avneil ff: love, really?? (Chapter 2)


chapter 2

This is my ff, hope you like it.

The lines in black is for what author is saying or describing, ( ) for translation. I was not well so the update got delayed. __________________________________________________________________________

Author’s POV

Ali jumps forward and hugs avni. Lifts her and twirls her. He puts her down and hugs amol.

Ali says “Kaha the tum. Pata h sab bolte the ki tu mar gai h avni aur tu amol tu lost ho gaya h. But mujhe pata tha ki tum aaoge.(where were you. You know everyone says that you are dead avni and amol you were lost. But I knew that you both will come )”

By this time, ali is not able to stop his emotions and tears starts to fell off his eyes. Seeing this everyone feels bad. Avni wipes off his tears; amol and avni then holds their ears and says “Sorry yaar ali” with their puppy dog face.

Seeing this ali smiles and says “Its ok yar.. but rhea tujhe kaise pata tha inke baare me(its ok, but rhea how did you know about them)”

And all the focus shifts on rhea

Rhea says “Actually ma aur mujhe .. hum dono ko pata tha.. starting se. Humne nhi bataya bas.(actually ma and I knew from starting, we just did tell)” she is looking down, as if staring something that is there on the floor. Ali after listening has lost his temper.

Ali argues “Par kyo(but why)”

Neel couldn’t handle more confused in this now created drama also he don’t want a fight so he says “Wait.. pehle ye to batao ye h kon(first tell me who are these)”

Rhea smiles and says “Neel kareena DD ye avni and amol h. Mere cousins (they are avni and amol, my cousins)” she in signs thanks neel for help and neel nods back.

Neel says “Ok”

Ali smiles and says “And she is my best friend too.” He says pointing towards avni

Neel thinks that finally he gets the name of this beautiful young lady. When all the get together was happening neel was not able to take his eyes off avni, avni is looking hot in her black tank top and black shorts. Her outfit is killing neel. He extends his hand and says i am neel. Avni unwillingly shakes her hand with him. Avni doesn’t like to meet strangers. She feels unsave. Avni is also feeling vulnerable because of neel’s stare. Neel is constantly staring avni. He is mesmerized seeing her. But avni couldn’t take it neither neel is able to control himself. Usually avni would have taught any guy like him a good lesson for staring her but now, she felt weak. Even she doesn’t know why.

Amol senses his sister discomfort and he leans forward and puts his hand on neel’s shoulder and goes to hug neel. So that he will leave avni’s hand which she is trying to get out of his grip. But none notices it except amol.

Neel gets out of the trance and leaves her hand and hugs him, neel feels embarrassed on his actions. Meanwhile kareena hugs avni and then avni shakes hand with dd.

Amol whispers to neel while hugging him “dude control. Mene dekha(I saw)”

Neel feels shyer and whispers “sorry.

Neel immediately changes the topic and says “Chalo, lets have ice cream”

Avni’s face fell as she thinks there is no ice cream for her.

Rhea says “Avni babe don’t worry i have ordered ice cream for you too”

Avni smiles but amol fakes sadness and says “And what about me”

Rhea says “We have for you too”

Amol smiles.

DD says “oh so thats why we got 2 more cups of ice cream”

Everyone smiles and have ice cream.

ali says “Avni tu kaha thi(avni where were you)”

avni replies “New York”

neel says “Dude tu iska dost h phir bhi nhi pata (dude she is your friend and you dont know)”

neel asks this silly question because he was not paying attention to avni-ali’s conversation as he is busy staring avni.

Ali says “Dude kitne saalo baar mil rha hu. 18 years baad(dude I am meeting her after so many years, 18 years)”

Neel says “Kya(what)”

Even DD and kareena are shocked.

Ali says “Ha(Yes), Kisiko nhi pata tha. Except rhea(nobody knew).”

Rhea adds “And my mom”

Neel asks out of curiosity “why did you hide”

Rhea says “To save her life”

Neel asks “Why”

Rhea says “Long story”

Avni couldn’t take it anymore. That first this stranger is staring her, making her feel so vulnerable, and now he is interested in her life. She cant trust anyone except for her family. She don’t want anyone to know about her. She wants to be mystery that no one can solve, but she didn’t know that neel loves to solve mysteries.

Avni shoutsNone of your business”

Neel says calmly”Why are you so angry”

Avni barks in the same tone “What is it to you”

Ali shouts “Guys stop it”

Neel has lost his temper too, he couldn’t take it that how can a girl talk to this handsome hunk like this. Everyone loves neel, and neel is the one who give attitude. And when he is giving his attention instead of attitude to this girl, she is not thankful, rather she is shouting in him

Neel says “Mene nhi kiya is miss ajooba ne kiya h(I havnt done , miss ajooba has done)”

Avni is very angry that how can anyone say her miss ajooba.

Avni says “Kya kaha(what did you say)”

Neel says “Suna nhi kya miss ajooba(didn’t you hear miss ajooba) he says in a comic way(his teasing way).”

Avni says “Stupid idiot”

Neel says “Kya bola(what did you say)”

Avni says “Sunai nhi diya(didn’t you listen)” she mimic’s neel

Ali says “Guys i said stop it”

Avni says “Mene nhi(I didnt)”

Ali cuts her and says “Chup(quiet)”

Rest everyone laughs.

Everyone is quiet for a couple of minutes and are busying eating their ice cream, so neel breaks the ice and says “so that means you are avni mehta”

avni hates this name mehta’, she doesn’t hate rhea but still she hate mehta’ says “its avni ayesha kapoor”

neel says “ok but I have never heard about you”

avni is about to answer but Neel’s phone rings and he goes to pick it up, after sometime he comes back and says “gotta go, so everyone coming to the party right?”

Rhea says “of course”

Kareena says “what party?”

Neel says “come I will tell you everything in car”

Aru says”you again didn’t tell her right”

Kareena says ” bhai !!”

Neel says”sorry kareena, come I will take you for shopping”

Kareena says “that you have too anyways”

Neel says “ok bye guys”

everyone waves at them.


This is my avneil ff. Hope you guys like this, if yes don’t forget to hit the like and comment down below please.

Sorry for any grammatical error or any other error.

Thank you for reading

Love you all


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  1. Superb Mehak..different and interesting story..but plz update daily..

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much.. cant promise to update daily… coz of my health and busy schedule.. i am really very sorry

  2. Zaina

    Party….. Superb….. Another chance for Neil to stare our cutie Avni….. AvNeil started their nok jhok in the very beginning… So fast ahhhhh…. Yaaar pls post the rest soooon plus take care of ur health tooooooo…. Keep rocking mehak……

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much… yeah.. party me to stare hoga.. vo bhi bahut zyada..
      Chapter will come after weekend only.. sorry. But will try to update soon

  3. Anoushka

    Great work yaar their nok jok was so funny ?

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much

  4. Fantabulous work.update soon baby

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