AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 27

Avni was sitting in front of Ayesha grave . Her eyes all puffy due to crying all these years she had hidden her emotions and didnt show anyone how she felt… but Ashish once again made her feel unwanted and was the cause for her tears

Avni: I really didn’t mean to push u that day maa I was angry and wanted to be alone as ashish metha got busy and never gave us enough time. It all happened accidentally u know that I would never try to Harm u?… but maybe somewhere I am at fault because of me aman never got see u never got to hold your finger, play with u. Never got to u speak to u. But that doesn’t mean I’m stubborn maa right? I just wanted my papa to spend time with me like before but it never happened.. please come back maaa please. Despite having a father I feel all alone. But now somewhere I feels like it’s good things r over between me and him. Nobody should get a father like him who disowns his daughter and would blame her without thinking… she said the last bit angrily with tears rolling down

Voice: who said u don’t have a father

Avni turned around to see ketan standing behind her. While Neela stood a little away from them

Avni: chachu…. ketan didn’t let Avni complete came and sat next to him.

Ketan: u forgot your chachu so quickly. Bacha I always considered u like my daughter…never differentiated between u and rhea…. I always thought somewhere u considered me as your father but seems like u never considered your chachu as your father?

Avni held ketans hand

Avni : chachu please don’t say that…. U have been a great support for me after my own father left me without thinking… u looked after me just as if I’m your very own daughter. Whenever I felt sad to see all the kids enjoying with their fathers u always came to me and made me feel special. The love and care you gave me chachu nobody can replace that not even Ashish metha. U r the best chachu and father that anyone can ever have. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but… ketan interrupted avni

Ketan: then don’t ever say that u don’t have a father otherwise I will feel like I didn’t give u the amount of love u deserved

Avni looked at ketan with tears brimming in her eyes and hugged him resting her head on his shoulder While ketan placed his hands around her shoulder

Avni: I’m sorry I would never say that but u tell me what can I do?…. every time he says something that would always hurt me but somewhere I am responsible for maa death right she said looking up at ketan

Before ketan could reply Neela came toward them startling Avni as she didn’t know Neela had also come Neela sat down on the other side of Avni

Neela: no! U r not at fault Avni and u need to accept the fac that u didn’t purposely push Ayesha ji purposely it was an accident as u were angry and upset so stop blaming yourself for Ayesha ji death

Avni listened to Neela and looked at Ayesha grave while ketan and Neela looked at each other knowing it would be hard to convince Avni that she never was at fault.

Meanwhile at the khanna mansion Neil was looking at a case file but he was not able to concentrate remembering what happened at the metha mansion. He tried few more time to read what’s on the file but couldn’t and closed it

Placing the file on the table he moved toward his bed and tried to sleep but still failed as whenever he closed his eyes he was able to see Avni face with tears in her eyes looking all broken…. he sat up leaning against the headboard

Neil: relax Neil y r u worrying too much Avni has her own family with her. She would be fine as ketan uncle and Neela aunty went after her he said trying to assure himself

Shweta came to Neil’s room to check if he has slept only to see her son lost in thoughts she went near him and sat down next to him tapping his hands

Neil: mom when did u come?

Shweta: just nows what happened tillu what r u thinking about

Neil: nothing mom just about a case

Shweta: by the way tillu shall I says something

Neil: hmm

Shweta: today the way u took Avni side and supported her was really a sight to see I’m very proud that my son is so understanding that he won’t see anyone been treated in a wrong way. But u knows tillu whenever I met Avni that girl always had a smile on her face not letting Any one know how she is feeling from inside but today was the first time I saw tears in her eyes.

Neil looked at Shweta and thought: that is y Avni eyes always made me feel like she is trying to hide her emotions not only u mom even I saw her tears in her eyes for the first time. But y is it bothering me so much? Y am I thinking how she would be right now when she has her family with her? … it probably concern Neil nothing else he thought to himself when he felt Shweta shaking him

Shweta: tillu what is this where r u losts again

Neil: nothing mom anyways u go and sleep it’s quiet late

Shweta: ok good nights but u also sleep ok. Neil nodded while Shweta kissed his forehead and left from there

Precrap: avneil meet

So guys here is chapter 27 thank u so much for all the likes and comments for the previous chapter it means a lot to see that I have so many readers everywhere,, your comments always motivate me to write more I know this part is short but I thought of posting it

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistake
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    Asusal…. I have become a big fan of your ff.im just in love with this. Please keep updating don’t stop in between..as some ffs have been discontinued.i hope u never stop writing….take care

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      hey thanks for the lovely reply…. i have seen u commenting regularly and i hope u keep on commenting… dw i would never discontinue my ff

  2. sorry for not commenting about your episode. due to heavy schedule & exam pressure I can’t able to do that. but from the beginning I really love your concept. very beautifully you express all the situation with accurate emotions that makes me think & feel about your concept. your ff all time leaves a remarkable impression on my mind. I read your update but can’t able to give any comment. but after ending of my exam I will started from the beginning of your episode which is in wattpad. just keep it up like this beautiful way. Best of luck. @StudentBarun that’s my username in wattpad. I will assure you.

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      awww no worries exams r more important….omg that really means a lot for u to say that….yes i think u have commented on watpadd if im not wrong….thank u so much… yes seen your username i remeber u now as u had commented for the previous part on watpadd…good luck for your exam and once again thank u for your lovely comment

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