Avneil FF: Love me forever (Episode 1)

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They fell in the sea. Stranger and avni both swims to the shore.

The stranger says” what were you doing. Have you gone mad. Why were you going to commit suicide. Dont  you know that attempting suicide is a crime. Oh god if i hadnt came on time dont know what might have happened”

Avni says ” are you done speaking? Even if you dont, then also i am going”

Stranger says “oh hello miss. Where do you think you are going? ”

Avni says “its none of your business”. And she says to walk. He follows her. He holds her hand to stop her.

He says “Miss. You are not going anywhere, after your attempt i cant leave you alone”
She glares at her hand and then at him. She shouts “leave me hand. And dont you dare to touch me again”

Neel leaves her hand and says “Sorry”
Avni glares him and turns to leave.

Neel says “you are not going alone”. Avni turns.

Avni says “and who are you to say that”

He says “i am ACP neel khanna madam, and its my duty to make sure EVERYONE’S safety”

Avni says ” how can i believe you”. Neel takes out his ID and shows her.

Avni says” fine now let me go”

Neel says ” no, you are going with me”
Avni says “no”

Suddenly a snake comes in avni’s vision. and avni jumps seeing it.

Neel holds her and makes her quiet as the snake is seeing them. He removes her hair clip and throws it at the snake. Snake goes away. Neel smiles seeing that avni is still scared, a girl who is so fearless is now hugging him to life as she is scared of a snake.

Neel says “interesting”
Avni gets away from him and looks away.
Neel says “moments ago you were so fearless and now so scared”
Avni says “its nothing like that i was just shocked”

Neel says “fine as you say. Now let’s go together as there are many snakes around that forest”

Avni says ” fine if you insist so much”

Neel smiles and they leaves.

They walk to the car.

Neel says “So you havent told me your name yet”

Avni ignores him and walks ahead.
Neel runs to her and says “hey miss wait”

Avni gets annoyed and says “what do you want”

Neel says “nothing.. just want to know your name”

Avni says “fine”

Neel says “i suppose your name is not ‘fine’ ”

Neel smiles and she gets more annoyed.

Avni says “my name is avni”

Neel says “nice name”

Avni says “Thank you”

They reach to the car and they sit in it.

Neel tries to start conversation many times but avni didn’t let him succeed. She instead keep looking outside the window after telling him her address.

After 20 mins of drive they reach. They got out of the car.
Neel says “So you live here”

Avni ignores him and walks away.
Neel shouts ” atleast say thank you”
and she goes inside the mansion without even turing back.

Neel moves his hand in his hair and says “she is a mystery. By the way i will take my thank you anyway”.

And he goes in his car.

In mansion.

Neela sees avni coming inside. She rushes to her and says ” bacha where did you go.. i was so worried about you”

Avni says “just to get some air ma. And don’t take tension”. And she smiles. And sits on the sofa.

Neela says “avni bacha i think you should go to a counsellor. And there is a best counsellor in Mumbai itself”

Avni says “ma you know na that it doesn’t work”

Neela says “i know that but its try one last time”

Avni says “ma you have said this three times already”

Neela says “this is the last time. Please say yes”

Avni says “fine ma.. i will go”

Neela hugs avni and she hugs her back.

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  1. Shabnam

    lovely superb intersting start continue post soon your ather ff pls continue that

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. will update this and other works soon 🙂

  2. Just amazing. You present your concept in a beautiful manner that makes me satisfy. I can remember the scene easily by your lovely writing. All the best mehak.

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much… Thank you 🙂

  3. The story is amazing.i loved it so much i even added it in my wattpad library.continue soon ;*

    1. Mehak

      thank you so much dear 🙂 will update soon

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