AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 23

Meanwhile downstairs all the elders were sitting together talking while Dd, rhea Ali and aman were sitting a little far as they were finding it hard to digest that Avni agreed to get married

Ali: I just don’t understand avni and neil agreed to get married…. something is fishy I always knew that these both never wanted to get married and now they both agreed all of a sudden

Aman: this is still a shock for me every time neelu maa and nanno use to be after di to get married and to move on in life and not think about what dad said to her but she never agreed and always avoided the topic and now she just said yes

Rhea: guys there is no point in thinking about this it’s best we ask Avni and Neil directly

Kareena: is it ok if I join u guys… three of them looked at kareena

Ali: sure Kareena.

Kareena sat down and saw three of them in their own thoughts

Kareena: is there any problem?

Rhea: no y do u think u so ?

Kareena: no I mean u all seem lost in your thoughts

Ali: Kareena u know about Neil’s first love Juhi right?

Kareena nodded

Ali: I mean as far as I know Neil …he never wanted to get married after Juhi death so then what happened all of a sudden ?

Kareena: well I don’t exactly know what happened but on the day me rhea Di and Avni Di went out …when I came back I saw everyone tensed and I got to know that Bebe and Neil bhai had an argument and after that Neil bhai left….when he came back later on he was looking unusual as if he had cried then after that mom told me that Bebe decided not to eat anything until bhai doesn’t agree to get married so with that Neil Bhai had to agree

Ali aman and rhea looked at each other…. then Dd spoke

Dd: sir Jee didn’t even know anything… we were discussing about some case when he got a call and rushed home straight away when we reached there the doctor was checking Bebe and after that I went to drop the doctor off and when I came back I found out Neil sir left

Rhea: so that’s what made Neil agree and if Neil found out on that day… then when did Avni find out? and who spoke to her about this proposal?

Aman: I think she must have found out on the day u all went out…..remember u both came back to find us all here and we all were busy talking and after that we realised Avni Di left. I’m damn sure something must have happened during that time

Suddenly they all turned towards the elders when Shweta spoke and then towards the stairs

Shweta: look here comes Avni and Neil. Both were walking down together with a little distance between them. Avni and neil looked at everyone but they noticed they questions that were running in rhea Ali and aman eyes. Both turned to look at each other and continued walking down

Nanno: dayawanti ji, Harleen ji don’t u think we should call the pandit ji and get Ali rhea and avni and Neil married on the same day.

All the elders smiled and turned to look at Ali, rhea, Neil and Avni.

Ketan: what happened to u both he said seen rhea and Ali with a straight face

Ali: nothing uncle. He said smiling a little

Shweta: so finally we r going to be related she said hugging Neela excitingly. All fed sweets to each other Neela Shweta and hetal went to feed sweets to the youngsters

Shweta made Avni have a bite of the Laddo and then moved towards Neil who took a bite

Shweta: I’m so happy finally my Tillu is going to get married. Neil gave a small smile and shweta went away from there

Ali: we need to talk he said to Avni and Neil.

An hour later Dd, Neil, Avni, rhea, Ali, aman and Kareena were at the cafe. Avneil looked at each other and then at Ali. Rhea and aman who were looking at them seriously. Kareena and dd was looking at all of them

Rhea : r u both going to say anything or not ?

Avni : guys… but she couldn’t continue as Ali spoke

Ali: so this is what u were trying to hide right?… I knew since yesterday something is bothering u but u gave me our friendship promise and I didn’t say anything. And u Neil even u tried to hide it yesterday and just said that Bebe was ill that y u was tensed when Dd forgot to tell u about those goons because the real reason was this marriage issue

Neil: yaar I’m sorry but too many thing was going on. Bebe was ill… family doctor was telling me that she is thinking about something too much and when I asked her she told me that she was stressed about me not getting married i didn’t want to agree but I had to so that her health doesn’t worsen as she decided she wont eat anything until I don’t say yes… but till then I didn’t even know who they chose for me when I reached home last night mom and Bebe were looking at few girls pics and that when mom told me about Avni.

Aman: and u di? u probably found out on that day when we all were at the metha house and that is y u left without anyone knowing right. Neela maa said u had a headache does that mean she knew from before?

Avni: no no aman… maa never knew about this she saw me leaving that night and made an excuse up so U all don’t get tensed that I left… avni said unaware that neela had known everything from the start

Rhea: so that means u found out that night itself ?

Avni: yes when we came back home

Rhea: Avni it’s not like we don’t want u to get married or anything but u been the girl who decided never to get married not believing u deserve love due to whatever was said in the past… despite many people telling u to move on but still your answer was no and now u agreed all of a sudden… babes this is really hard to digest

Avni in her head: no Avni u can’t tell them about the debt thing just tell them everything else leaving the debt thing out

Avni: rhea I agree with u and my decision was the same but that night when I met dadi she was not feeling that good… although she didn’t try to show it I could tell. Even U know dadi health hasn’t been good…. when we were talking she mentioned how she wants me to move on and forget the past for her sake and our family’s sake and I couldn’t say no to her so I agreed after I told her I need some time.

Neil in his head: even Avni dadi health was not well and she asked her to get married just like Bebe told me?… neil thought to himself curiously

Aman: this is not done though just because dadi said u cant agree when u r not happy.

AvnI: aman it’s not that easy

Neil: Avni is right guys even we didn’t know what to do but when both us spoke we came up with a plan

Ali: what plan?

Neil: me and Avni will go ahead with this wedding once we get married we will show the family that we both r different and we dont get along with each other which is fact and after that we will take divorce and end this marriage

Ali rhea aman Dd and Kareena looked at each other in shock

Precrap: would any of the youngsters find out about the elders plan? Will the fanf support avni in their plan

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