AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 25

Shweta: look here comes Avni and Neela… shweta moved towards them and hugged both of them

Ali and rhea had reached there long ago and were choosing their rings while Neil was standing next to them looking around

Shweta: Avni beta y r standings here with us go and choose your ring with neil

Avni nodded and moved towards Neil who was standing near the ring section

Avni: hi

Neil: hi.

Ali looked up

Ali: wow I’m surprised both of u greeted each other nicely

Neil: well if we have to work together in our plan then we just have to corporate

Avni: yes anyways have u chosen your rings

Ali: I have chosen my one… but madam is confused to which once to choose he said pointing towards rhea

Neil: Avni u also choose your ring

Avni:. What difference does it make Neil we just have to choose any ring as once we get married we r going to parts ways

Neil: I agree but even if we chose any simple ring then I’m sure both our mother will make sure we choose something better. So it’s best that we look for a good ring

Rhea: Neil is right just go along with all the function nicely and after getting married do whatever u want.

Neela: what happened have u all chosen your rings

Ali: I have chosen mine only these three r left till then I will go and purchase it… ali was about to go when shweta stopped him

Shweta: oye how dare u say u r going to purchase it. All of u Listen to me carefully choose whatever ring u want …don’t worry about the price as I will be paying it and no if or buts she said noticing Ali about to speak again

Neela: Shweta come till they choose their rings we will go to the other store and see outfits for the engagement

Once the rings were chosen the youngster went where Shweta and Neela were. Avni and rhea wee trying on different lengha that Shweta and Neela were choosing for them while Neil and Ali were choosing their own sherwani.

Shweta: u both r looking so pretty I’m Sure once everyone sees u all decked up on your engagement day they won’t be able to take your eyes of u she said to Avni and rhea.

Neela: Shweta is right u both r looking so beautiful that I’m sure in your bridal outfit u would look even more beautiful.

Rhea : thank u

Avni: now can we change please she said wanting to get out of the mall

Neela: Haan.. as soon as Neela said that Avni quickly went in to change while Neela Shweta and rhea laughed seen Avni going in quickly

Shweta: I will just go and check on the boys.

Neela nodded.

Later on that night Avni was at the metha house already since everyone was going to come for dinner over there. Avni was sitting on the sofa lost in her thoughts

Diksha: Avni

Avni: ji bua

Diksha: what happened is everything ok

Avni: Haan y?… before diksha could say something.. Neela nanno and hemant reached there along with aman.

Nanno: Diksha where is dayawanti ji

Diksha: she is in the kitchen… nanno nodded and headed to the kitchen

Diksha: bhabi, hemant kaka come and sit she said taking Neela and hemant with her…
Aman placed his hand on avni shoulder

Aman: u ok ?

Avni: Haan just waiting for this wedding drama to end and then me and Neil will go our own way

Aman: don’t worry everything will be ok plus we all r always with u… Avni smiled at aman and nodded

Ketan: Prakash ji welcome. He said moving towards the main door… avni and aman looked at ketan then towards the main door

Hetal: maa the khanna family is here. Dayawanti and nanno came out of the kitchen

neil: hi Avni he said moving toward her

Avni: hi Ne.. but she stopped speaking when she felt Neil hug her

Neil: hug me back he whispered so only Avni can hear

Avni: huh? Avni was lost as this was the first time Neil had hugged her

Neil: I said hug me back miss ajooba

With that Avni also hugged him back

Both broke the hug and Neil moved torwards to hug Rhea and aman.

Neil: where is Ali?

Rhea: he would be coming soon

dayawanti: please come and sit.

Rhea aman Kareena Avni and Neil sat away from the elders.

Avni: what was that about? She said looking at neil who understood what avni was talking about

Before Neil could tell Ali came. He took the blessings of all the elders and came and joined the youngsters.

Ali: sorry for been late.

Avni: Neil I asked u something

Neil: Avni I’m sorry I should have told u from before but I completely forgot

Ali: what r u guys talking about

Rhea: baby just wait .. Neil what do u mean by u should have told before but u forgot.

Neil: the thing is I had no intention in hugging u Avni but I did that purposely so that our family think that we r trying to make this work and putting our effort in this. I was going to tell u this but I completely forgot.

Avni: it’s ok Neil I just got a little confused that out of the blue u just hugged me

Neil: well we will have to pretend to do small act like this like hug and all u know.

Avni: yeah i understand

Ali: yaar seen u both understanding each other I think u should become friends

Avneil looked at each other

Aman: these two r looking at each other like as if we told them to get married right now .

Avni: shut up aman

Rhea. Come on been friend won’t be a wrong thing. It’s been a while since u both met so u r not strangers anymore

Avni and Neil looked at for a good five mins and Ali couldn’t take it any more and grabbed Avni and Neil’s hand and placed it together shaking it while avneil were surprised

Ali: friends

Both avneil looking at each other and then at Ali.. while aman kreena and rhea laughed at ali

Ali: so congratulation to the new friendship all thanks to me

Hetal: bacho come dinner is ready hetal said coming near the youngsters

Aman: chachi we will sit here and eat.

Avni: y here

Aman: because its comfortable over here plus the elders can have their group talk while we youngsters have ours over here

Ali: best idea

Hetal: ok but at least come and get your food.. all of them got up to get there food while Neela Shweta and hetal served everyone and then sat down

For once avneil were actually laughing while talking forgetting their own problems both were laughing at Ali silly joke or aman telling about a incident that happened at college.

Voice: maa

Suddenly Avni started coughing not because of the food but because of the voice she heard after so many years…
Haha sorry I know im evil but I purposely stopped here… I was going to post chap 26 but then I thought no let me make my lovely reader wait a little
Thank u to those who loved the previous part and commented on it and also liked it… reading all those lovely comments actually bought a smile on my face
I hope u all will like this chap too would be waiting for all those lovely comments and likes so keep it coming
Lots of love sonali

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