Avneil FF: Tum Mile (Chapter 10)


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In Khanna house

After having dinner, Avni and Neel goes to their respective room, while going inside, Neel smiles and says, “be ready tomorrow for the gift”

Avni turns to Neel and says “to hell with you and your stupid gift”

she storms off to her room and closes her door with a bang sound.

Neel shrugs at her sudden outburst and goes inside his room.

in Neel’s room

Neel goes and lie down on his bed. he says “I don’t know what happened that you got so angry, but I promise I will bring a smile on your face tomorrow ” he smiles and thinks what happened at the dining table.


Everyone is sitting at the dining table waiting for Neel and Avni. Neel was busy with a call while Avni was busy having a shower. Soon Neel comes and sits.

He says, “I am very sorry guys, it was an important call.”

Shweta says “everything is important to you than us”

Neel says “mom it’s nothing like that”

Prakash tries to save Neel and says, “let’s leave it na Shweta, Neel won’t do that again, right Neel?”

Neel says “yes I would never do that again, mom now smile na”

Suddenly Avni comes and hugs Shweta from behind and kisses her on cheek.

Avni says “smile na my sweetheart”

then seeing avni’s gesture Shweta smiles.

Neel pouts and says “not fair, you only care about Avni and not me”

Shweta says “just the way you care about your duty more”

Neel says “but why to her”

Avni says “because I love her and stay with her that is why she has even given me this pretty smile and this bracelet also” and Avni shows everyone her new bracelet.

everyone stares at it in awe, neela says “wow that’s pretty but Shweta you don’t have to do that”

Shweta says “why not she is my daughter too”

neela smiles and says “Avni did you thank Shweta”

Avni says “of course ma, the time she gave it to me I thanked her, what kind of question was that.”

Neel laughs and says “even your mom thinks that you are ill mannered, Dumbo”

before Avni could say something, Shweta says “Neel say sorry”

Neel says “no”

Prakash says ” say sorry”

Neel says “fine, sorry”

Avni shows him her tongue, Neel says “dad now look what she is doing”

Prakash says “Avni”

Avni cutie says, “sorry Neel” and Neel’s heart skips a beat and he gets lost, then Shweta taps on his shoulder and brings him back.

Avni goes and sits in front of Neel, as the only seat left was in front of Neel.

They have dinner peacefully, but when desserts time came, everything messes up. because dessert is Neel and avni’s favourite part of dinner because Avni enjoys it very much and Neel enjoys seeing Avni. And, today it is her favourite dessert, ras malai.

Avni is busy having it, while Neel is busy staring Avni. Shweta tries to bring Neel back in the real world again, but it seems impossible. and to Neel’s bad luck Avni catches him this time. Avni says “Neel why are you staring at me” but Neel is too busy in his dreamland that he isn’t bothered what is happening around him, that Avni has caught him and is accusing him.

Shweta pinches Neel and then he finally comes out of his world and gets shocked as everyone are staring Neel, Neel says “what, what happened, why are you all staring at me like that”

Avni says “Neel first answer, why were you staring at me”

Neel lies “I wasn’t, I was just thinking about a case and you think I was staring at you, no ways”

Avni says “liar”

Prakash says “Avni maybe Neel is saying truth”

Avni says “no, as I have caught him staring at me today also, plus he was drooling too, such a pervert. also, he was teasing me this evening”

Neel thinks “now I am done”

Prakash says “what, you were harassing her. shame on you Neel”

Avni says “yes, shame on you Neel”

Prakash says “you are a police officer, you have to safeguard this country and here you are harassing a girl”

Avni says “he is always doing that”

Neel says “liar”

Avni says “no I am not lying, bebe you tell me that am I lying”

bebe says “of course not”

Neel says “bebe, what are you doing, you should be on my side”

bebe says “I am on the side of truth “

Neel says “not fair”

Avni says “yes, it is”

Shweta says “Neel should get punishment”

Avni gets excited and says “yes yes”

Neel glares Avni and says “I will see you later”

Avni says “see what he says”

Prakash gets up and says “this is the limit, what is the stick”

Neel acts to get scared and says “stick?”

Shweta gets up and goes to get the stick. everyone gets up seeing this and Neel hides behind neela. Shweta brings a thick stick and hands it over to Prakash.

Prakash says “Neel you are done”

And the cat and mouse race start, in the dining room, hall and kitchen, Neel gets beaten up by Prakash in acting, both could see how happy Avni was getting seeing Neel like this, so they continued it for 10 minutes.

after that Neel comes and falls at avni’s feet and says “forgive me”

Avni gives attitude and then says “okay” and she smiles.

Prakash says “you are saved because of her, now say thank you”

Neel says “thank you”

Avni says “now who is ill mannered, Dumbo” and she laughs.

then they resumed their dessert and later everyone goes back to their rooms after some chit chatting. while having some chit chat, Neel unintentionally made fun of Avni and Avni gets angry but doesn’t show it as she doesn’t want to spoil everyone’s mood.


Neel smiles and says “I am so glad that Avni laughed so wholeheartedly today even though I got to do some running. but to see her like this I can do anything. and tomorrow will be your surprise day Avni, be ready “

And Neel sleeps thinking about Avni.

In avni’s room

Avni is lying on her bed and she is thinking about today, she smiles and says “it was fun seeing him getting beaten up, but I wonder what he will do for surprise. but why I care to think, because he somehow gets me irritated, so his surprise would be full of irritation as well” and she sleeps as well.

In morning (6 o clock)

Neel comes to the garden as Avni exercises here daily, and today also she is here, he smiles and says, “as I said yesterday, be ready tomorrow for the gift, so are you ready”

Avni is sitting and hearing birds chirping, hearing Neel she turns, and her smiling face changes into an annoyed face, she says “and as I have said yesterday, to hell with you and your gift”

Neel says “oh ho, I swear your angry will go away, just”

Avni doesn’t let Neel continue and she says “Neel just go, my angry will automatically go”

Neel says “Avni”

Avni says “Neel I am not in the mood please go”

Neel says” at least let me present you my gift”

Avni says “I am not interested” and Avni turns and starts watering the plants.

Neel grabs her wrist and turns her, he says, “this is my gift” and he shows her a basket that he is hiding behind him.

Avni says “Neel leave my hand, and as I said I don’t care”

Neel leaves her hand and says “sorry, I am sorry for that but at least see it please”

Avni says “you and saying please”

Neel says “yes, it’s me saying please, please see this gift”

Avni says “okay fine”

Avni takes the basket in her hand, and lifts the blanket, after seeing what’s inside Avni screams “oh my god, is this for me”

Neel smiles and says, “of Course”

Avni says “thank you so much, I love you so much Neel, it’s so cute” and she hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. All this happened so quickly that Neel doesn’t get time to register all this, and he stands there in shock while Avni looks at the basket.

neela and Shweta comes there, and says “what happened? why did you shout”

Avni is beaming and she says, “ma look what Neel got me” and she shows them the basket.

Avni says “isn’t this puppy adorable”

neela says “very”

Shweta says “aww so cute”

Neel says, “even I got one for myself look” and he goes and get another basket. he shows them the other basket.

Avni says “I just love golden retriever pups”

Neel says “come let’s go and show them to bebe”

Avni smiles and says “let’s go”

and they walk together with their puppy baskets.

Shweta says “can you believe they are not fighting rather they are laughing together”

neela says “yeah can’t believe, pinch me”

Shweta says “what”

neela says “pinch me”

Shweta says, “okay as you say” and she pinches neela, neela says “ouch that hurts, that means it’s not a dream, I am so happy”

Shweta says “yeah me too”

neela says “finally they will get along”

Shweta says “like before, that’s why he got pups”

neela says “yeah, but how does he got to know Avni likes pups”

Shweta says “I don’t know, maybe she mentioned it to him before the accident took place”

neela says “maybe possible”

Shweta says “what shocked me more is that Neel is afraid of dogs but still he got two”

neela says “what Neel is afraid of dogs, really?”

Shweta says “yeah, he used to love dogs but after one bit him, he got afraid of them”

neela says “poor child”

Shweta says “yeah”

neela says “let’s go and continue our work”

Shweta says “yeah let’s go”

and they go back to the kitchen.


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