AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 26

Voice: maa

Avni started coughing not because of her food but because of the voice she heard after so many years. Neil who was sitting beside her quickly gave her water and started rubbing her back.

Neil: u ok?

Avni didn’t answer and neither did Ali rhea aman. He looked confusingly at all of them who were looking at the door and then at avni. He then turned to look at the elders where the metha and parikh had mixed emotions running… while his family were confused. He then moved his gaze toward the door where a man was standing wearing a suit and specks and lastly looked at avni again. Her back was facing the door but by her expression he knew she recognised the person without turning around

Dayawanti: Ashish? U here all of a sudden? … she said finally moving towards her son to see him after so many years.
Everyone got up but the only person who stayed seated was Avni who didn’t turn to see her father.

Ashish: Haan maa was free from work so i thought I could surprise u all after all Father’s Day would be coming soon right? And what was the best gift aman could get on that day. He then looked at the dining table properly to notice everyone there

Ashish: maa who r they? He said pointing to the khannas

Dayawanti: that is Shweta Neela friend and that is Prakash ji Shweta husband Prakash ji sister and mother and that is Shweta and prakash ji son Neil and Kareena Maddy daughter… Im sure u must have hear about prakash khanna that’s him

Ashish: hi mr khanna heard a lot about he said moving to shake hands with Prakash with a smile

Prakash: well I hope u heard good things

Ashish: of course he said smiling

He then moved to hug ketan diksha and hetal.

Neela and nanno gave a nervous look and then looked at avni whose back was facing them

Ashish: hi Neela he said going in front of her

Neela: hi Ashish… he gave her a small hug and she hugged him back… thankfully they were friends after they got divorced so there was no hard feelings… Ashish then moved to take blessing of hemant. And then moved toward nanno… Ashish got emotional seen nanno and hugged her remembering Ayesha

Ashish: so there was a small gathering going on here?

Prakash: yes our children engagement got fixed… I must say u came at the right time. Prakash was unaware of how things were between Avni and Ashish
Where as Ashish thought that Prakash was talking about Rhea and Neil

Ashish: u mean to say your son Neil and rhea

Ketan: no bhai rhea and Ali engagement got fixed and… Before he could say Avni name dayawanti interrupted

Dayawanti: Ashish y don’t u go freshen up

Ashish: maa at least let me meet aman. He said turning to where the youngsters were… he still didn’t notice Avni as she was sitting.

Aman moved forward and hugged Ashish

Ashish: how r u beta

Aman: all good dad. U didn’t tell that u were Coming ?

Ashish: like I said before I wanted to surprise u? …how r u rhea beta ?… he said moving towards rhea and ali

Avni got up suddenly… she was feeling suffocated.. the more she was hearing Ashish voice the more it was hurting her…

Aman turned to look at avni and saw her walking toward the main door

Aman: Di

Ashish who was about to bless Ali and rhea turned to look at Aman and then at the door to see a retreating figure walking out

Avni heard aman calling her but she didn’t want to stop she couldn’t otherwise she would end up breaking up and she can afford to do that… suddenly she felt a hand on her wrist stopping Her in her track

Avni didn’t have to look she could recognise who was holding her wrist.

Neela came in front of Avni who was looking at her

Neela: bacha

Avni: let me go maa please she whispered

Neela didn’t listen and turned Avni around dragging her back in and making her stand in front of Ashish

As soon as Neela turned Avni… Ashish turned his face looking away but when he felt Neela closer he only looked at her and avoided looking at avni.

Neela: Ashish won’t u meet your daughter Avni… it’s been years since u have spoke to her

Ashish didn’t answer Neela.

Aman: dad even Di is your daughter u cant deny the fact

Ashish glared at aman.

Shweta Bebe as Prakash looked at each other.

Shweta : Prakash ji I will tell u everything once we get home.

Ashish: no I don’t have a daughter. The girl u all r talking about is dead for me… she died for me the day my Ayesha left me.

Everyone was shocked but Avni was more shocked and that was the first time she looked at Ashish . Another thing said by him broke her heart again


Bebe: dayawanti ji I think we should leave.

Daywanti nodded understanding the situation… Prakash gestured neil and Kareena.

Neil unwillingly nodded and started to leave with his family

Diksha: bhai how can u say that about Avni. Don’t hurt her with your worlds… today is meant to be the happiest day for her as her marriage got fixed with Neil…u should forget the past and amend things with Avni

Ashish . Wow I wonder whose else life she will ruin . All these years I have lived my life without my love Ayesha and if she is not with us today than that is because of this girl… she can never be happy after all Ayesha died because of her. And it’s best if u Dont fix her marriage with what was his name yes Neil he deserves someone much better he said looking at avni this time

Avni stumbled backwards when she felt a pair of strong her holding her. She turned to look at Neil who was looking at her.

Prakash Shweta Bebe and Maddy turned around when they saw Neil going back in and hearing Ashish words they felt really bad for Avni. For a sec they all got scared seen Avni about To lose balance but breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Neil holding her

Neil: im sorry to interrupt I agree that only our marriage has Been fixed and we r not even engaged yet.. but I won’t tolerate anyone saying bad things to my would be fiance even if it’s her own father or family member

Ashish looked at Neil… Neela and dayawanti smiled slowly

Ashish: young man it’s best if u don’t marry her. She is nothing but a stubborn girl who gets what she wants and because of her stubbornness my wife passed away… because of her my son aman never got to see his mother.

Neil: I don’t know what happened all those years ago but that doesn’t given me or anyone the right to judge someone. Sometimes what we see is not he truth and about Avni been stubborn I don’t think she is and trust me uncle my family chose her for me which means there must be something good about her that everyone likes her… im an inspector uncle I know what a person is like and seen avni I can tell she is a very sweet person even though we never got along I know she can go to any extent to help anyone and I have seen that with my own eyes he said recalling how avni helped a small kid and took him to the orphanage (chapter 13)

All this while avni was looking at Neil with tears in her eyes. Ashish words were stabbing her but neils words were somewhere healing her she couldn’t take it and left from there.

Neela: Avni bacha wait.. she said running behind avni followed by ketan

Neil: I’m sorry uncle I don’t intend to be rude but I just said what I felt was right… he bent down taking Ashish blessing and somewhere thought Ashish won’t bless him but he was surprised when he felt Ashish hand on his head

Ashish: god bless u I have no issue with u but I’m just saying it for your own benefit with that Ashish went to his room

Dayawanti moved to Neil

Dayawanti: u have proved that u r perfect for my Avni and I don’t regret my decision of choosing u for her she said kissing him on his forehead

Neil: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interfere but

Dayawanti: its k beta plus we r going to be related. Come on go now and take some rest after all it’s your engagement tomorrow and u both also go and rest she said turning to rhea and Ali.

Neil gestured Ali to Meet him outside while rhea went to her room worried about how Avni would be right now

Dayawanti and nanno moved to the khannas who was still standing near the door

Dayawanti: im sorry I didn’t know ashish was going to come today and things would turn this bad because of all this your all didn’t even get to enjoy and have dinner properly

Bebe: it’s ok dayawanti ji we knew things from the start but is Avni ok?

Shweta: Haan dayawanti aunty I mean she left from here without saying a word

Dayawanti: I don’t know to be honest she still hasn’t Overcome from what Ashish said to her in the past and now she would be hurt even more. But Neela and ketan will be with her.

Prakash: we will leave now if there is any problem then do let us know

Dayawanti nodded.

Meanwhile outside Neil and Ali were talking

Neil: Ali wh… before he could speak Ali spoke

Ali: look Neil I know u have so many questions running in your head and i do want to tell u everything but like I said it’s best if u hear everything from Avni as only she will be able to explain things well but one thing I can say is that Ashish uncle use to love Avni a lot but after what happened with Ayesha aunty that love disappeared

Neil recalled how he asked Avni yesterday about Ayesha and how she was silent and also how when they were stuck in the jungle how Avni told him not to ever ask about her father and somewhere he was able to join the dots

Neil: do u think she will tell me

Ali: shall I ask u something

Neil: Haan

Ali: y do u want to know about Avni past he said smiling a little

Neil: Ali it’s not like that im desperate to know about her but somewhere I’m curious to know y she is like this? So different? I don’t want her to think I am giving her sympathy … I just want to know what happened to her and maybe help her try to overcome it

Ali: chalo its good because of u was doing all this just to give Avni sympathy then she wouldn’t appreciate it. Thanks a lot Neil

Neil: thanks for what

Ali: it’s not like we never supported Avni we actually did in the past when Ashish uncle use to taunt Avni or blame her for Ayesha aunty death everyone would stand for Avni but today the way u took a stand for Avni nobody would have done it the way u did despite u too r still no friends u still took avni side (guys remember in the previous part avneil didn’t say anything about been friends ali made them shake hands and forcefully made them friends)

Neil: Ali I just did what I felt was right if a stranger was going through something like then I would have supported them then . Ali smiled and nodded

Ali: I know but it just means a lot

Neil: where did Avni go though

Ali:at the cemetery but dw she has three people to look after her over there her two mothers Ayesha aunty and Neela aunty and ketan uncle

Neil nodded..and then he saw his family come towards him

Bebe: Neil shall we leave now

Neil: ji Bebe. I’ll see U later Ali. Ali nodded and both hugged each other

Shweta : what do u mean see u laters… drop Ali home remember he came in your car in the morning

Ali: no aunty I will manage dw

Shweta: oye keep your mouth shuts. Tillu drop Ali to his house .. Neil nodded and left with Ali in his car while the khannas also left in the other car

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