Prakash says “but we can make her recall the incidence”
And everyone’s face lit at this idea. But there happiness was short lived as doctor said something unexpected.
Doctor says ” yes but it can prove to be dangerous. Its better if she recalls it on her own without any help. Also dont give her any type of stress. Now i should leave i have to check other patients also. Excuse me”

Doctor goes.

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  1. Please update regularly… loving it ??

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. will try me best to do it

  2. Its super,, but they r very short ..Try to make it long..

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. will try my best.. but due to shortage of time it gets difficult

  3. Shabnam

    what a twist dear loved it it’s ok we all understand but pls post ok love you stay happy keep writing

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. i will try my best to give updates on a regular basis..
      Thank you

  4. Love it one of the best I’ve read post regularly and try making it long great job

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. will try my best

  5. Nikitansx

    Oh God, again you bought tears to my eyes. Neil doesn’t deserve forgiveness from Avni, but I just hope that they will end up together. amazing Mehak di, great chapter. Loved it. Update soon

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. sorry by hurting you..
      Avneil will be happy at last i suppose coz i can’t see them separated for long..
      Thank you
      Will do soon

  6. Swapna

    Your stories are really amazing

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. 🙂

  7. Sweetgirl7

    neela why..why is she saying him like that..i can understand avni but why neela..seems u are trying to cook my head..but u know na i am a logic guesser..u can’t defeat me in terms of guessing…keep the story as interesting as u can..love ya

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. guess guess i know you will guess correct…
      But the whole story will be revealed in 5-6 chapter…
      Love you too

      1. Sweetgirl7

        aww..so sweet..

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