AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 24

Everyone looked at avneil all in shock with the plan they had made

Kareena: Bhai r u been serious won’t that be wrong?

Neil: no we both agreed for the sake of our family and there is no point in staying together when we both r not happy in that. This Is the best for us and everyone

Rhea: instead of spoiling your life like that y can’t u both just say no to the family

Avni: no we can’t do that it’s important for this marriage to happen otherwise things will go out of hand she said thinking about the debt thing… while everyone looked at Avni confusingly

Ali: what things will get out of hands…. Avni realised the blunder she was about to make

Avni: I mean dadis health will probably worsen and the same goes for Neil’s dadi she said coming up with an excuse.

Neil: we both told all of u this because we trust u and know somewhere u all will understand

Ali: of course yaar though this news came as a shock for us but don’t worry we all r with U both in this

Neil: Kareena nobody should know about this at home and dd I know u r moms detective so this plan thing shouldn’t come out of your mouth

Dd: don’t worry sir Jee I agree I tell mata ji everything but don’t worry this will be a top secret.

Avni: ok enough about us know and let’s talk about the good thing that happened today

Aman : good thing?

Avni: Haan good thing as in finally Ali asked for rhea hand to chachu…. rhea and Ali smiled

Rhea: hold on a sec when u all came y were u both on Ali side u should have been on my side and so should have Neela chachi nanno and hemant nano she said looking at both Avni and aman

Ali: that is because I told them to be on my side and Avni is my childhood friend and aman is my friend too

Rhea: correct she is your childhood friend but before that she is my sister so I have my right on her more so Avni and aman u both better be on my side

Ali: no they will be on my side

Rhea: my side

Ali: my side

Everyone was looking at Ali and rhea and were laughing slightly…avneil laughed and casually looked at each other for few secs before Looking away.

Avni: enough I will be from both side now don’t ask how… I will manage somehow

Suddenly Neil received a call from Shweta

Neil: yes mom

Shweta: oye tillu where r u alls…and what is taking u all so longs.

Neil: mom I’m out with everyone.

Shweta: ok do one thing u all come backs to the metha house the pandit ji would be coming soons.

Neil: ok mom

Aman: what happened what did Shweta aunty say

Neil: we have to go back at the metha house as the pandit ji would be coming…all got up to leave when avni lost her balance while getting but Neil held her by her shoulder… feeling his hand on her bare shoulder made her stiffen a little bit.. as it made her feel something which she had never felt before. She ignored the thought and looked at Neil

Neil: u always seems to be losing balance Miss ajooba he said teasingly

Avni. Yeah and that always happens when u r always around…she said rolling her eyes

Neil: well what can I do I know I’m good looking an…

Avni: oh please stop your self-praising

Everyone was looking at avneil

Rhea: they r finally back to normal Ali

Ali: of course they would be rhea after all they found the solution to their problem but somewhere I hope that these two don’t break their marriage and move on from their past

Rhea nodded
Aman: first rhea di and ali bhai were arguing and now these two…dd laughed at that quietly

Kareena: come on let’s go before someone else calls to ask if we have left

All started to leave

Rhea Kareena and avni got out of their while the boys reached few mins earlier and all started walking in to see the pandit ji already there.

Hetal: here comes all the kid

Bebe: Pandit ji this is rhea Ali and Neil and avni whose marriage and engagement date we want u to fix

Nanno: bacho come and take pandit ji blessing

Ali and rhea moved first and took the pandit ji blessing followed by avneil

Pandit: there is two dates for the wedding one is next week on Friday and the next one is after two month

Neil: I think after two month will be ok

Avni: yeh even I don’t mind

Shweta: but we do. Y shall we wait till two month when there is a good date next week

Ali: aunty even we don’t mind we r not in a hurry.

Shweta: oh u be quiets Ali…. Don’t u all think next week date is perfect she said looking at the others

Dayawanti: of course Shweta.

Aman: but that won’t be enough time to get all the arrangement don’t he said try to coming up with an excuse

Diksha: aman dw w all will manage… there is so many of us we all will take care of the arrangements

Ketan: I have a friend who had lovely invitation card design I will tell him to come up with few samples so we could choose

Prakash: that is a brilliant idea. I also know few people and they could start with the decoration stuff

Neela :pandit ji what is the best day for the engagement

Pandit : after two days

Maddy: means we have to get things done asap and the first thing to do is make a guest list and send invitation card to all the guest

Hemant: pandit ji come I will drop u outside

Shweta: we all need to get outfits for all the functions oh gods this is going to tough but very exciting.

Avneil and Ali and rhea looked at each other.

Dayawanti: Avni beta i know u have stayed at the parikh house but I have one wish. along with rhea I also want your bidaii to happen from this house if that is ok with u she said walking to Avni

Neela: maa is that a thing to say y wouldn’t Avni be ok. This is her first house

Avni: maa is right dadi i agree that I don’t stay here but this is My own house I have many memories and if u want my bidaii to happen from this house then it will happen … dayawanti smiled and kissed Avni forehead.

Ketan: so since this is decided how about u all come here tomorrow to have dinner

Dayawanti: ketan is absolutely right last time we came to your for dinner and now it’s your turn Harleen ji

Bebe: of course after all we r going to be related now

Prakash: so then shall we leave.

Ketan: Prakash ji y don’t u wait till we chose the invitation card as even your approval is needed

Shweta: ketan ji u don’t worry we ladies will decided which card is the best… what say Neela

Neela; Haan if u all want to leave for work then that’s fine we will stay here

Ketan: ok I have messaged him and he said he will be here in 30 mins as he is nearby.

Prakash: ketan ji let’s leave then since the ladies will handle everything…. ketan nodded

Ketan: hemant kaka y don’t I join us too u r actually good at giving business advice

Hemant: ok then lets ago

Neil: we will also leave. Ali u need to come with us along with few of your staff so that they can confirm that those were the same goons who made an attack on the cafe.

The ladies where shocked to hear this

Diksha: attack at the cafe when did this happen?

Rhea: Ali u didn’t mention about this… did they harm u both too she said looking at Ali and Avni.

Ali: babes relax those goons only messed up the cafe and hurt the employees but luckily the injury was not that bad

Neela: but y didn’t u all tell us this.

Avni: maa we didn’t want any of u to worry. Plus they r in jail now so there is no tension

Diksha: its high time u keep security there now

Neela: diksha is absolutely right.

Ali: my lovely ladies dw me and Avni r planning to do that… Neil lets go now. Neil nodded and he left with Ali and dd

Avni: I will also leave need to go to the cafe as only the staff would be there now

Rhea: let me come and help u
Avni nodded

Kareena: can I come to

Avni: sure

Aman. I’ll also go now have some extra classes in the afternoon.

Diksha: aman wait I’ll drop u on the way. Aman nodded

The elders noticed that everyone had gone

Daywanti: hetal do once thing since the engagement day has been fixed y don’t u go and invite the neighbours personally and then after make a list of all the first from our side

Hetal: ji maaa… Maddy ji y don’t u come along … before Maddy could deny Bebe spoke

Bebe: Haan putter u also go as well. Maddy nodded and left with hetal

Once hetal had gone it was only Neela Shweta nanno an dayawanti and Bebe

Shweta: thank gods our plan went successful and both the kids agreed to get married to each other

Dayawanti: Haan Shweta u r absolutely right. Now we have a new hope where our Avni would finally lead a happy life.

Neela: maa that may take a while as Avni only agreed since u said Harleen aunty has decided to help you and in return asked for Avni hand. But once she accepts this marriage and Neil by heart then it won’t be long till our Avni starts smiling from heart again.

Nanno: I just pray to god that things go smoothly

Bebe: that will be for sure Fatima Ji

Suddenly the maid came and told that the guy has come with few invitations sample. Dayawanti told her to send him and soon all got busy with choosing the card and then a list that needed for the engagement

Then next day Shweta and Neela had decided to take avneil and rhea and Ali to choose the ring

Avni: maaa seriously u go I don’t mind u choosing the ring

Neela: Haan I will choose the ring and also wear it right?… bacha u need to be there as we need your ring size and also get your outfit for the engagement and we have only till tomorrow

Avni: but

Neela : come on she said dragging Avni.

precrap: naaa I think u all can wait

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