AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 32

Avni and riya were bought down by Neela and hetal

Riya looked up to see everyone looking at them but her gaze landed on Ali who was staring at her lovingly.. riya smiled and looked down which made ali also smile.

Ali: yaar now I can’t wait to get married to Riya he said to Neil… but when he didn’t get any answer from Neil he turned to his side to see Neil lost looking somewhere he moved his gaze to see Neil was looking at the girls walking down the stairs.. and somewhere was surprised as to see Neil lost staring at avni.

Ali: Neil bro is everything ok? He said playfully putting his arms around Neil shoulder

Neil was busy talking to Ali when Shweta who was standing next to him said Avni and riya r here he looked casually towards the stairs and for a second he stopped breathing… Avni in that lengha with her hair down slightly curled and the jewellery just suited her it felt like this was just made for her to wear… he wanted to look away but he couldn’t she was just looking beautiful… unaware that his friend noticed him staring at avni he continued not taking his eyes off for even a sec but then again this time he felt ali calling him again and his trance broke bringing him back to reality

Neil: huh yeh everything is ok he said acting all normal replying back to Ali question thanking that he heard it

Neil in his head:..what is wrong u dude.. u r staring at Avni as if U r seen her for the first time… she is only a friend that’s it

Neela and hetal made Avni and riya stand next to the boys

Hetal: first let’s get Avni and Neil engaged as Avni is older than Riya

Ashish was about to go but dayawanti stopped him by holding his hand

Avni: no chachi Riya and Ali have been together for so many years and I don’t want to make my friend wait anymore so they have the right

Neil: I agree with Avni

Riya: no let’s put the ring on at the same time

Dd: that is perfect idea Riya ji I will get to take the pic at the same time

Ali: so it’s decided no more arguing

Prakash: ok puttar ji since it’s your engagement u all decide

First the girls were going to put the ring on the boys first at the same time
Riya looked at Ali and slides the ring on his ring finger both smiling from ear to ear… everyone clapped Ashish placed his hands around ketan shoulder. Giving a brotherly hug

While on the other hand Avni looked at Neil who gave her a *go ahead* look and with that Avni slides the ring on Neil fingers everyone clapped while Dd Made sure to take the picture while Ashish only looked at riya and Ali

Soon the boys were given the ring …ali showed the ring to Riya and slide it on her fingers while Neil looked at avni where she gave a nervous smile and Neil made her wear the ring on her finger at this everyone started to Throw rose petal on four of them while avneil had a surprised look Riya and Ali were enjoying

Aman: ok guys so my two lovely sisters got engaged to two amazing people I know… thank u for coming to the engagement now here is a small surprise for the lovely couples

The lights went off Avni Neil Ali and Riya were sitting on a special couch for them

Aman started dancing to the song salam e ishq

And soon Kareena joined him
Both were doing the same steps soon they pulled the elders in who did the signature step of the dance aman and Kareena went and pulled avneil and aliya
Avni stood their clapping on the side while Neil riya and Ali were dancing with the elders

Riya pulled Ashish to dance but he denied while diksha pulled Avni and she had no option but to dance

Bebe: ok enough now it’s time for the lovely couples to dance.

She took Avni hand and placed it on Neil’s hand… Neil felt Avni nervousness

Neil: dw this is not the first time we r dancing remember at the metha house Riya played a game where we had to dance together because our chit had the same number…

Avni smiled

Avni: I’m surprised mr super cop has a good memory

Neil: of course after all I’m a police officer he said smiling which would make any girls heart melt.

They looked at Ali and riya who were dancing but anyone can tell how lovingly they were looking at each other.

Neil: Avni .. he said looking at her

Avni: hmm? She said said turning her attention back to Neil

Neil: thank u

Avni: for what?

Neil: for trusting me and telling me about your past

Avni smiled a little in response and at that moment Neil twirled her around twice but during the second time Avni was about to lose her balance but Neil held her.

Avni: let’s see how much u trust me mr super cop

Neil smiled naughtily

Neil: u seem eager to know about me

Avni smirked

Avni: of course after all i will get to know more things that I can annoy u with

Neil raised his eyebrows

Neil:’u r seriously A ajooba

Avni: correction I’m different

Neil: that we can see

Avni: now r we planning To stay in the position or u gonna pull me up

Neil realise they were still in a dip position and pulled Avni up … both stood properly and continued dancing and looked at Ali and Riya whom were lost in there own world

Avni: Neil ?

Neil: hmm… both were now looking at each other

Avni : have u ever been in love.

Neil stopped dancing while avni saw his expression change

Avni: I’m sorry u don’t have to talk about it

Neil: yes I have been in love.

Avni wanted to ask more and know y he agreed to get married to her if he loves someone as he could have easily told his family and they probably would have agreed since they wanted him to get married…but she didn’t say anything as she saw how Neil’s expression changed to her question. … to lighten the mood Avni thought of something to tease Neil

Avni: so mr super cop knows how to dance she said teasingly

Neil smiled and both started dancing again

Neil: don’t under estimate Neil khanna… I have so many hidden talents that many ppl r unaware of … he said laughing to which Avni joined

Ali and Riya saw how avneil were laughing

Riya: Ali is it me or is Avni slowly opening up to Neil

Ali: not only u even I think so u know whenever these two have met at the cafe I have always seen a moment of both staring at each Other but I didn’t want to bring it up as I thought I’m probably assuming things

Riya: whatever it is I just hope these two find happiness soon

Shweta and Neela were standing next to each other watching their kids together

Neela: Shweta thanks to u I can see a hope that my Avni will soon over come her past

Shweta: Neela y r u thankings me I.. but she couldn’t continue as Neela interrupted

Neela: no it is because of u as u were the first one to notice something between Avni and Neil and shared it with us. But i know one thing for sure my daughter is going to get loads of love in her in laws

Shweta: of course she will and I will also make her to team up with me and Both of us will annoy Bebe she said jokingly

Avni saw Bebe… she actually wanted to talk to Bebe since a long time but never got a chance as something would come up be it going out for shopping, going to work or someone would always be near them.

Avni: Neil shall we take a break

Neil: sure.. both stopped dancing Neil went to Prakash and Dd while avni went to Bebe who was taking to dayawanti

Avni: Bebe

Bebe: Haan puttar

Avni: actually I wanted to talk to u but something would keep coming up that I never got a chance she said looking at Bebe and then at dayawanti and both Bebe and dayawanti understood what Avni is talking about

Bebe: avni puttar I know what u want to talk about but let’s not talk about it now. I promise that one day we will discuss about this she said caressing Avni head

Avni smiled and nodded and found diksha and nanno and went to them.

Maddy who was going past them hears this

Maddy:. What did Avni want to talk about that Bebe understood without her saying and Bebe also promised to talk about it some other time. She thought to herself.

Ashish saw aman with hemant and went to him.. Ashish took blessing of hemant

Ashish: how r u papa

Despite Neela and Ashish separating hemant and Ashish still shared a warm relation

Hemant: all good Ashish beta. He said smiling and casually looked at aman who looked a bit annoyed

Hemant : u guys talk I will go and get medicines from Neela he said excusing himself

Ashish: aman what has happened with u are u not happy to see me

Aman: happy? of course dad I am happy that u thought of coming back to india to surprise me as fathers day is nearing. And how weird right…it is me who is meant to give u a gift but here u r the one who gave me a gift for father day

Ashish: aman even I know that during father day a kid gives a gift to their father but I thought of surprising u since father day is coming soon

Aman: dad I would have been very happy if u came and didn’t create a scene. I love u dad but i love Avni Di more and I’m sorry to say it But i don’t like your behaviour towards her.

Ashish: avni is the cause for your mothers death do u understand that? He said trying to keep his anger calm so a scene is not created and luckily they were standing at a distance from all the first

Aman smiled sarcastically

Aman: I’m happy that u said Avni Di name after a long time …and no I don’t understand anything…if I want then even I can say u r the cause for neelu ma loneliness.. she has raised us as her own kids when she could have left us and start her own life but she didn’t … and about Avni Di been the cause of Ayesha ma death then only u think that and because of your words Avni Di started believing that and became a different person all thanks to u.

With that Aman stormed away from there while Ashish looked at avni angrily who was busy talking to nanno and diksha

Neela had heard Aman and Ashish convo and she knew she had to calm Aman down somehow

Precrap: wedding preparation along with all the functions

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